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Act 6, Part II: Another Day

Kalinka Cossack turned to face the window and sighed. She completely ignored what her English Teacher was saying and continue to stare out the window.

'English, like I need to learn it. I lived in Amerroupe for 5 year, ya know.' Kalinka thought. It was true, she had previously lived in Amerroupe for 5 years. She had moved back to Japan when her father transferred jobs a few months ago.

"Cossack-san!" the teacher yelled which cause Kalinka to snap out of her stream of thoughts. "Maybe you would like to translate this paragraph into English since you don't want to pay attention." The teacher pointed to the whiteboard.

Kalinka got out of her seat and started towards the whiteboard. She picked up a red dry erase marker and started translating the paragraph. After she finished, Kalinka turned around and headed back to her seat.

The teacher stared at the board blankly. The translation was perfect. Sano-sensei then remember that Kalinka spoke English perfectly, and then wondered why she was in his class. 'I have to talk with Administration about transferring her to another class.'

The rest of the day went quite well. The bell rung at 3:00 pm, signaling the end of the school day. All the students gather there things, changed their shoes, and headed out the entrance. Kalinka accidentally bumped into a pink hair student while she made her way out of school. Both apologized and went their separate ways.

After turning a left two blocks down, Kalinka entered the train station heading back to the Akihara District. 10 minutes later, the train reached it's destination. Kalinka exit the station and headed to her house.

"Dad's not home yet," she responded as she took off her shoes and inserted her feet into the slippers. She then pressed the answering machine as she headed towards the kitchen to get something to drink.

"Hello, Kalinka, I won't be home tonight. Work is coming by the bus load. Hopefully, I'll be home by tomorrow. Love Dad," the machine played.

"It can't be helped, I guess." She went upstairs with her glass of orange juice.

She set her drink on her table in her room, then she flopped onto her bed. Kalinka grab her worn out Badtz Maru plush and hugged it. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts guide her.


"I look nothing like that penguin!" Forte shouted.

"Do too!" a young Kalinka responded.

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!" Forte suddenly realized what he just said, "Agrhhh!!!"

Kalinka giggled, "You just said it!"

"Hmph!" Forte turned his back to her.

A few moments later


Realizing that she wasn't going to Forte's attention, she yelled "FINHEAD!"

Forte snapped around, angry, "What did you just call me?!"

"Finhead, since you didn't want to answer me."

"Don't call me that."



"I don't like that name, Finhead."




Just then Cossact-hakase walked in, "What's going on here?"

"Daddy! Forte's calling me "Kinky" and I don't like it!" she cried in her father's arms.

"And she's calling me "Finhead," Cossack-hakase."

"Now now, Kalinka. You know that it's not nice calling people names."


"No buts. Same goes to you Forte."

Kalinka and Forte nodded.

But every time they were mad at each other, they would both call each other by those names.


"Why did you have to leave? It's lonely here. Where are you, Finhead?" Kalinka started to cry. And slowly she drifted into a light slumber.

Somewhere deep within the UraNet

After deleting the pathetic excuse of a navi, the cloaked figure wander once more, trying to satisfy his hunger. But the hunger, strangely to the navi, was not of power but of love and kindness of a time long ago.

The navi quickly brushed away the idea, rejecting it as an answer. Power was what matter, and power was what he wanted, nothing else.

Finhead echoed across his mind, reviving an age old memory of a young blonde haired, blue eyed Russian girl. Reacting to this, the cloaked navi whispered, "Kinky" only loud enough for him to hear. And without a second thought, he moved on to the next innocent bystander who was unlucky to be in his way.

"Finhead, where are you?" the phrase echoed.


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