Yu-Gi-Oh! Fragile Heartz
By DarrinX

Chapter 1 True Love Ways

-Dark Magician-

The realm of darkness seemed black today, blacker than anytime before. Inside my heart burned like an arrow had shot through my very soul. Tears ran down my face like the many days before, as I and my Dragon flew through the plans of Egypt alone, vanished on exile from the only home id ever known.

But I can here you. Your asking what am I, The Dark Magician, doing alone in the cold nights of Egypt on exile. Well to tell you that I'll have to cast my mind back, back to the time everything in my world was shattered. So this is my story and listen to my words.

It had been two years. Two years had pasted since the last slavery tournament was held in Egypt. With Skull Knight destroyed, and the abolishment of slavery came a new hope to the planes that the world had been split into. People from the realms of Light had signed a peace treaty with the realm of Darkness, meaning that the threat of war between the two fiercest rivals in the land had been calmed, and new hope had sprung from the ground, much like the sweet fruit from the gardens of the Pharaohs palace.

But all this joy in the world paled in comparison to the joy I had felt. Because I had finally found the women of my dreams. She was strong, witty, with a beauty that even the Goddess's of Egypt couldn't match. She was my lover, friend, adviser, apprentice my entire life and I was hers. She was The Dark Magician Girl.

Together we walked through the Royal Courtyard, hand in hand are sceptres held proudly by are side. "Arr isn't this beautiful" Said my lovely maiden as we strolled through the garden, the smell of sweet desert flowers filling are senses with there sweet aroma. "Yeah it sure is." I smiled as I looked at her, my face alight with joy. "Hay Mahado catch me." Then as I smiled at the woman I loved, she snatched my sceptre from my hand. Her sweet voice giggled with laughter as she started running through the court yard. "What, ha, ha come back here." I shouted as I began to give chase. I chased her into the scrubs that surrounded us but soon she seemed to vanish amongst it's green beauty. I looked around the garden with a large smile on my face, but still my love could not be found.

"MANA where'd you go." I shouted but still she hid from me. I looked around smiling, trying to see where she would be in this game of hide and seek. It was then that I noticed something shining upon one of the court benches. I approached this small object as it shone in the light from the sun. It was the Black Pendent that I'd given my love as a present on her last birthday and she never took it off. I picked up her pendent and started panicking when I didn't find her. I was afraid that something had happened to her. Then I felt a powerful force behind me. Looking behind me I turned into the blast from a powerful Spellcaster.

I had just jumped out its way in time as I looked in the direction of the blast expecting a threat. But all I saw was my beautiful lover giggling with MY sceptre extended in her hand.

"I almost got you." giggled my lover as she threw my sceptre back at me. "Could I have my necklace back please?" She smiled at me so gently still giggling from her little attack as I threw her back her Black Pendent. She then placed the sparkling jewelled necklace around her neck and I saw her shiver as the power of the jewel returned to its owner.

"Arr I never get tired of that." Spoke my charming maiden as she recovered from the power boast. "Shall we continue." winked my goddess with her cheeky smile that always melted my heart.


I fired a Dark Magic Attack at my maiden, but she quickly ducked inside the Magical Hats shielding herself from my attack. I looked carefully at each of them, my eyes rolling over one hat to another, as I had four hat to chose from, but I knew where she was. Smiling I quickly thrust my sceptre forward and fired at the last hat from the right. I expected to see her jump from the hat just as my blast struck it. But instead it was empty, then she leaped from the left centre hat as she fired her own blast of Black Magic towards me.

Quickly I deflected her attack, but she charged at me, and using her staff as a pole-vault she launched herself at me and kicked me in the stomach knocking the wind from my body. My body felt broken from her pole-vault kick, but that was the least of my troubles as she tried to bring her sceptre down upon my head.

I brought my own sceptre up to block her attack but she was to quick, as she raised her knee up and struck me in the chest knocking me to the floor. I curled up into a ball as I felt her walk to my side

"Are you ok?" she asked her voice filled with worry as I felt her hand on my shoulder. "yes… BUT YOUR NOT" I then sprang to my knees and brought my hand to her stomach where I my Dark Magic at an open target, knocking her backwards.

She screamed as my blast forced her into the air and she crashed to the floor. Now it was my turn to worry as I saw her laying upon the hard marble floor coughing as she held onto her stomach.

"You have to be smart in battle, if an enemy thinks our weak they wont hesitate to attack you." I told her as I walked towards her and offered my hand to help her up. "Yeah, but your not an enemy." She coughed as I helped her to her feet. "I could have been."

Actually, in the past, her and I were enemies. I growled at the thought. A thought I had long wanted to forget, when suddenly until I felt a cold hard object push itself to my groin and looking down I saw her sceptre pointed right at my crotch.

"Don't show weakness in battle" giggled Mana as she fired out a Dark Attack powerful enough to knock me to the floor. I held my stomach in pain, when she then jumped up in the air and pinned me down with her sceptre.

I pushed up towards her, but she kept me pinned as she laughed at my struggles.

"Hay no fair." I joked as I tried to push her back but she'd gotten really strong over the last two years.

