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By: 24

He looked around once more to see if there were sweepers around. He didn't know whether to trust her, or not. He was taking a big chance meeting her like this. She could have sweepers hiding, or she could be alone like she promised. One more sweep and he walked out of his hiding spot and walked towards the Café. He went in and looked around and then he saw her. She was sitting in the back watching the door.

She knew he would look around to see if she would come alone as she had promised without her sweepers. That is why she took sweepers that he didn't know. Some were waiters, some were patrons and some were in hiding. All she would have to do was give a signal and they could come and slap the handcuffs on the wayward pretender.

"Hello, Miss Parker." He said as he sat down on the opposite side of her.

"Hello, Jarod."

"How are you doing?"

"Oh, just peachy Jarod. Is that why you called and wanted this appointment? To ask me how I was doing?"

"I wanted to see you face to face because I was worried about you. I know that when you found out that the truth who your real father was a blow to you. I wanted to tell you that I will be there for you no matter what. I remembered when you were little you would tell me everything and I wanted to tell you that you can still do that."

Underneath the table she gave the signal to come and get him, but slowly.

"Oh, how am I going to do that boy genius? When you are back at the Centre?"

"What do you mean?" He asked with wide eyes.

"I'm taking you in Jarod."

Jarod looked around and saw the sweepers that were dressed in Café employee uniforms. They were coming towards him and he quickly got up.

"You promised Miss Parker." He said as he looked for a way out. There was none. Sweepers were blocking his exits. Miss Parker stepped back as the sweepers grabbed Jarod, but Jarod wasn't going back without a fight. She could see him fight back and the sweepers beat him. He should know better than to take on ten sweepers. When Jarod was doubled over one of the sweepers hit him on the back and he went down. They grabbed his arms and put the cuffs on then dragged him up again.

He glared at Miss Parker wondering why he ever trusted her in the first place. "You promised Miss Parker. You said that you would come alone."

"I lied." She looked into his chocolate brown eyes.

She followed them out to the curb and into the car that would take them to the airport. She stole a glance towards him as they rode to the airport. She could see his split lip and it was bleeding. There was a cut right above his eye and there were bruises on his face. He wasn't looking at her and he wasn't talking to her.

He could see through the reflection of the car window that she was looking at him, but he didn't care. He had trusted her and look where it got him a one way ticket to the Centre. He just hoped that he would escape.

They stopped in front of the parked plane and got out. He was forced up the stairs that would take him inside the plane, but before he could be pushed into the seat he was grabbed by the neck and held there. Sam came up to him with a needle in his hand and jabbed him in the arm. Sam grabbed him and threw him in the seat.

"Goodnight wayward prince. You can't escape this time."