A/N: I know, it's been an awful long time. An AWFUL LONG TIME. Really, I'm sorry. But for me, school is first and foremost. And so it was. Forgive me. So here is chapter two.


Chapter Two: Measure of Madness

"KANAME! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Kurz whispered urgently in her ear as he crossed the boarding deck. There was no response, and her dulled eyes only began swirling in effervescent waves, like the sea.

He could feel his heart pounding painfully in his throat, and her pulse too was beating erratically. Too erratically. Frantically, he tucked her into his M9 and then took off at breakneck speeds under his stealth mode, nearly throwing caution to the winds literally. Kurz reached back after he set it to homing mode, and touched her cold hand. It was so very cold, and she was shivering uncontrollably.

Swearing profusely, he unbuckled himself and took her into his arms. This was not how he wanted to be holding her, her only reason being that she was going to die if he did not warm her. But if he could save her life, he would gladly do anything. Even if he would rather it be a romantic situation.

As they neared Wave point C, Kaname began to come to, her eyes barely returning to their normal color and state. "Kurz?" She asked shakily, eyelashes heavy upon her cheeks.

Kurz let out a massive sigh of relief, and squeezed her tighter, sharing more of his body heat. "Thank the skies you're alright! We're almost there, don't worry. I won't let anyone harm you." He could feel himself babbling on a bit, but he couldn't stop himself.

What would he do if he had lost her?

Kaname smiled gently as she felt him embrace her- wait. Embrace her? Just how close were they right now! She looked up into his beautiful face as he gazed at her concernedly, his eyes speaking volumes of something intangible to hers. His lips were now barely inches from hers, their harsh yet seductive outline barely in his often-present smirk.

Oh, my. THAT close.

This was a position she'd never been in before, especially not with Sousuke. He just didn't… well, feel. Feel for her anyways. It was interesting how this was the first time anyone had held her so lovingly and intimate. And how interesting this was Kurz, the magazine TAG's number one pick for a player.

Of course, that meant he didn't harbor any serious feelings for her. Then again, no guy she ever beheld did, for some painful reason she didn't understand.

He was looking down into her drowsy face, savoring the soft look of fragility she wore so easily. So badly, he wanted to kiss her. "Kaname… may I kiss you?" Kurz asked softly, brushing the hair back from her face. Almost a smirk spread across his face as she immediately looked up incredulously.

But before she could answer, a page from Tuatha de Danaan came in, demanding radio silence be broken from Sergeant Kurz. He sighed heavily, and slid Kaname back into her seat in the back. But she didn't get by without a wink and a smart remark.

"I'll expect an answer later, Angel."