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Mark practically jumped out of the truck to get into Steve's house. He could not believe she just left the house, just disappeared. He looked at Steve with a look of disgust. He couldn't even do the simple task of watching his 119 pound wife, well soon to be ex wife. He pushed past Steve to grab the divorce papers and left right away, he couldn't be by an idiot and a slut much longer.

He hopped into his truck and roared off. He managed to glance at the signature on the paper, slightly smeared from teardrops. His rage became almost visible, he just had to do what Vince said then he could find Stephanie and try to make things better. He didn't know if she would forgive him but he was willing to try.


Awkward would not even explain the situation she was in right now. She was smashed on a couch between Joanie and Sean, and she could almost feel the loud rock music vibrating the hotel room she was in. Joanie kept giving her dirty looks and Sean kept trying to see down her shirt. Where was Paul? He said he would be back in like ten minutes but it was now verging on about an hour and a half. She had yet to change into clean clothes and she was starting to wonder when she could go shopping. She was almost to the point of jumping up and leaving when he came back.

"Did you miss me or what, I got all the drinks and everyone is on their way, "Paul said walking over to the couch were the three were sitting.

Stephanie sighed and walked over to see the drink selection, she could really use a couple about now, after this terrible week. She grabbed a bottle of beer and sat on a chair.

"Well little Miss Princess drinks beer, who woulda thunk," said Joanie, glancing over at the younger women.

"I drink beer," muttered Stephanie. Not having the nerve to look at the women who was about 5 inches taller and about 40 pounds of muscle heavier.

The tension between the two was palpable and even Paul could sense the annoyance balling up in his girlfriend.

"Woohoo and the party has arrived," yelled the taller half of the New Age Outlaws. Managing to stumbling into the room with three guys, a girl and more drinks.

"Everyone knows we're the only reason party's exist," Brian said, clapping Kip on the back.

"Holy shit, what is a McMahon doing over here?" Kip said looking at Hunter, not understanding a thing that was going on. He hadn't gotten the memo about Stephanie needing payback for her fucked up family and a husband who married her for money.

"Getting drunk, hopefully getting in trouble, and teaching my family who they can't fuck with," Stephanie said innocently before she took a shot with Sean.

Paul shared a look with Brian and then proceeded to crank up the music even more. Stephanie could feel the music and the shots slowly taking effect on her body.

After about an hour of shots chased with even more shots Stephanie was sloshed. She was trying to dance with Kip but Sean kept getting in the way, and she was starting to get severely annoyed until she heard her favorite song and just had to jump on top of the bed and sing at the top of her lungs while stripping off her shirt.

"I saw him dancin' over by the record machine, knew he musta been about 17…" Stephanie managed to even stay on key while she seductively danced on the bed. Everyone could not believe that she could actually sing, or dance.

The guys were appropriately surprised that the youngest McMahon could be so sexy. Joanie on the other hand was not too impressed and was becoming more jealous by the second. She also was not impressed that her boyfriend was cheering on the princess. She tapped him on the arm to inform him that they were going to their hotel room now. Paul followed along too drunk to care anymore.

Stephanie saw the two leaving and was disappointed. She was getting used to the boys in her drunken state and was enjoying the company of Paul.

"I could not believe you were staring at that little bitch like a twelve year old with his first boner," Joanie yelled to her boyfriend as she practically carried him to their room.

"Relax babe, she was just dancing and you know how I love to dance," Paul slurred not even looking her in the face. He was too busy thinking about not puking.

"Yea I'm sure that's exactly what it was," Joanie rolled her eyes at her boyfriend of two years and decided to just drop it for now and keep her eyes out for trouble with the little slut.

Back at the hotel room Stephanie could feel herself getting more and more drunk and she couldn't help but think about Mark, she actually did miss him even if he was a total douche. She decided that a call was in order. Too bad for Mark she did not realize it was about three a.m.


He groggily glanced at his phone and was surprised to see the name wife flash across the screen. He groaned and decided he'd better pick it up in case it was important.

" Yes, Stephanie."

"Markie hunny I miss you, where are you, why aren't you at the party," along with the loud music Stephanie slurred her words immensely and was screaming.

"Stephanie you're totally smashed and I don't understand a single word your saying."

"K, love ya bye!!!" Stephanie hung up the phone and in her super drunken state thought that she had had a wonderful conversation and proceeded to black out on the bed she was previously dancing on.

Mark sighed and put his phone back on the nightstand beside him. Today had not went good and besides the fact that he had no clue where Stephanie was, and he wasn't sure if she would be sleeping alone tonight, he was positive he would not be going back to sleep. He couldn't help but think back to the conversation with Vince that had went absolutely nowhere.

Mark walked into Vince's office clutching the divorce papers that he had just signed. Vince greeted him like he was his best friend and asked him to have a seat.

"Vince, this isn't a social call, I came to drop the papers off and leave. I want nothing more to do with you and your devious fucking mind, so kindly after this leave me the fuck alone," Vince managed to laugh at that and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Mark, you should watch who your mouthing off to you bastard. You're nothing but a pawn to get what I want so you need to start acting like the bitch that you are or I'll be forced to fire you right now!"

Marks jaw dropped, this was the man who he let run his life? This was the man who ruined the only good thing he's had for a lousy 250,000 dollars. What the fuck was wrong with him?

"I think you're forgetting who you're talking to. I'm not some lackey that you can boss around for money. You can take your god damn money I just want out of this whole fucking deal. I want no more of it, after this I'm done. Don't call me, I'll call you!"

At that moment the phone rang and Vince shooed him out like they had been talking about the stocks. Mark could care less, come Monday he was gonna talk to Stephanie one way or another.


Her mouth felt like a dirty vomit sock covered in wool. Her head was pounding like she was getting beat with a sledgehammer over and over at the speed of a race car, and she had to go to the bathroom like she hasn't went for a week. It has been a long time since she had been hung-over and it didn't get any better with age. She ran into the bathroom to get her business done and took a steaming hot shower. She looked at the clock in the bathroom and thought she had to be dreaming that it said three p.m. Ugh, she had wasted a whole day and she had so much to do. Shopping, making a game plan for tomorrow, and giving her dad a warning about Raw the next night.

Stephanie grudgingly walked out of the hot bathroom and saw a big steaming cup of black coffee, two ibuprofen. She smiled. Someone was looking out for her. She took the medicine, snagged the cup and took it out to the living room. Everyone looked up at her, they seemed perfectly normal watching a football game on TV. No one looked remotely as bad as she felt; she noticed that the only person who wasn't here was Joanie.

"She lives," Sean yelled, making Stephanie wince.

"Give the girl a break she's just partied for the first time since high school," Kip laughed, looking at her outfit that was dirty and starting to stretch from the over-wear.

"Ha ha, I know it's been a while I don't party all the time like you guys. I really need clothes, any of you willing to take me shopping?"

No one looked her way, but they managed to throw a glance at Paul.

"I guess that's me," Paul said standing up and grabbing his leather jacket.

"You brought her here so you get to take her shopping," Sean said barely glancing at him, more enthralled with the game than anything else going on at the moment.

"Are you sure that your girlfriend won't mind," Stephanie whispered, saving herself from feeling the echo and pounding in her head.

"Nah she's gonna be working out for a few more hours, then she goes and gets her nails done as if they're not gonna be destroyed after tomorrow. She's not the jealous type anyway," Everyone cracked up at that, Stephanie just grimaced.

"Thank you," she whispered piercing him with her eyes.

"Uh, yea it's no big deal," Paul shrugged not being able to look her in the eyes that he knew could cause him to give her anything she wanted. He could get in trouble with this new deal he made.

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