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From an aerial point of view, the battle raging around the Sonic Disruptor Cannon looked close like the Battle of Endor from the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The exception was most of the ground and flying vehicles were firing at the single intruding hovercraft as it continued to lash out one sonic blast after another at various targets as it crossed the Middleton boarder into Upperton. A GJ ground assault vehicle was blown apart. The cannon then immediately swung to blast a two-story residential house to bits. The next thing anyone knew a GJ fighter was in its sight and gotten smeared. Yet despite the shields protecting it, every GJ vehicle continued to fire on it.

"Ha!" Drakken laughed as he blasted another GJ land vehicle to bits. "The pathetic resistance of the weak!" He quickly targeted another residential house and destroyed it. "Once we get rid of Kim Possible and her buffoon sidekick, we'll retreat to one of our secret lairs so we can formulate a plan to use the cannon to take over the world!"

"Whatever you say, Dr. D," Shego answered with an evil grin. "I'm certainly enjoying this."

After yet another fighter was shattered shortly after the pilot ejected, a larger flying plane swooped into the fray and began firing its weapons at the cannon. It was stealth-like and sleek.

Shego whistled as she eyed the newcomer. "Nice plane. VTOL capacities. No doubt super sonic judge by its streamline design."

"No matter," Drakken waved a hand off like it was nothing. "It'll soon be scrap heap!"

Suddenly the VTOL plane hovered some distance in front of them, and before they could react, its left door opened to reveal a familiar redhead woman standing at the threshold.

"Drakken! Shego!" Kim hollered out.

Drakken stood up with a wide evil smile. "Ah! Kim Possible!" His smile turned into a smirk. "Decided to come out to fight us?"

"That's right, Drakken!" Kim called out. She immediately held up a gas gun and fired at her foe. The gas container bounced off the shield.

"Ha!" Drakken laughed. "Is that all you can do?"

Rage burned into Kim's soul. "Let's go, Ron!" She placed on a helmet with a visor and activated her GJ rocket pack, given to her by Du. She roared away. Ron followed her, wearing similar gear.

Before Drakken could sit down and aim the cannon at the VTOL, it raced away.

"Damn it!" Drakken scowled. He instead directed at another residential house and annihilated it. "Where are she and her buffoon boyfriend?" His face suddenly showed confusion. "What was his name?"

Shego was looking around the sky for the two in question. "Stoppable!" she growled. "His name is Stoppable! I find it annoying you can't remember the buffoon's name after all these years."

Drakken just only grunted. "No matter! Where are they?"

Spotting their prey, Shego pointed to the right side, upward. "There!"

"After them!" Drakken yelled, ignoring all the weapons fire bouncing off the shields from the GJ vehicles. Shego turned the Sonic Disruptor Cannon while ascending it to chase Team Possible.

The cannon let off blast after blast of super sonic shockwaves at the two world-known heroes, yet each were too fast to allow the cannon to get a clear lock on them.

Ron spoke into his helmet's microphone. "It's working, KP! They're following us!"

"Just keep at it, Ron!" Kim replied as she nose-dived to avoid another shockwave blast. "The outer boarder of the Tri-City area is still far off!" She rocketed away from the enemy with her partner on her tail.

The Sonic Disruptor Cannon accelerated after them.


"I still think this has to be the craziest plan on the face of the world!" Monique said as she drove her car east on the county road. Very few vehicles were on the road, given most people sought shelter and the state police closed off all roads into the Tri-City area to prevent anyone from venturing into the battle zone. The few cars and trucks that were on the road were all driving west.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Debra rolled her eyes. "If you can come up with a better solution to defeating Drakken, I'm sure Wade will listen." She faced the driver. "Monique, it will work!"

"Debra is right," Wade's voice came from Debra's cell phone in her hand. The phone's tiny screen however showed a map and the location of the Sonic Disruptor Cannon. "I've quadruple checked Debra's findings and there's no disputing it. Debra's plan will work. You guys just have to be within the appropriate range of the cannon to make it work."

Loretta, sitting behind Debra, leaned over the front passenger seat. "Well, given the range you said we need to be, it'll make us be within the cannon's range! That Drakken guy could wipe us out before Deb could even do her thing!"

"It's the chance we have to take," Debra said with confidence. She looked down at the tiny map on her cell phone. "Least we know Kim and Ron are leading Drakken away from the residential neighborhoods and toward the northeast corner of Upperton."

Monique nodded. "It's good they're leading Drakken in that direction. It's on the opposite side of Upperton from the university." She thumbed behind her to indicate the university, miles west from their current position, which was now in the middle of Upperton.

"That's good," Loretta said. "It's good to know my work will not be ripped apart by a sonic shredder." She turned to watch houses, office buildings, and few other businesses past behind them as they zoomed by. The number of buildings grew fewer as they drove east away from the main population centers of Upperton.

Debra looked up. Even though she knew they were still far away to see the battle, her mind's eye made her picture what could be happening right now.

"I hope we'll make it in time to help Kim and Ron."


"So far, so good," Kim told herself as she continued to dodge the fire from her foe's weapon. She knew Ron was also doing a good job dodging the sonic blasts. GJ has pulled back some of their aircraft to give Team Possible the wide space they need to draw the Sonic Disruptor Cannon away.

"Just a few more minutes and we'll be outside the Tri-City limits." She had noticed far fewer houses and buildings as they approach the northeast corner of the Upperton boarder.

Minutes ago, Wade had called her through her helmet's communication and had told her that help was on the way. He wasn't specific on who was coming, just said that a solution to stop the Sonic Disruptor Cannon had been found. Her longtime friend had said that she and Ron were to continue drawing the cannon away.

Little she knew that Drakken was about to change the game.

"Bah!" Drakken pounded a fist on his console. "We're not even getting anywhere! They're moving too fast!"

