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"You may now kiss your bride," Paul Heyman screamed as The Undertaker rolled his eyes in the back of his head and then bent down to kiss the very young Stephanie McMahon on the lips. He also slipped a silver and black wedding ring on Stephanie's finger.

Stephanie screamed even more while everyone clad in black carried her out on The Undertaker's symbol into the limo that she had been abducted in hours earlier. While out in the garage and she was took off the sign and shortly Undertaker threw her over his shoulder. But as hard as she fought, she wasn't moving an inch.

"Stephanie don't fight it because you will not win," Taker said in his signature slow raspy voice.

" I just want to go home… please don't do this to me, I do have people who love me and they will find you…my dad wont let this happen to me I just hope that you know that."

"Stephanie don't test me…I don't bend very far."

She shut herself up not wanting to get hurt as she lost herself in thought. This wasn't suppose to happen that way, she thought. Stone Cold was suppose to rescue her and everything was suppose to be okay. Now she was married…never the less to The Undertaker…the Phnom, and he definitely was intimidating.

The limo moved too slow for her and she really wanted to know what was going on. She did have to admit though that that black wedding dress fit her perfect, and no doubt accentuated all the favorite parts of her body, but she was confused how someone could have gotten her perfect size…but he had gotten all of those pictures, and her bear. As soon as the thoughts came, they left as the limo came to a halt at the hotel close to the show.

"So are you going to behave this time or will I have to carry you again," Taker said as he opened the door knowing that he was acting much more scary than he really was.

Fear crossed through Stephanie's eyes. "Yes, you will not have to carry me this time."

"Okay good, now don't scream or when we get to the room you will have hell to pay."


Taker walked to the desk at the hotel and got the keys with one hand while he held Stephs in the other. They rode to the floor in silence, and even though they stood in the elevator Taker still hadn't let Steph's hand go. They eventually walked to the room and Taker opened the door to the lavish suite for Steph and she walked in was amazed…it was so big, it was like a little apartment and she saw that there were two beds and sighed a sigh of relief, and as The Undertaker saw her excitement about the room he almost smiled, but no one ever saw his soft side…EVER.

"Wow this is an amazing room," Steph almost whispered.

"Well don't get used to it….there are definitely perks to being on Vince's good side," Taker mumbled.


"If you don't hear it the first time you don't hear it at all woman… oh, and just so you know, everyone is watching you so don't do anything stupid."

"Yea yea."

"What did I tell you about smarting off to me woman?"

"Sorry, wont happen again." She was scared, but she wasn't scared of him anymore, she was just scared of the situation she was currently put in, and pretty pissed to boot.

Taker went to the bathroom to change and Stephanie went to the other bathroom to clean up. Taker came out looking normal in a wrestling logo t-shirt and boxers and Stephanie found out that there were clothes in the bathroom for her and a tiny black nightie that she would wear any other day but now. But she thought why not, she doesn't have to sleep with him.

Undertaker sat down on the comfy leather couch and turned on the TV and tried to find something interesting on, as he heard the other bathroom door open he looked at Steph as she walked out and he was amazed at her body under that black slinky nightie that showed a whole lot of leg and looked like an item that was custom made just for her. He was starting to like this situation, and he was also looking forward to doing a little of changing to the little Stephanie McMahon. This was going to be one hell of a ride.

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