Authors Note: I would just like to state that the first 14 chapters of this fanfic were written before HBP was out. My story involves the trio's seventh year at Hogwarts, and I know that some of the shipping does not follow that of HBP, but please keep an open mind and remember that I wrote this two months prior to HBP. (Yes, this little fact does bother me because I like my fanfics to follow as close to JKR's story as possible.)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it all the same. Please feel free to send in your reviews, good or bad, I'll except them all!

-An Owl from Ron-

It was the fifth of August, and it was becoming the hottest day of the year.

Hermione sat on her bed facing a fan and enjoying the cool breeze that was gently blowing her hair. It was only morning and every window in the Granger's house was open, the occupants praying for a natural wind of some sort, but none came.

Hermione was dressed in a pair of pink shorts, and thin tank top that was two sizes too small by now because of her quickly growing bosom. The past year had brought on many changes for Hermione. In her sixth year at Hogwarts she had grown a completely different body, a "woman's body" as her mother called it.

But the one thing that really changed was her emotions, which were now complex and unpredictable.

She found herself spending endless hours day-dreaming about love and romance, only to come back to reality and have an empty feeling inside of her heart. She was getting bored with studying and a little annoyed with her teachers as well, which was something new to Hermione.

But the weirdest thing of all, were her feelings for Ron …

Hermione didn't know how she had done it, but some how she had made it through her entire sixth year without kissing Ronald Weasley, something which she had thought about doing every time she saw him.

Her feelings towards her best-friend weren't new to her, she had liked him ever since they met, but the feelings had now changed. They were becoming more … lustful and animal like. It was now an urge inside of her that she found hard to deny.

The only problem was, did Ron feel the same way?

She was sure that he had, before when her feelings were on "crush" level. But now that her feelings were getting deeper and stronger by the second, so was her doubt. And it was on hot summer days like this, that she would spend hours thinking things over in her head, quietly smiling and blushing to herself as she re-lived every encounter she had ever had with Ron in her mind …

She was just beginning to remember the way he laughed when her thoughts were interrupted by a small owl that had just flown into her room through the open window. The owl zoomed quickly around the room and then fell onto the bed close to Hermione, hooted once and then lifted his right leg exposing a letter.

Hermione recognized the owl at once, it was Pig, Ron's owl, and as she untied the letter she felt her heart begin to pound faster and faster.

Dear Hermione,

Hi. I hope you're having a good summer. My summer has been alright, not much to do here at the Burrow. Anyways, um, I was hoping that maybe you'd like to stay at my house for the last two weeks of summer vacation. Dad got a muggle tela-vision set and a V-C-Recorder thing – well whatever it's called, he told me that you can watch muggle movies, and I thought it might be cool to have you over and maybe you could bring some of your favorite movies. I mean, you know, if you wouldn't mind spending some time with me. Well – not totally alone with me, I invited Harry to come as well, of course. I just don't know if his aunt and uncle will let him come.

Well anyways, if you decide to come, just send Pig back with your answer, and I can pick you up at Diagon Alley.

Your Friend, Ron

Hermione read the letter once, and then read it again. "Your friend, Ron." She thought, her heart sinking a little bit. She did want to be more than friends, heck at this point she was likely to run off and marry him her feelings were so high.

She stared at the letter for a few moments, until Pig bit her finger, letting her know that he was waiting for an answer. Mom and Dad will let me go, and I guess it would be fun to spend some time with him. She reasoned quickly.

Okay. I'll go. I'll bring a whole bunch of movies that I'm sure he'll like, and then when he's in a good mood, I'll just ask him if he likes me. It'll be just that easy. That way a can get an answer and then I'll know for sure. No more wishing and hoping.

With her new determination, she reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a stack of floral paper and her quill.

Dear Ron,

I'd love to spend two weeks with you and your family, it will be lots of fun, and I know just what kinds of movies to bring! I can meet you at the Leaky Cauldron at noon on August the 18th. I'll have to bring all of my school stuff with me though, I hope that won't be a problem with transportation.

See you soon, Hermione

Hermione put down her quill and reread her response. Satisfied, she tied the letter to Pig's leg and watched him fly out of the window. She sat on her bed for a good ten minutes, just smiling to herself and feeling a glow come over her.

And then she had an idea.

She ran out of her bedroom and down the stairs, through the hall, past the dining room and into the kitchen. "Dad?" she asked her father who was sitting down having brunch. "Do you think I could borrow some of your werewolf movies?"