"Obviously," Shego rolled her eyes. "We've been firing at them for minutes now with no hit! Also have you noticed where they are leading us?"

Drakken looked around the landscape. "They're leading us away from the city!"

"Bingo!" Shego smirked a bit sarcastically. "We're wasting time trying to nail Kimmie and her buffoon boyfriend!"

"But I want my revenge!" Drakken complained. "They spoiled our plans two years ago to take over the world when we were so close to achieving it, and after two years, we have the opportunity to pay them back!" His eyes blinked as his mental gears turned. "Unless…" A devilish smile formed on his lips. "Unless we can hurt them in another way!"

Shego knew that smile of his. It meant he has an idea. "So how do we hurt them?"

Pulling up the map of Upperton on a screen, Dr. D did a quick gaze before he twisted around and pointed west. "Turn about, Shego, and head west! We were heading toward Upperton University to meet Team Possible, when they came to us. Let us raze Upperton University to the ground!"

At first she blinked, before an evil smile came to her face. "I like it. That is totally evil, Dr. D." She turned the craft about. "Upperton University, here we come!"

Kim and Ron were wondering at first why Drakken has stopped firing at them, but when they saw their foes were turning about and heading west, they knew their plan has hit a snag.

"Kim!" Ron cried, pointing to retreating craft.

"I see it too, Ron!" Kim answered, before she hit a button on her helmet to activate communications. "Wade! We have a big problem here!"


"WHAT?" three female voices shouted together.

"That's right!" Wade said through Debra's cell phone. "Kim just reported that Drakken has altered direction and is now heading west! Toward you! Given his course, I presume he's going to target Upperton University!"

Loretta slapped a hand over her eyes. "He's going to shred my schoolwork!"

"Loretta!" Debra scolded. "We have bigger problems now than your schoolwork!" She eyed the map on her phone's screen. The red dot, indicating the enemy, would no doubt cross their paths. "We have to find a place to set up now! The Sonic Disruptor Cannon will be here soon!"

They were approaching a T-intersection, when Debra spotted a lone building across from the adjoining road. It was the only building in the given area, since trees surrounded it.

"Slow down, Monique," Debra commanded as she pointed to the building.

As they slowed down, they saw it was a two-story volunteer fire department building with a flat roof. No doubt this firefighting unit served the area in case of emergencies. It was strategically placed at this intersection, so the volunteer group could rush out west, east, or south to whatever emergencies nearby. Right now, all five garages were empty due to the firefighters had been called to assist in recovery efforts in the attacks made by the Sonic Disruptor Cannon.

"Pull over, Monique!" Debra gestured to the space in front of the building. Monique made a left and parked near the right corner of the building. From there, they could see a metal ladder, attached to the side of the building, leading up to the roof.

"Perfect!" Debra said as she opened her side of the car to step out. "We'll set up on the roof!"

Monique and Loretta exited the car and joined Debra at the rear, where they popped open the trunk. Deb picked up her electronic musical synthesizer keyboard by the case's shoulder strap, while Monique and Loretta each grabbed, by a handle, a large sound-system amplifier. They headed toward the ladder.

"Wade," Debra spoke in her cell phone in one hand while carrying her musical instrument in the other. "Where's that GJ support you said we'll be getting ever since we left Upperton U?" Wade had informed GJ of Debra's plan, shortly after the three ladies left the university. GJ HQ had mentioned that they would dispatch a GJ unit to help, but no unit yet has come to their aid.

"Matter of fact," Wade responded, "your support should be there right now."

When a shadow passed over them, the three women gazed up to find a Global Justice VTOL hovering above them.

"About time," Monique muttered.

The side door of the VTOL opened up and two familiar figures, with rocket backpacks, jumped down besides the women.

"Hi, there!" Jim and Tim greeted them.

"I don't believe it!" Monique said as she stared at Kim's twin brothers. "What are you two doing here?"

"Global Justice picked us up in Lowerton after Drakken trashed our saucer," Jim answered.

Tim continued. "Given there were no time for them to drop us off at home, they took us with them to battle Drakken."

"When GJ HQ informed Agents Rydan and Murphy," Jim pointed to the VTOL, "to assist you in your plan, we immediately returned to HQ to required the equipment you need."

Tim pointed to the two large folded devices on either side of the VTOL. "Sonic amplifiers. A thousand times better than those two you have." He gestured to the two speakers normally associated with home entertainment centers.

Wade spoke up from the cell phone. "We can still use those entertainment center speakers though. The more amplifiers we have the better."

"Fine," Debra agreed as she grinned at the twins. "Let's go! No time to loose!" She flung her instrument by the shoulder strap over her shoulder before climbing up the ladder.

"We'll take those up," Jim mentioned as he picked up the speaker from Monique, while Tim took the one from Loretta. Their rocket packs blasted them up the short distance to the roof ahead of Debra.

As Monique and Loretta began climbing the ladder, the GJ VTOL floated sideways to hover over the roof. Once in position, the two large amplifiers unfolded like flowers into dishes, prepared to their jobs.

Agent Murphy jumped down from the plane to stand watch with a pair of high magnification binoculars as Team Supreme and the three university students began to put together the means to stop Drakken.


Will Du, after seeing Drakken had altered course to head west, ordered all units to engage the cannon again. Team Possible had tried to get Drakken's attention again, but it was no use. The villain was not going to be swayed this time.

As he flew his VTOL toward the Sonic Disruptor Cannon and released two missiles that exploded harmlessly on the shields, Du watched another GJ VTOL sonically shredded apart by the cannon. He snarled as he mentally cursed for the lost lives. Drakken seems to have no care for the lives he had taken. His Diablo robots, two years ago, had taken lives across the globe, so it had shown the man didn't care at all for people's lives as long as he wins.