"Ha, Ha Pined Ya." She giggled as I still tried to fight her but we were equal.

"Come on say it" she added with a look of joy on her face.
"Say What?" I asked confused as I struggled against her.

"Come on tell me you love me come on."

"You don't need to crush me to make me say that"
"Come on, tell me please." She pouted playfully but I saw her grip weaken.

Seeing my chance, I swung my weight to the side and knocked her to the floor. Now I was on top of her pinning her to the ground.

"I love you." I said trying not to laugh as she struggled with her staff. "Now you tell me." I smiled as she tried to kick me in the back.

"I Hate You." She laughed as I held her down.

"No, that's not what I want to hear. Come on beautiful, tell me you love me." I spoke my smile now clear on my face.

"Ok, Ok, I… I got you." She said as I pushed up with all her strength and then started tickling me. I let out a howl of laughter, as my body was paralysed with glee, she was now on to of me again.

"I love you." She giggled happily, as she continued tickling my ribs. I felt crippled with laughter, as her delicate fingers touching me, knowing exactly where it would tickle. She then straddled my waist as she kept me pinned, her fingers still tickling me into submission as she began to speak.

"Now beg me to stop Mahado, come on beg me." She demanded an evil smile upon her face now as she tickled me harder.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha no stop it Ha, Ha you cant do this in a battle Ha, Ha, HA."

"But were not in a battle my love. So come on Beg!" She was finding it hard not to laugh herself, as she continued torturing me.

I reached up gently as her torture continued and grasped lightly on her arms. With her now locked I quickly rolled over and pined her to the floor once more. I stopped my laughing now and looked into those soft green eyes that gazed into mine. Like rare beautiful emeralds her eyes did shine, as her face was awash with a soft beauty, and I could resist no longer.

"I love you" I spoke breathlessly to me beloved Mana before lowering my lips to her own. I pulled her close to my body as she kissed me back with a kiss filled with love. I felt her wrap her arms around my neck, as my hands caressed the soft blue silk of her robe as are kiss grew in passion.

(Cough, Cough)

I then quickly lifted my face from my loves and looked behind me to see who would disturbed us, but we soon scrambled to are knees.

"Please, forgive us great Pharaoh." I asked as we humbled are-self to Pharaoh Yami.

"Arise, you don't need to apologise for anything Mahado." Spoke the noble voice of the Pharaoh as he looked over us. Slowly we arose in the presence of the son of Ra.

"How are you my friend?" The Pharaoh asked as he approached me, placing his hands upon my shoulders, adorned in my dark purple armour.

"I'm fine my Pharaoh. I was just going through some training with Mana" I spoke to my oldest friend as he looked from me towards Mana and smiled.

"And how are you Dark Magician Girl?" But Mana just stood there blushing as he looked at her.

"Answer him" I whispered as she struggled with her words. The two of them had become very close over the years, but she still found it difficult to answer the Pharaoh's questions.

"Well your goner have to start getting used to answering questions Mana. Especially after tomorrow." Spoke the Pharaoh as he walked pasted us and took a drink from the large water founting at the centre of the garden.

"Why's that Yami?" I asked turning towards him.

"Because I would like to make Dark Magician Girl a member of the Elite Royal Guard." Spoke the words of the Pharaoh as he turned and looked into are surprised faces. This was the highest honour someone could receive next to becoming Pharaoh itself.

"My Pharaoh are you sure." She asked the surprise still clear on her voice as I turned towards her.

"Of-course! Mana I've seen your skill improve."

"Yes, my advisors and I have monitored your fighting skills over the last two years, and I must say, I'm quite impressed, but if you don't want to I understand."

"No my Pharaoh, I fell honoured that you feel I'm ready, and I accept your generous proposal." said Mana as the colour returned to her cheeks lowering her head in a bow. It was then that I felt my heart burst with joy.

"I'm glad you've accepted Mana. As a member of the Elite Royal Guard you'll be looked up to by every developing warrior in Egypt. You will also join the ranks of some of the greatest warriors in Egypt, such as Buster Blader, Black Luster Solder and of-course The Dark Magician." Pharaoh then looked at with a smile. "But more about that later, now we must prepare for the ceremony tomorrow so I must take my leave, and congratulations Dark Magician Girl."

"Thank you my Pharaoh." Replied my beautiful Mana as we bowed are heads, as the ruler of all Egypt walked past us. We now stood alone in the courtyard as we looked at each other shock still fresh on are faces.

"wow I cant believe it. Me a member of the Elite Royal Guard O YES"

Then Mana flung herself into my arms as we kissed each other strong. I held her tight to me as we kissed, are hearts filling with joy and pried. Slowly we broke are kiss and looked deep into each others eyes and smiled before I raised her up into my arms. We kissed once more as she wrapped her arms around my neck, as I carried her back into the palace and into are quarters where we made love.

-Well, first off, I'd like to thank KiWingz again for allowing me to write this sequel to her story Broken Wingz, and I hope people who have see the first chapter before will enjoy these changes I've made to it. Thank you for taking time out to read are story.-