His Last Words

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Chapter 1: Assassination Orders

The clink of a metal chain was the only warning the man had. A few people yelled in surprise around him, but by the time be turned around, the edge of the kusari-gama had already found his neck. Blackness swarmed his eyes and he collapsed in a dead heap while the weapon ripped away from him. The man's wife shrieked in horror and began to run, but the chain-sickle found her neck as well. Falling a few steps away from her husband, her last breath was stolen away.

A slight tug was all that was needed to spring the kusari-gama back to his hand. Taking a tighter grip on it, the boy hardened his empty gaze of dull brown eyes and sped forward, barely sparing a glance at his two new victims. A few other villagers screamed and sped away from him, but one man was brave enough to stand up to him. The boy's face remained emotionless as he threw his weapon at the man. The chain ensnared his throat and caused his eyes to roll up into his head. Even as the man fell, the boy continued to run past him, his weapon in his hand once more.

'Get the jewel,' whispered a cold voice in the boy's mind. An ache seemed to pulse his back where a tiny jewel shard had been imbedded underneath the usual violet kimono he wore. The pain left no sign on his face. His brown eyes showed no emotion and were mostly hidden under the mass of unkept black hair, though most of it had been tied back with a plain ribbon. Freckles were dotted just above his nose, a sign that the boy was no older than eleven or twelve. 'Kill all who get in your way,' the voice whispered.

Continuing forward, he suddenly found himself facing a little girl. She had fled from her home after hearing the noise and trying to find her mother when she accidentally crossed the path of the boy with the chain-sickle. She screamed in fear and her knees gave way underneath her. 'Kill her,' hissed the voice. The boy raised his weapon above his head in preparation to dispose of this girl. 'Kill her!' the voice urged. The boy's hand shook in hesitation, though no emotion crossed his face. The girl couldn't be more than a year younger than him. Her face was streamed with tears.

Suddenly uncontrollable pain wretched through his back where the shard was. The first sign of emotion came onto his face as it twisted in distorted pain. The hand holding his weapon shook, but the hesitation he had felt crumpled away. The blade fell down onto the girl as she still screamed. Breathing heavily, the boy felt himself continue on. A faint feeling of disappointment and fury leaked into the back of his mind as if they belonged to someone else.

His goal appeared before him. The shrine of the village. Though it looked no more than a simple hut, a few wind chimes decorated the windows and a woman, obviously a priestess, stood infront of the door. Standing defiantly in his way, she gazed at him with cool, strong eyes, her short brown hair dancing with the wind. Stopping his run, he readied his kusari-gama for a final blow.

"Halt there boy! You are no demon, who has sent you to kill our villagers?" the woman demanded. Suddenly he watched her gasp as her eyes went over his head. Above him, a woman was perched on a large feather. Her eyes were red and her ears pointed, signalling her as a demon. In her hand was a fan and her lips were curled in a taunting sneer. The woman barely had time to scream before the demon slashed her fan. A blinding cut of light twirled from it and met the priestess straight in the chest. Her breath was ripped out of her as she fell, dead.

Not even turning around to acknowledge the demon, the boy ran past the corpse of the priestess and into the hut. It took him only a moment to locate the statue. In the centre of the shrine, a table furnished with elegant cloth, various candles and sutras stood in calm peace. A statue stood in the middle of the table. A woman wrapped in a smooth cloak looking up at the sky with her hands cupped together as if trying to catch rain. In the woman's hands was a tiny pink shard that glowed dimly. Carefully taking the statue from its place, the boy took the shard from the woman's hands. After the shard was firmly in his hand, he let go of the statue and turned to leave. The statue fell to the ground and immediately shattered into pieces.

After exiting the shrine, he approached the female demon, still perched on her feather. Her face was stoic, but a look of disgust was hidden behind her red eyes as she looked at him. Jumping onto the feather behind the demon, he waited calmly as she pulled the feather higher into the sky. The sounds of screams and running below faded away as the two of them sped into the distance.

His dull expressionless eyes swept over the forest scenery, never truly capturing what he was seeing. The pain in his back still throbed, but it had dulled quite a bit. Time slipped by as the demon drew closer to their destination. Suddenly it felt as if they were flying through a heavy cloud. The female demon raised an arm infront of her eyes, but the boy remained motionless. Once the sensation had passed, the two of them found themselves facing a large castle sitting in the middle of a vast barren valley.