"I hope this plan, HQ informed me about, works. Miss Tsuda better knows what she is doing."


"Sonic Disruptor Cannon in sight!" Agent Murphy hollered out as he stood at the edge of the roof with the binoculars held up to his eyes. "Least 1000 yards and closing, east north east!"

A kneeling Debra swallowed upon hearing the news, before she plugged a stage microphone into the keyboard synthesizer, which sat on the roof. "Is everything set?" she asked no one in particular as she surveyed the equipment. The musical instrument has wires attached to the two speakers and a Wi-Fi box, which was digitally hooked with the VTOL's two large amplifiers.

Wade spoke from the cell phone, which lay next to the keyboard. "Debra, I managed to tap into the fire station's klaxon siren. Besides the VTOL's amplifiers, voice and music will also be sent to the siren, thus giving you a bigger range to broadcast."

"Thanks, Wade," Debra said as she gazed up to the klaxon siren. It was on top of a large wooden telephone pole near the road.

The young woman again eyed the keyboard and pushed a few buttons to call up a programmed set of music. Her eyes came up to look at Monique and Loretta as she pointed to a particular button. "Press this button to start the music, when I'm ready." Monique and Loretta nodded.

Standing up, Debra turned to face the direction Agent Murphy was still facing, eyeing the cannon. She walked a few steps, microphone in hand, awhile the VTOL above turned to face the incoming enemy.

Seeing Debra gave a slight hand gesture as a signal, Monique bent down and pressed the button on the keyboard. Soft music started to play out, and when Upperton U's star athlete raised the microphone near her face, she began to sing in a beautiful voice that surprised her friends.

When the light begins to faaaade,
We cringe and we waaait.
Thinking our world is at ennd,
Not knowing we can amennd.

"What's that singing?" Shego asked as she heard the voice and music.

The fight continues onn,

Drakken gazed ahead and noticed the approaching building off the side with the GJ VTOL above it. "It's coming from there. Who would be stupid to be singing at a time like this? Should people be afraid of us?"

We have the means to be stroong.

Shego blinked as she heard a slight sound behind her. She turned to look up at the cannon. "Dr. D?"

Drakken turned and his eyes went wide at what he saw. A slight crack appeared on the crystals.

The darkness will not scoore,
Because our spirits will sooar!

We will fight on for our dreams.
Evil will heeeed.
For free-dom,
For free-dom will succeeeeeed!

Another crack appeared on the cannon's crystal cover and Drakken, with wide eyes, turned around to face the approaching building with the singing woman on top of it. "Stop her!"

Binoculars still at his eyes, Agent Murphy spoke into his wrist communicator. "Attention all GJ units! The cannon's crystals are cracking! Repeat! The crystals are cracking!"

The music swelled as Debra launched into the second verse.

They will stop us they will tryyy,
But our love will never die!

GJ attack fighters swooped down at all sides of the cannon and fired at the same time, blazing the shields with multiple explosions.

Ball and chains will not prevail,
For Justice will ever sail!

A wider crack appeared on the crystal cover. Drakken began to growl.

"I don't believe it!" Kim blinked as she hovered with Ron well above the chaos. "Debra!"

Wade spoke through her helmet's speakers. "Better believe it, Kim! She's doing it! Multiple cracks are appearing in the cannon's sonic crystals! But she's needs more time!"

Hatred will not freeze us,
Because friendship will ever bind us!

Will Du was listening in on Wade's conversation with Kim. He pressed a communication button. "Attention all GJ units! Pour everything you got at that cannon!" The music and voice lifted his hopes.

They will give us pain,
But we will forever sus-tain!

Another cluster of VTOLs and fighters launched a combined attack on the cannon, swelling it with firepower and explosions.

Debra closed her eyes as she let the music guided her feelings and voice.

We will fight on for our dreams.
Evil will heeeed.
For free-dom,
For free-dom will succeeeeeeeeeed!

"That little wench!" Drakken snarled. As they drew closer to the fire station, he aimed the cannon at it just before a large crack sliced down the middle of the round crystal surface of the cannon.

Music increasing in momentum, Debra started into the final verse her voice rising in pitch.

They think they could beat us dowwwn,
But they do not know we are proooud!

"No!" Shego shouted to stop Drakken from hitting the fire button. "The crystals are cracked too severely!" She pointed to the cover behind her. "If we fire, we will have no means to control the reaction!"

No matter what they say or dooo,
Our hearts will carry us throooooough!

Drakken slammed a frustrated fist on the console as a GJ missile slammed into the shields. "Retreat, Shego!" he yelled as the crystal surface cracked this time horizontally across.

"They're retreating!" Ron cried out as the Sonic Disruptor Cannon began turning about away from the fire station. Rufus, from Ron's cargo pants pocket, chattered excitedly at the scene.

Her heart soaring, Debra sang the final lines with a fist rising.

We will fight on for our dreams.
Evil will heeeeeeed.
For free-dom,
For free-doooooom… will succeeeeeeeeeeeeeee--

Multiple cracks suddenly crisscrossed across the round crystal surface. Drakken looked behind him. "NOOOOO!" he shouted just as the crystal cover shattered into thousands of shards.


After the crystal surface was destroyed, numerous electrical short-circuits jumped across the cockpit, shocking Shego and Drakken. The shield generator couldn't hold, and it sparked out.

Seeing what appeared to be a flicker in the shields, Agent Rydan followed her instincts and launched two missiles at the engines of the Sonic Disruptor Cannon. They struck the engines and exploded.


Debra finished grandly, as the cannon, its rear in flames, began falling toward the forest floor below. Shego and Drakken jumped clear, each landing in a tree. Everyone watched as the cannon crashed through several trees and hit the ground before exploding into a huge fireball.

