A Dragon Knight Short

Summary after coming home from the Toys R Us store, Rath and Thatz decide to call the 1-800 number on the receipt to

Get $3.oo!

Rating G

Pairings None

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Rath and Thatz quickly, for once, hurried back to Dragon Castle, with full bags of toys.

"RATH! THATZ!" Rune called, from far behind them, he knew what they where up to. They where going to do a phone survey for the Toys R Us!


Once inside Rath's bedroom, Thatz pulled out a black telephone and dialed straight down the center, "1-800- C-A-L-L-A-T-T" he said, while Rath in the mean time dumped all the bags out to find the receipt. Finding it, Rath gave Thatz the real phone number. When the number was dialed, Thatz gave the phone to Rath.







"SHHH!" both Rath and Thatz hissed at Rune


A male voice on the other end, answered in a fruity, British accent- sounding exactly like Saabel… strange

"How old are you? If you are 18 to 24, push 1. 25 to 36, push 2. 37 to 49, push 3..."

Rath pushed '1'

"How many kids do you have...about to be born?"

"O.O ... NONE!" Rath shouted at it, with a light blush across his face, and pushed '0'.

"Rate our store. With 1 being dissatisfactory and 10 being satisfying. How did you find our selection?"

Rath pushed '8'

"How friendly were the cashiers?"


"Where there people willing to help you?"

"A little too much!" Thatz said.


"Rath, I will give you 10 dollars to stop doing this survey!" Rune said

"n.n! noooooooo!"

"Can I have $10.oo Rune?" Thatz asked. "No. you're not the one doing the survey!" Rune said.

"How well were you able to find the items you were looking for?"


"How do you find our restrooms to be?"

"Restrooms? ... I've never seen a restroom." Said Rath

"Push a button quick, Rath." said Thatz.


"O.O" is Thatz

" :-) I've never seen a restroom there or a sign pointing or saying that they have one!" Rath said.


"... You have pushed 1 for dissatisfactory in our facility department... Think carefully again about your shopping experience and rate or bathroom facility again."


"... Because of your dissatisfactory in our facility department, you may leave a message to the manager after the beep explaining why you are dissatisfied with our facilities..."

"O.O" was all of the Dragon Knights faces.


Rath looked around his bedroom through his tear filled eyes trying to hold in his laughter. He also found that Thatz and Rune where trying to do the same. Thatz left the room as he might have burst any second. Rath being confused and not knowing what to do, through the phone at Rune, who catches it mighty well, as he collapsed to the ground trying to suppress his giggles. Rune, with a red face, pushes the '#' button to skip over the question and move onto the next. Thatz reentered Rath's bedroom laughing as hard as his fellow Dragon Knights.

"This survey asks some really stupid questions!" Rune barely got out.

"I hope we get that $3.oo on time!"


based on a real event.

No I'm not joking. I'm being serious, this really did happen to my friend.

Finished Sunday, July 17, 2005, 10:01 PM, Nashville TN