Flying to the ground, the demon's feather shrank. The two of them leaped down. The boy immediately began walking towards the castle, but the demon waited until her feather had floated down to her for her to catch it and put it into her hair before following. Slowly they wound further and further towards the heart of the castle. A thin miasma ensnared them. The female demon wore a displeased frown, but the boy remained stoic.

Finally they arrived infront of a large sliding door. The silhouette of a man with long flowing hair appeared behind the door, his eyes glowing red. "Come," he said. It was the same cold voice that had been whispering in the boy's head.

Sliding the door open, the boy walked straight in and immediately went down on his knees and bowed his head forward. Pushing his hand out, he placed the small jewel shard onto the floor infront of his master. The man reached out and took the shard, clasping it tightly in his fist.

"You did well to retrieve this for me, but your hesitation to kill that young girl has become a habit. I gave you plenty of chances, yet your true self still seems to wish to fight me," the man said in a calm, but angry tone. He remained silent for a while. "Perhaps it is time for your final task. Kohaku, do you wish to be free from me?" The boy, Kohaku, didn't answer. Sneering down at him, the man continued. "As your final act of service to me, I want you to go and...kill your sister, Sango. Kill Kagome as well. InuYasha and Miroku are too strong for you, but Sango and Kagome will easily fall. They will not have the heart to kill you, even if it is out of pity." The boy remained silent, allowing his master's eerie laugh to surround him.

The female demon suddenly shifted and the man turned his gaze to her. "Kagura? You have something to say?"

Frowning, she left her lean against the wall to stand straight. "Naraku. How do you expect him to carry out such a task if he can't even kill a little girl? You may have his memory wiped, but he will know who his sister is."

The man returned her frown. "You think I do not know this? It is a simple enough problem to solve." Something in the man's right hand suddenly glowed with a black light as he clenched his fist. Kohaku suddenly grimaced heavily and shook as if in great pain. The shard on his back glowed in a mimic to the black light. "All is taken care of," Naraku continued with a sly smile. "Kagura, take him to InuYasha and his friends. See that they find him."

Kagura blinked, not understanding what Naraku did to Kohaku, but she nodded nevertheless. Naraku's laugh echoed through the empty castle.

With InuYasha...

"SIT!" yelled the young voice of a girl deep within the forest. The grunt and thud after it startled the nearby birds and sent them flying.

"Whatcha do that for!" growled the voice of a dog hanyou. His figure was sprawled against the floor, but he had managed to peel his face from the crater he had created after being forced head first into the soil. The man was dressed in a baggy red kimono with a thin sword in a black sheath at his hip. He wore no shoes, but this was not the strangest trait. His hair was long and silver and two white dog ears were perched ontop of his head. His eyes were gold and obviously infuriated.

"It was for pounding Shippou on the head! He didn't even do anything wrong!" answered the angry raven-haired girl. Her chocolate brown eyes flared with determined anger. She wore a long-sleeved white sweater and a short green skirt with long white socks and brown walking shoes.

"Yeah! All I said was that the Tetsusaiga nearly slipped out of your hands when you did that second Wind Scar!" added a child kitsune youkai. His tiny fist was clenched at the dog hanyou. He wore a dark blue hakama with a light blue shirt and a furry, light brown vest ontop of it. His feet were little paws, if anything, and a large fluffy tail twitched behind him as he sat on the raven-haired girl's shoulder. "We're lucky you didn't drop it or else we'd all be dead!"

"It wasn't MY fault! Sango shrieked so loud it could have woken the dead!" The hanyou pointed over to another one of their companions. A young woman taijiya in a light pink kosoda and green mo-bakama holding a large Hiraikotsu over her shoulder. A small yellow neko youkai was in her free hand, mewing softly. The taijiya's black hair was tied back near the tip with a white ribbon and her dark brown eyes blinked in confusion.

Memory dawned on her and suddenly her face grew furious. "I wouldn't have yelled if a certain HOUSHI kept his hands AWAY from me during a battle!" She rounded on the last member of their group. He was a tall houshi wearing black and violet robes while holding a long staff with golden rings clinking at the top. His black hair was mostly short, but a small snip of it had been tied back. His blue eyes didn't even hold the most remote sign of anger. Instead, a small smile played on his lips.