There was silence for a few moments, before a loud whooping cheer from Monique broke it. "You did it, Debbie!" She rushed forward to fiercely hug Debra from behind. Eyes closed, Debra grinned and held onto her friend's arms, one hand still holding the microphone.

"You go, girl!" Loretta joined the group hug, as Agent Murphy watched the three with a grin.

"Hooshah!" Tim and Jim said together, while each pumped up a fist into the air.

"BOOYAH!" Ron yelled. Besides him, Kim smiled down at the group on top of the fire station.

Will Du, in his VTOL, gave a satisfied grin - a grin upon seeing a job well done. He pushed a comm button. "Agent Du to HQ. Sonic Disruptor Cannon destroyed. Repeat! Sonic Disruptor Cannon destroyed!"

In the GJ command center, everyone cheered and applauded upon hearing Du's message. Dr. Director gave a smile. "Well done!" she clenched a fist, as she and everyone in the center looked at a big screen, showing the evil weapon in ruins and still burning on the ground.

"Agent Du," Dr. Director said, after pressing a comm button on a panel. "Apprehend Dr. Drakken and Shego! Don't let them get away!"

"Acknowledged!" Du complied. He immediately coordinated several GJ agents to capture the villains.

Meanwhile, news copters, well out of range of the final battle, had recorded and reported the entire thing. Soon people, throughout the Tri-City area, were cheering and celebrating upon hearing the good news.

The war was over.

Debra broke the enthusiastic embrace of her two friends in time to see two more friends flew down on their rocket packs to land before her. "Kim. Ron," she greeted the two with a grin.

Taking off her helmet, Kim tossed it aside to embrace the younger woman warmly. "Debra," she smiled. After a few moments, she pulled back to look into two sapphire eyes. "How?" she nearly shouted, face full of questions.

Smiling, Debra knew what the redhead heroine was asking. How did she crack the sonic crystals? "The frequency that is used to make the sonic crystals, according the specifications on the plans of the Sonic Disruptor Cannon, matches the high pitch levels of my singing voice. Since they are a match, I knew my singing, when I hit a high pitch, would crack the crystals."

It dawned on Kim. "That's what you were trying to tell me back at Upperton U. You were watching the data on the cannon on my Kimmunicator. You saw the frequency and knew what it meant." Kim turned to eyed Ron, who also wore an astonished expression, before she returned to face Debra again.

Debra nodded with grin. "I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen. After you left, I went back to my dorm room to contact Wade."

Kim's Kimmunicator beeped, and she immediately took it out. Wade's face appeared on the screen. His voice could also be heard, at the same time a few feet away, on Debra's cell phone. "After she contacted me, Kim, she asked for the cannon's data. I was skeptical at first, but after I showed her the data, she confirmed that the frequency, to grow the crystals, were one and the same as her high pitch voice. She formulated this plan to use her singing voice to stop Drakken."

"And it worked like a charm!" Monique gushed. "I still think it was the craziest idea ever, but I'm glad it did work!"

"Same here," Ron answered with a grin. Rufus climbed up onto his shoulders and nodded with a grin as well.

Not knowing what to say to such comments, Debra just simply smiled at them. Her smile dropped upon realizing something. She turned to face the burning wreckage some distance away. "What about Drakken and Shego?"

Agent Murphy came forth upon hearing the question. "I just received word now. They're in custody." He pointed to several GJ VTOLs over the crash area and one that landed in the small parking lot behind the fire station. It happened to be the one that was used to broadcast Debra's singing. No one had paid attention that it had moved from the position above the fire station. "They'll be brought to our VTOL, and Agent Rydan and I have been ordered to question them regarding the cannon."

"That's good to hear," Kim said with a grim expression. "After what those two had done today, I don't think anyone would like to hear they escaped." Everyone else bobbed his or her heads in agreement to this.

Feeling a bit cold, Debra crossed her arms and closed her eyes. Even though it was not yet mid-afternoon, she felt tired. She also felt sad, given the lost of lives Drakken must have taken. She felt an arm came across her shoulders. Opening her eyes, she gazed into the brown ones of her dorm roommate.

"You okay, Deb?" Loretta asked, concerned for her. The petite brown/blonde haired woman saw the concern expressions on the others too.

Debra gave feeble grin. "Tire. I think the rush has worn out now." She closed her eyes again. "I want to return to my dorm room."

Loretta grinned in understanding and compassion. "We're going to go home." Debra's eyes opened again and she gave a grateful smile.

Still eyeing her dorm mate, Loretta couldn't help but ask a question. "I'm curious, Deb. Why didn't you tell me you could sing? With a voice like that, you could have a singing career."

Seeing that everyone else was also curious, Debra sighed. "It's a private hobby, Loretta. Since I was nine or so, I love to sing and create music & songs. I simply didn't want anyone to know. This is why I easily recognized the frequency of the sonic crystals. I knew the frequency levels of my own voice to recognize it."

"So that's why she stayed out late on Friday nights," Loretta mentally said, figuring out the puzzle. "It's the only thing that made sense. She wanted to find a private place to sing and make her music without anyone's attention." She didn't voice her thoughts, reckoning that Debra wouldn't like everyone to know yet about her Friday nights. Loretta vowed to talk to her friend regarding this at a later time, when they were alone in their dorm room.

Agent Murphy had been talking to someone via his wrist communicator, when everyone else was focus on Debra. Finishing his conversation, he turned to the group of university students and the two twin teenagers. "I've just talked with Agent Du." He smiled at Debra. "He's going to give you and Team Possible a ride back to the university. Global Justice and the Tri-City area owe you a debt of gratitude, Miss Tsuda."

