Just What the Doctor Ordered

Epilogue: Demon Diary

Erutis x Krayon

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Epilogue: A Cause for Celebration

"Merry Christmas Erutis! Oh, and you too mister Krayon!" Raenef shouted into the wide greeting hall of Egae. His blonde hair was decorated in bright, shiny red bows, and his whole suit was green and red. In each hand he held presents, equally decorated with gold and red, marked with tags.

Erutis smiled gently at the young Lord, recalling fondly her earlier days with the Demon Lord. That is, before she married the Demon Lord of Egae. She looked up from her reverie at the soft touch of the demon she loved wrapping an arm about her waist. He gave her one of his special smiles, and placed a quick kiss on her cheek.

She smiled in return, snuggling against him when he straightened once more.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Raenef, Eclipse, depraved cleric…" An aggravated 'hey' broke out of from the back of the room, revealing a snow covered Chris with two heavily mittened hands on his hips. Eclipse turned, irritated.

"Cleric. Shut. Up. Now." Four very stiff, tight words slipped out to meet the cleric's ears, and the monkey only growled more.

"Why. Would. I. Do. That. Lap-Demon?" Imitating Eclipse's tone of voice, Chris signed with a flourish his death wish, metaphorically. A rather high flame began burning in the palm of the demon's hand, but a tender restraint by Raenef saved the cleric's life.

"Leave him be, Eclipse. Let's just enjoy the holiday ok?" His sweet, childish smile instantly cooled the temperamental Eclipse, and he too smiled a much smaller smile. Apparently he still hadn't learned to grin broadly on impulse as Krayon did that very moment.

"Well, Erutis my sweet, shall we adjourn to supper before it grows cold?" He asked, sweeping a finger across her cheek, much the enamored lover.

"Of course, Krayon." And thus ends the tale of two spiraling lovers, in the midst of the Christmas season, beneath the mistletoe, kissing in a loving embrace.


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