"Why Sango, if I had only known you didn't approve of that only during battles, I would be happy to continue otherwise," he said in a smooth and warm voice.

Sango wasn't the only one whose face immediately turned into a look of utter disgust. Kagome, Shippou, and InuYasha all stared at him as if he had sprouted horns and took a few steps away from him.

Sighing, Kagome shook her head and looked down to her hand. Opening it, she examined the jewel shard between her fingers. Its pure pink light was strangely strong. "At least we got another jewel shard from that last demon. Let's just all be grateful it wasn't as strong as it seemed after it survived InuYasha's first Wind Scar," she said, half-trying to change the subject.

Sango nodded in agreement. "Yes, let's just count our blessings, gather some more supplies, and keep going," she suggested. Putting her neko youkai, Kirara, on the ground, she leaned her Hiraikotsu against a tree and then picked up the water bottle Kagome had given her. "I'll go get some water from the river. I'll take yours as well, if you want." The tension had decreased by somewhat, but Sango still stepped wearily around Miroku. As she walked away from the group with her arms full of water bottles with Kirara following beside her, the three others shot their final glares at Miroku.

"What?" he said defensively, blinking in confusion.

Huffing InuYasha turned away, but not before he loudly muttered, "Idiot." Shippou simply shook his head and crossed his arms, following InuYasha. The two of them sat themselves at the base of a tree, rummaging around in Kagome's large yellow backpack for a snack to eat.

"You can be so insensitive sometimes, Miroku," Kagome sighed. Catching his questioning look, she searched for the right words to say. "Miroku, you are always asking women to bear their children for you, but you don't even know the first rule about women."

"What do you mean? I thought women liked it when I--"

"Miroku!" Kagome snapped, cutting in. She took a breath to calm down. Setting her gaze on him again, she put her hands on her hips. "First of all, no woman likes to be touched like that. Especially if they see the guy doing the same thing to every woman that comes their way! How do you think Sango feels?"

The monk watched her carefully, obviously rolling her words over in his mind. Kagome didn't wait for an answer. Instead, she turned around towards InuYasha and Shippou. "Come on, Shippou. Let's go find some herbs, we're starting to run out." The kitsune immediately jumped up and began walking beside her as they went along the forest path to try and find some of the plants Lady Kaede had taught Kagome about.

Further away from the group, Sango was kneeling beside a rumbling river. Her mind was only half on what she was doing, which was gently dipping the mouths of the water bottles into the river to gather some water. For a few precious moments, her mind was silent, at peace. She sighed and closed her eyes, relishing in the quiet. Unfortunately, a certain monk awaited her in her mind. His warm smile and soft words were etched into her mind, though she had no idea how they had gotten there. She felt her face heat a little and furiously shook her head as if trying to shake the thoughts out before opening her eyes. Realizing the water bottle she had been holding was over-flowing, she closed it and set it aside.

"Sango?" came a familiar voice. The tone was different, it almost sounded apologetic. She turned around slightly and found herself staring at the face of Miroku. His sad face looked truly sincere as if he had something on his mind. She blinked at him, which he took as permission to approach closer. Her eyes followed him as he came and sat himself down beside her. He kept his hands obediently in his lap or on his staff and they did not twitch as they usually did as if desiring to grope a woman's rear.

When she remained silent, Miroku took his opportunity to speak. "Sango, I just wanted to say that I am sorry. I didn't mean to upset you so much. Please forgive me," he said calmly, his eyes directly on her own. His words were not forced or sulky, they were calm and sure, giving a sense that he truly meant them.

Realizing she was staring at his eyes, she flushed and looked away. From the corner of her eyes she saw him smile lightly. Unable to push her blushing down, she struggled to reply. "I-it's okay. I forgive you," she replied.

Silence enveloped them once more, neither looking at the other by this point. Finally Miroku began to say, "Sango, are--," but he was cut off by the sound of metal clinking as if it was flying through the air. The taijiya had only turned partly towards the sound when she heard Miroku yell, "Watch out!" and pull her down to the ground beside him.


neko youkai : cat demon

kosoda : Sango's dress

mo-bakama : Sango's apron

kusari-gama : Kohaku's chain-sickle

hanyou : half demon

kitsune : fox demon

taijiya : demon exterminator

houshi : monk

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