She shook her head as she grinned. "Please. I did what was right. Anymore than Kim and Ron would have done. No one owes me anything." Her head turned to eye Team Possible then Monique and Loretta. "What about Monique and Loretta? You two need a ride?"

Monique huffed in mock irritation with a hand on hip. "Girl, do you think I'm going to leave my car here? No way!" She grinned. "I'll be fine."

Loretta squeezed Debra's shoulder. "I'll be going with Monique. Besides, we have to return these two speakers," she pointed to the entertainment center speakers, "back to where they belong in the lounge of our dorm building."

"I can help," Debra pointed out.

"You don't have to," Loretta said with a grin. "You relax and rest, when you get back to our room. Monique and I can handle returning the speakers. No problem."

Nodding, Debra turned to Kim's brothers. "Tim? Jim? Do you two need a ride?"

The twins shook their heads, smiling. "We're staying with Agents Murphy and Rydan," Jim said.

Tim continued. "We're going to watch them interrogate Drakken and Shego."

Their heads turn to see a raised eyebrow on Agent Murphy with a 'You're not staying!' expression. "Aw, come on!" both teens cried out. "We want to stay!"

"You boys make it sound like Rydan and I will beat Drakken and Shego up," Murphy said, his expression not changing.

"They deserved it!" Tim and Jim said. Everyone, except Murphy, raised his or her eyebrows.

Murphy shook his head. "Global Justice doesn't work that way, boys. If you two ever going to consider joining GJ in the future, you should know we don't ever sink as low as the bad guys."

"Nuts!" Jim and Tim frowned.

A chuckle escaped the big agent's lips. "You two can stay." He saw their expressions perked up. "Just remember that we're questioning the prisoners, not torturing them."

A shadow passed over the group, and they watched as Will Du's VTOL hovered down just a foot or two above the roof. The leftside door swung open, and GJ's top agent stepped out. He approached the group and gave a slight curtsy to Debra, still being held by the shoulders by her roommate.

"Miss Tsuda," he grinned, "I've been ordered to escort you and Team Possible back to Upperton University. We can leave whenever you're ready."

"Thank you," Debra returned the grin. "I very much want to return home." She turned to face the still burning wreckage of the Sonic Disruptor Cannon. "What about the cannon?" she asked out of distress.

Following her gaze, Du eyed what once was a powerful weapon. "All fire departments in the Tri-City area are now dealing with the chaos the Sonic Disruptor Cannon has caused. The fire will burn itself out, given the vegetation of this area is moist and will not catch easily. Global Justice will be working closely with Professor Hennelly to make sure her invention will not be use in this matter ever again."

"Good," Debra said as she turned to face Will Du. She was glad this nightmare was over. "I want to go home now."

Du nodded and gestured to his VTOL.

Debra left Loretta's friendly embrace and took a few steps to kneel down to retrieve her musical keyboard synthesizer. She unplugged the microphone and the wires before placing the instrument and the microphone into the protective casing bag.

She reached for her cell phone and smiled at the grinning face of Wade Load on it. "Thanks, Wade, for all your help."

"No problem," Wade replied, his voice also could be heard on the still open channel of Kim's Kimmunicator. "If you ever need my help again, give me a call. I left you my phone number on your cell phone and gave you the ability to contact me directly on your laptop without the need to go through Team Supreme's website."

"Thank you." Debra still smiled. "As Kim says, you rock."

Wade smiled. "Take care, Debra. Wade out." His face blinked off the cell phone's screen as well as the Kimmunicator. Debra flipped the phone closed before placing it into her sports jacket pocket.

Without a word, she walked the short distance to enter the VTOL. Team Possible followed her, and Agent Du was the last to enter the aircraft. Shortly after, the door closed and the craft took off and headed west.

Team Supreme helped place the speakers in Monique's car. They watched Monique and Loretta drove away before accompanying Agent Murphy to question Drakken and Shego.


"Well, well. If it isn't Kimmie's twin brat brothers," Shego sneered, once she saw Jim and Tim entered the VTOL behind Agent Murphy. Agent Rydan were watching over the two prisoners from across the aisle. Drakken and Shego were sitting next to each other with their hands handcuffed at the back.

"Nice to see you too, Shego," Jim scorned.

Tim pointed to Shego while addressing Agent Murphy. "What about her powers? She could easily escape."

Agent Rydan shook her head and replied to Tim's question. "No, she will not able to use her powers. When we were at HQ to attach the amplifiers to the VTOL, I was summoned to meet with Dr. Director and several of our top scientists, remember? They, with the help of Team Go, had developed special bracelets to dampen any Go powers." She indicated Shego. "She's now wearing those bracelets."

Taking a closer look at Shego, Tim and Jim could see the bracelets barely visible behind Shego's back.

Shego growled. "Great. My brothers finally decided to work with the law to find a way to dampen our powers. If their enemies ever find out about these bracelets, they'll find a way to use it on them." She smirked on the thought of her brothers all tied up with their powers dampened.

"On the contrary, Shego," Rydan said, "the Go Powers Dampening Bracelets are top secret. The design can only be access at GJ HQ by officials with the highest security clearance. We are quite aware of the dangers the bracelet's design would cause by falling into the wrong hands thus threatening the remaining members of Team Go." She grinned smugly. "Rest assured your brothers will not have to worry about any of their enemies possessing the dampening bracelets."

Shego's only response was to growl again.

Drakken was still numb from being defeated. "I just don't believe we were defeated by a girl! And she was only singing!" He looked up at the agents and Team Supreme. "How?"

Tim and Jim looked at Agents Murphy and Rydan. "Could we tell him?" both teens asked together.

Agent Murphy thought about it before giving a shrug. "I can't see why not. Professor Hennelly is cooperating with GJ to make sure the sonic crystals can't be use for destruction again."

The twins smiled, before they faced the two villains. "It's simple really," Tim began.

