Austin Powers 4: Scotty's Revenge

Yes hello. I am also obsessed with the amazing Austin Powers trilogy. I decided I should add on to the unfinished series starting where we left off (Evil Scott). I don't really give a flying rat's assif you think my story sucks, but if you do happen to like it, I would be delighted to get a review from you. NOW READ IT YOU BLASTED FOOL!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything to do with Austin Powers. If I did own it I would have the most genius mind of comedy in the world! I however do not. The only thing I do own is the plot to my story.

Chapter 1: The Kidnapping


In his California apartment, Dr. Evil leaned back in his rotating chair and waited for his long lost brother, Austin Powers, to arrive. Since the two enemies discovered that they were in fact related, Austin had insisted on rather annoying weekly visits.

(Phone rings and Dr. Evil nearly shits his pants)

"Who the hell is this?" he asked. "Basil! I thought I told you to stop calling me! I will not let you barrow my 'Time Machine' to redo the all dates you've skrewed up! Throw me a frickin bone here!"

Basil: "Dr. Evil, Its Austin! Turn the TV on to channel 7!"

(Flips through channels until he comes to number 7)

Blonde TV Reporter: "Hello New York!"

Brunette TV Reporter: "(whispers) This is California dumb ass!"

Blonde TV Reporter: "Ah, so it is. I am Marry Turner and to my left…. right…. is Farah Swan, from the nightly California News."

Brunette TV Reporter: "Anyway, yesterday morning police discovered that Austin Powers, British Shaggadelic International Spy, was missing from his groovy pad.

Blonde TV Reporter: "Later that day, police informed us that after a thorough search of San Francisco, they were unable to find Austin. However today, around 5 o' clock, we received this ransom clip."

Clip: (Shows Scott sitting in a dark room on a rotating chair) "Frau if you would just press the damn record button we could get this over with! Oh, you did? Why didn't you tell me! Um, Good evening world. I am Dr. Scott Evil, son of the stupid and no longer evil, Dr. Evil. I have here with me the famous Austin Powers. No need to fret you shall eventually get him back. All you need to do is pay me 1 Trillion Dollars by Friday at midnight. If you fail to ' Give me the money', I shall have no choice but to kill your precious Powers. I shall contact you again near the end of the week. I think you understand me. Mwahahaha, Mwahahaha! ……… Ok Frau I need to take a piss. I'll be back in a minute. Hey turn the camera off!" (Screen goes dark).

Brunette TV Reporter: "As you see, this is no laughing matter. If we cannot find the 1 Trillion dollars, the sexy Austin Powers will be killed."

Blonde TV Reporter: "And if they kill him, he wont be able to host anymore shaggadelic parties!" (gasps). "Oh my god! We need to find that money fast! Anyway, we shall keep you posted as the crime progresses. This was the New York ….."

Brunette TV Reporter: "California!"

Blonde TV Reporter: "Right! The California News Update. Tune in next time to hear about any more information on the story. Marry and Farah saying goodbye…….. Goodbye."

(Dr. Evil stares open mouthed at blank TV screen)

"Scotty does?" he whispered.

"Dr. Evil? Dr. Evil, can you hear me now?"

"Yes Basil."

"Good. Now Dr. Evil, are you willing to help us locate your son and save your brother?"

"Oh, um, of course."

"Smashing! Dr. Evil, meet me at the lab tomorrow morning so we can tell you our plan of action. Until then I guess! Goodbye Dr. Evil."

"Right, farewell."

(hangs up phone)