Chapter Four

"Apparently the spice miners are being paid by a man they called Lord Tyranus. Does that name mean anything to you Master?"

The holo image of Master Yoda back on Coruscant glowed blue in the darkness of Obi-Wan's guest room. "This Lord Tyranus, we will investigate, Obi-Wan."

Mace Windu also added, "Meanwhile, continue to guard the Senator. We will inform you of our findings."

"Yes Master." And the blue light flickered out.

A shaft of yellow light soon slowly made its way across the floor of Obi-Wan's room. Obi-Wan looked up to see Padme standing in the doorway. The sight of her in a long pink shimmering gown took his breath away.

Padme approached him as she shut the door behind her. Obi-Wan sat on the edge of his bed and his eyes moved up her approaching body until he met her own eyes looking down at him. He placed his hands on her hips and ran his hands over their smooth curves. Her trembling fingers slid the straps of her gown off of her shoulders and then slid the satiny material down her quivering body. Obi-Wan's sat motionless and silent in awe of the display before him. His hands slowly assisted the gown's removal until Padme stood before him completely naked. His hands then slid back up her smooth skin, outlining her legs, her waist, her breasts and then ran the length of her arms. He slowly stood up, running his hands back up her arms and to her face, running his thumbs along her cheekbones, and twisting his fingers into her luxurious hair. Ever so slowly, Obi-Wan lowered his mouth down to hers, placing a feather light kiss upon her lips. Padme gasped into his mouth and breathlessly uttered, "What's happening?" as his lips brushed against hers once again.

Her lips were as soft as silk and her hair felt just as soft as he sunk his hands deeper into its depths. He felt her gasp on his lips and heard her mention the very thing he was wondering himself. Never had he felt anything like this. The satiny smoothness of her, her scent, the sweet honey taste of her mouth. How had he lived without this? And he knew for a fact that now he had experienced it, he couldn't survive without it.

Padme felt faint and her legs could no longer support her. Obi-Wan felt her sway and gently picked her up and placed her on his bed. She shivered as she watched him remove the layers of his Jedi attire. He then lay down next to her, running his hands over her once again, but more intimately this time.

"I love you." She whispered to him in the dark.

"Oh, Padme." And once again he tortured her with a slow and sensual kiss, brushing her lips ever so slightly, nuzzling her neck and nibbling her ear.

The patience of his Jedi training was even evident in his lovemaking! He was driving her wild with passion. Her insides were liquid and it was all pooling to her center. Padme couldn't take it any longer and her hands went to the back of his head, forcing his kisses to become deeper. Obi-Wan audibly groaned as their tongues met.

Obi-Wan's lovemaking was patient, but Padme's passion fueled the fire and it quickly escalated into a maelstrom that threatened to consume them both. And then, it was done. There was no going back for either of them. The Force was assuring itself of that even as they slept with their arms wrapped tightly about each other. It completed them and bound them together in a bond that could never be broken -- not by separation, politics, or the blasted code. They were united, as one, for all eternity.