"We found a data disk in the warehouse containing schematics of the Sonic Disruptor Cannon," Jim said.

Tim continued. "Debra, the girl who defeated you, recognized that the frequency to make the sonic crystals--"

Jim finished. "Was exactly the same as her high pitch singing voice."

Tim started. "So it was a simple plan for her--"

Jim carried on. "To sing to shatter the crystals."

"And in the end, you were defeated," the twins concluded together with smug faces.

Both Shego and Drakken blinked before crying out together. "That's impossible!"

"Hello?" Tim waved. "You two are in handcuffs."

"No," Shego shook her head. "We destroyed the only computer desktop we have, along with the manufacturing machine! There should have been no way you could have found any plans for the cannon! We certainly didn't leave any data disk behind!"

The agents and Team Supreme were surprised.

"Neither of you left any data disk in an office in the abandoned administration building of the warehouse?" Jim inquired.

"No!" both villains shouted.

Drakken explained. "We only lived and worked in the warehouse. Neither of us ever went into the administration building."

The two GJ agents were eyeing each other with raised eyebrows, while Tim and Jim were dumbfounded.

"If you neither of you left that disk--" Jim commenced.

"Who did?" Tim finished.

Shego turned her head to face her blue-skin boss. "I was right that you shouldn't have bothered accepting those plans," she softly growled before exploding. "Especially from an anonymous email!"


"Debra…" Kim broke the silence in the aircraft following a few minutes after leaving the fire station. "You sing very well." She gave a friendly grin from the co-pilot's chair.

"I say," Ron grinned, sitting behind Kim. "You could have a singing career with a voice like that."

Sitting behind Will Du as he piloted his plane, Debra gave a small grin and shook her head. "As I said before, it's just a hobby for me. I have no plans to ever have a singing or music career."

"Nevertheless," Will spoke out, "you're a hero now. Your singing to defeat Drakken will be well known, not only throughout the Tri-City area but also throughout the country. I have a strong hunch that people would like for you to sing in public for them."

Debra shook her head more forcefully than before. "No. As I said, it's a hobby of mine. They just have to respect my wishes." She turned away to look at the wall.

Will raised his eyebrows, while Kim and Ron eyed each other in concern. There was no doubt that Debra had spoken with a bit of heat to the idea of singing for the public.

"We're approaching Upperton University," Will reported. His three passengers and one naked mole rat, standing on Ron's shoulder, gazed at the familiar setting of the approaching university. The clock tower, the athletic stadium, and various buildings spread across the landscape. They flew over the interstate highway, and soon were flying over the trees, parks, parking lots, and structures of the vast school.

As they approach the girls' dormitories, they saw many various people mingling around Debra's dorm building. Besides students and many members of campus security, they could make out those with video cameras, microphones, and audio tape recorders of the news media.

"Oh, no," Debra whispered as she stare at the crowd of reporters. Her words were barely heard by the others. "Please I don't want to face them."

"Debra?" Kim asked. Her eyes briefly connected with Ron's. His expression matched hers. They were growing worry about her. This was not like Debra to act like this. Kim turned back to the face the other girl. "Debra?" she asked again, but this time with more force.

Debra whipped her head around to look toward Kim. "I don't want to face the press, Kim. Not now." She closed her eyes. "I'm tired." Her eyes opened again. "Please, not now."

Kim left her seat to kneel on Debra's front right side and took her friend's hand. She looked up into blue eyes. "Okay, Deb. You don't have to face them now, but you have to face them pretty soon or later. This shouldn't be no different than facing them after your kidnapping."

Bobbing her head, Debra squeezed her friend's hand back. "Tomorrow then. Like we had done before. We can hold a press conference."

Du nodded his head. "Good idea. By tomorrow, Global Justice will have all information in hand, and we can give a final report to the public. I'm sure Dr. Director will shortly give the media a brief version of today's events for the evening news tonight. We can hold the final press conference here at Upperton University or at GJ HQ."

"Here at the university will be fine," Debra said.

"Upperton University it is," Du responded. "I'll inform Dr. Director, and we'll work out the where and when. We'll inform you, Team Possible, and Team Supreme the time and place."

"Thank you," Debra grinned gratefully at the back of the agent's head before facing Kim, who gave an encouraging grin.

The VTOL extended its landing struts and came in to touchdown at the same open clearing it had used hours ago - next to Debra's dorm building. By the time the plane's door opened and the occupants started leaving the craft, members of the press were swarming all around them – photo cameras clicking pictures, video & TV cameras rolling, and reporters, all at the same time, asking so many questions that no one could possibly answer them.

Kim and Ron stood on either side of Debra, who cringed a bit at the onslaught as she held her musical keyboard, while Agent Du stood in front of the three. He brought the media blitz to a halt with a shouted word.

"ENOUGH!" Everyone went silent as they faced him. "Ladies and gentlemen of the press. Global Justice in a few hours will be making a brief report of today's events at GJ HQ. A final press conference will be held tomorrow here at Upperton University. Time and place will be determined. Teams Possible and Supreme, along with Miss Tsuda, will be at the press conference tomorrow. They'll answer any questions then. In the meantime, please respect their privacy. They had a long day, and they want to rest now. Thank you."

As Agent Du led the way toward the dorm building, some reporters obviously didn't showed any respect as they crammed in close to again repeatedly asked multiple questions. Most aimed their queries at Debra, who wasn't happy to be horded like this. Lucky for the small group, university security was at hand to keep the ravenous journalists at bay. Only after they entered the dorm building, away from the media, did Kim, Ron, and Debra let out a breath of relief.

"Man!" Ron exclaimed as they ascended the stairs to the second floor. "I haven't seen such a media frenzy like that since two years ago!"

