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Final Chapter: Tease

He smiled a knowing smile down at her and she could feel her cheeks flushing even more. Despite the warmth in her cheeks, it was pretty cold in their little house, and she shivered a little. Grave smiled warmly once again, and grabbed the black trenchcoat hanging on the side of the couch. He draped it over Mika's petite frame, and she used it more as a tent then a coat. Her entire body was hidden inside that coat. A few moments of silence passed before Grave heard his name whispered frominside the makeshift tent.

"uhm... Grave...?" she whispered softly.

"Yes?" She sure was cute.

"Could you meet me in my office, please?"

He smiled and stuck his head in a little. It really was pitch black in there, and all he could hear was Mika's oddly nervous breathing.

"What's wrong Mika?" He whispered.

Not soon after he asked, he felt a pair of warm hands touch his cheeks, and search for a moment before coming to cup his face. The next thing he felt was a pair of warm lips on his, softly brushing and tasting. He definately was not expecting this, but didn't pull away. She was soft and warm and almost angelic in his eyes. He gently wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in, even though she was the one who had already deepened the kiss. Eventually they had to come apart for air, and Grave pulled the coat off to find that

Mika was trembling a little. She realized the coat was gone and quickly buried her face into the crook of Grave's neck.

"I.. I'm sorry Grave." She said in an even quieter whisper.

"What for?"

"I lied to you."

"... Lied? about what?"

"I'm still hungry."

Grave let out a laugh and could feel her smiling on his skin. It was at that moment the doorbell rang, and Grave thanked God that it hadn't rang any earlier. He might have had to beat the shit out of the delivery boy. Mika got up and went to the door to pay the man, and returned with dinner.

After they had eaten and gotten comfortable in Pj's, Mika once again occupied Grave's lap, and fell asleep to the beat of his heart.

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