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By: TF

NejiNaru told through one shots and drabbles.

Hair Types

Naruto's hair was bright and sunny, sticking straight up from his head in a spiky, wild mess that could probably impale someone if the blond decided to use his super-hard head as a weapon. His ninja forehead protector did little to keep his bangs out of his face, only stuck his bangs straight up instead of allowing them to fall in his eyes. It was doubtful as to whether or not the fox-boy actually owned a brush, but with all of the trash in his small apartment it was hard to find anything other than old ramen cups.

Neji's hair was a complete contrast to Naruto's; all silky and soft and long and untangled. He owned a brush and used it, keeping his hair out of his face and out of his way by pulling the long tresses back. His forehead protector was used to hide his curse seal instead of to hold his hair back, but it served the same purpose.

Naruto loved to play with Neji's hair. The blond loved to steal Neji's hair tie and watch as the black strands spread across the other's back, catching the wind and flying playfully through the air until it was so tangled that it needed to be brushed out again. A brush in Naruto's hands did nothing for his own hair, but the blond could spend hours running the brush through Neji's, watching the ebony strands part like water around the bristles. Naruto loved it because he had free access to run his hands through Neji's long hair without the other bitching about it, and Neji, even though he'd never admit it, found it soothing to have his hair brushed, something no one other than his mother had ever done for him.

They contrasted, dark and light, thick and thin, but together they were compatible, complimentary, and happy. In a world of hardness and strife they'd take happiness where they could.


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