"Uh, huh!" Rufus nodded in agreement. "Frenzy!"

"As I said," Du began as he reached the second floor first, "you're a hero now, Miss Tsuda. Not only have you've defeated Drakken, your singing was quite spectacular. It'll be a day or two until this media frenzy die down."

"This looks worst than the day I was kidnapped!" Debra cried in uneasiness.

Kim placed an arm around the smaller woman's shoulders to comfort her. "Don't worry, Debra. We'll all be there together, just like last time." She pushed the girl down the hallway toward her dorm room. "Ron and I will be here tomorrow to escort you to the press conference."

"As will I," Du promised.

Debra gave a feeble smile. "Thank you," she said as she gazed at them. They reached the door of her room. "All three of you."

"Hey!" Rufus said with crossed arms.

The gymnastic athlete couldn't help but gently laugh, feeling some of the tension leaving her. "You too, Rufus." She reached over and petted his head and back. Afterward, with a sigh, her shoulders slumped as her eyes held the green ones of her redhead friend. "It's feels so overwhelming."

Kim squeezed her shoulders. "I know, Debra. Believe me, Ron and I know."

Feeling the need, Debra placed down her keyboard and wrapped her arms around the redhead in a fierce hug. Kim returned it in kind, knowing her friend needed this.

After a few minutes together, the two women parted, each grinning at the other.

"You okay now?" Kim asked, relieved to see most of the tension left Debra's face.

Debra nodded. "I will be. I'll be spending the day doing schoolwork. As for dinner, I'm sure Loretta will have no problems getting some food for me just for tonight."

"Okay," Kim said, reassured that her friend would be fine. "I'll see you tomorrow."

With a final smile for her friends, Debra picked up her keyboard, keyed open the door, and entered her dorm room. After the door closed shut in front of them, Kim, Ron, and Agent Du started walking in the direction they came from. Just as they reached the stairs, the Kimmunicator beeped.

Kim took out the green PDA. "Go, Wade."


When she shut the door, Debra dropped the smile and closed her eyes for a moment. Walking over to her closet, she opened it to put away her electronic musical keyboard synthesizer.

The freshman student took a few steps to gaze out the windows. The press was still lingering around, and some were even looking up at the dorm building. Debra pulled back from the windows, knowing they could see her given the dorm room was on the second floor. She certainly did not want them to know where her room precisely was in the building.

With her mind churning on everything that had happened today, Debra didn't felt like studying or doing any schoolwork for the time being. Instead, she went to her bed and sat on it with her back against the wall. Before she knew it, the young lady hugged herself as she began to tremble a bit.

"Did I do the right thing today? Yes, you did, Debra, but I'm wondering now at what price. I do not regret exposing my secret to stop Drakken. It's just…"

She hugged herself tighter as memories from the past came forth, which made her closed her eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Oh, please! Don't let history repeat itself! Not here! I don't want it to happen here!"

Debra flopped down to place her face in her pillow; letting a few more tears escaped her.

Yes, she knew she done the right thing. Yet she was reminded of a famous quote that she felt fits her current situation and her feelings:

'No good deed goes unpunished.'


Kim, Ron, and Agent Du were shocked.

"Are you certain, Wade?" Kim asked, still flabbergasted.

"I'm positive, Kim," Wade said. "The data disk that Jim and Tim found, containing the blueprints of the Sonic Disruptor Cannon, was not left behind by either Drakken or Shego. Once Jim and Tim gotten Drakken's email address, I ran a search and found the anonymous email sent to Drakken, containing the plans. I backtracked the email through dozens of ISPs and routers throughout the world. It was sent through a small ISP in Taiwan, yet records showed the account was closed weeks ago just after the email was sent, and the name and address used to open the account was faked."

"What about financial records?" Will asked. "Surely the Taiwan ISP was paid for their services."

Wade shook his head. "I checked that as well. The bank account used to handle the transaction to the ISP was also open using the same fake name and address. It only contained a small amount to pay the ISP for five months worth of service, starting five months ago."

"So," Will frowned, "that's a dead end." Wade nodded.

"What about the disk?" Kim inquired. "Did it contained fingerprints or anything that could be use to trace whoever placed it?"

Wade scowled a bit. "No. Neither the disk or its casing have any fingerprints, with the exception of Agent Rydan's, who had to place the disk in her VTOL's computer system. The disk and casing are the standard types that could be found in any store today with computer supplies. Whoever placed that disk in the abandon office wanted it to be found but not traceable to backtrack to him or her."

Kim nodded with a grim expression. "I bet whoever sent the email to Drakken have to be the same as the one who placed that disk for Jim and Tim to find it."

"My thoughts exactly," Wade agreed. "The person or persons knew that Drakken would destroy any plans of the cannon before leaving the warehouse, so he, she, or they planned to leave the disk in an area of the warehouse, where it can't be found by Drakken or Shego but easily be found by others later on."

Ron was confused. "Okay, time-out," he announced with his hands forming the 'time-out' signal. "Why would anyone send Drakken the plans and then leave a copy of the plans to defeat him? What purpose would they gain?"

"Good question," Kim mentioned, looking at her blonde partner. "It doesn't make any sense at all." Her eyes moved to lock with Will Du's, and she could tell even he was stumped on the motive for such an elaborate scheme.

Kim Possible's mind raced. "Why? Why bother to cause destruction and pain, yet leave the means to stop it? What happened today that made a difference to anyone?"

The redhead mentally shook her head of a possibility. "Debra was just by chance there with me when Wade uploaded the cannon's data to the Kimmunicator. She wouldn't have saved the day, if she weren't there to see the data and noticed the similar frequency between the crystals and her singing voice. It would have been likely that Debra would have been in her dorm room, when Wade sent the data. She wouldn't have known about the similar frequency."

