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A/N: Alright, my first Atlantis fanfic! I'm a total McWeir shipper, so you can guess what this is about. Not really a drabble, too long, but just something that came to me. SPOILERS for the Siege trilogy. Totally not enough McWeir in Siege 3.

He saw her run to him.

For days Rodney McKay had gone without sleep, working feverously to save the city. To save her. He pulled every rabbit he could out of his hat, surviving on coffee and stimulants for her.

She ran to him.

They were safe now. The plan had worked and now the Wraith had retreated, believing them dead. Ford was gone, no one knew where. Major Sheppard had taken the Lieutenant's desertion to heart.

So she comforted him.

Exhausted, McKay collapsed in his room. His heart was pounding and he faintly realized that his heartbeat was dangerously erratic. He knew he should go to the infirmary, but he shrugged it off. Beckett was overwhelmed as it was, the infirmary overflowing with patients. It didn't matter anyway.

She had gone to him.

It didn't matter what McKay did, she would never come to him. He could die right there and she wouldn't care. He vaguely noticed that he was sweating and shaking, a result of too many stimulants.

A hand touched his forehead, an angelic voice speaking his name like a songbird on a spring morning. Opening his eyes, Rodney made out the pale, beautiful face of the woman he loved. She was worried.

Worried for him. Not Sheppard, him.

Her name passed by his lips, a plea, a vow. He hoped she could hear the love in his voice. If anything, at least he would have her name. It was the anchor he held onto as he sank into blackness.

He let out one last whisper.


Run to me.

Hope you enjoyed! This is my first attempt at a short, one-shot. Please be kind in your reviews, though any advice is appreciated.