A frown formed on her face. "Yet it sure was a coincidence that Debra's singing voice matched the frequency of the crystals. Could it be…?" Kim again mentally shook her head. "It can't be that simple! How could anyone know Debra's voice would match that of the crystals! Whoever sent the email and left the disk couldn't have known!"

Kim growled, causing the two men before her to regard her quizzically. Seeing their expressions, she answered, using a simple sentence that explained her frustration.

"God, I hate thorny mysteries."


Watching the evening TV news from his desk, Master was pleased.

"Excellent," he said with a satisfied voice. "Phase II has started off well as planned. No one is the wiser that the entire 'war' was just a method to expose Miss Tsuda's singing talent. Far as anyone can put it together, they will conclude it was just a coincidence that the frequency of growing the sonic crystals, according to the plans we've sent to Dr. Drakken, matches that of the high pitch voice of Miss Tsuda. Given Miss Tsuda doesn't know anything of Dr. Hennelly's research, it will make the entire connection even more of a coincidence."

He swiveled his desk chair to face his aid. "Well done in planting the data disk. Dr. Drakken and his assistant wouldn't have found the disk, but no doubt Global Justice or any law enforcement officer would have."

His aid bowed with a pleased grin. "Thank you, Master."

Master grinned. "It was quite fortunate for the Tri-City area that Miss Tsuda discovered the means to defeat the Sonic Disruptor Cannon so soon. This meant that she must have seen the plans by chance. Perhaps through Kim Possible, given her friendship with the world-known heroine. I had estimated that Dr. Drakken would have destroyed most of the Tri-City area before Miss Tsuda would have made her discovery." He shrugged. "It does not matter. What matters was that Miss Tsuda made the discovery and had to expose her private hobby to prevent more unwanted destruction and death."

He pointed to his aid. "We'll monitor Miss Tsuda for any signs of the completion of Phase II. Once she shows the signs, Phase II will be complete and we'll begin Phase III."

The aid frowned before speaking. "Master Shimizu."

The man raised an eyebrow. His aid mostly didn't call his family name unless something really confused him. "Yes?"

"Master… What purpose would exposing Miss Tsuda's talent do? I still can not see what will this accomplish."

Master Shimizu nodded his head and grinned. "Simple. It's all the means to the very end I'm seeking." He swiveled his chair to pick up a photograph on his desk – a photo of a young, teenage Debra Oxford Tsuda singing at some outdoor concert. No doubt, given the Japanese written language on the banners and the Japanese people surrounding the stage, the photo was taken in Japan.

As his oriental eyes grazed the photo, Master Shimizu's grin broadened. "She's the means to what I'm seeking… In Japan."

The End


After-story A/N: I have several things to say regarding the story to make things clear.

1) I could imagine that some would point out that several characters seemed OOC in this story. Particularly Wade Load, given his super intelligence; he would have solved the ability to defeat the Sonic Disruptor Cannon, before Debra would have solved it. I certainly couldn't have Wade solved the problem so easily, or else it would have taken away the drama of the story as well as revealing Debra's singing talent. This story is part of a bigger arc, so this story have to be the way it is to fit into the arc.

2) Some would say that Drakken and Shego wouldn't even destroy and cause chaos as they did here. Well, they certainly done so in "So the Drama" with the Diablo robots, and Drakken was going to use lava in "Bueno Nacho" to cover an entire state. So it is within their characters to cause pain and suffering in this story, given what they had done in the KP TV series.

3) I certainly wasn't aiming to make the science in this story fit & sound. I rather tell the story than try to make the science make sense. To be honest, most of the science and technology in the KP TV series couldn't be possible anyway! I certainly didn't heard anyone complained regarding the science & technology in the KP series, and the series done well without the need to have the science & technology fit with reality. I'm telling a story, not writing up a science paper.

4) Oh, I could hear people asking, "Why is Debra so worry regarding people knowing she could sing? What does this have to do with what Master Shimizu want?" Etc. Well… As I said, this story is part of a story arc. I'm not going to spoil what is to come regarding Debra's past and how she fits in Master Shimizu's plans. All things will be revealed as time moves on for Debra, Kim, and company as they attend university and their lives. After all, regardless whether you're a hero or not, you better hand in those papers and past those tests, or else the professors will flunk you. (Big Grin)

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7) Yes, the song Debra sang, "For Freedom Will Succeed", is original. I made it up, given I feel Debra would be talented enough to make her own music and songs. I know that it is impossible to imagine the music to fit the lyrics, given one can't describe the music well in text form to make it clear. It would have been easier to take a song that readers would have heard in the Real World, but as I said, I feel Debra would have sung something original that fits the situation than sing a song made by someone else.

Side Note for #7: The idea for the song came before July 7, yet the song fits as a tribute to the victims of the London bombings and all innocent victims worldwide of thoughtless slaughters. Freedom will succeed regardless how much bad people try to suppress it.


"For Freedom Will Succeed"
By JuPMod (written for the character of Debra Oxford Tsuda)

When the light begins to fade,
We cringe and we wait.
Thinking our world is at end,
Not knowing we can amend.

The fight continues on,
We have the means to be strong.
The darkness will not score,
Because our spirits will soar!

We will fight on for our dreams.
Evil will heed.
For freedom,
For freedom will succeed!

They will stop us they will try,
But our love will never die!
Ball and chains will not prevail,
For Justice will ever sail!

Hatred will not freeze us,
Because friendship will ever bind us!
They will give us pain,
But we will forever sustain!

We will fight on for our dreams.
Evil will heed.
For freedom,
For freedom will succeed!

They think they could beat us down,
But they do not know we are proud!
No matter what they say or do,
Our hearts will carry us through!

We will fight on for our dreams.
Evil will heed.
For freedom,
For freedom will succeed!