Love, Lust & Passion

Note: The italics are Dawn's diary...

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I think I need to do everything myself! I told them they needed a man, but no, no one listens to Dawn... Well now I know if I want something done, I must do it myself. Therefore, I swear I'll do whatever it takes to get them together! Now normally I'd be afraid that I'd either be dead or near death if I stuck my nose where 'it doesn't belong'. Well when it comes to these two, it's necessary.

My first, unsuspecting, victim is none other than Trish Stratus. Sure she doesn't ALWAYS need help when it comes to the dating department, but when it comes to a certain someone she does need my help. Who is this certain someone, you ask? Well I'll tell you off the record, it ISN'T Chris Jericho or Jeff Hardy... (cough, cough) John Cena... (cough, cough).

My second, unfortunate, victim is my best friend of like forever Amy Dumas... I know what you're thinking, "Damn, she really does need help..." Well you're right, when it comes to dating Amy is well... Inexperienced? Or shall I say, naive? That may just be putting it lightly. As long as I've known Amy, men have hit on her and she either slaps them or even threatens that they will never be able to reproduce -ever. The only guy that I know that has a 'love interest' in my Stanford friend is... (hint, hint) Randy Orton... (hint, hint).

So now you know a little too much, don't you? Well unless I wish to take any chances I should probably burn you. Why? Cause I have two of the nosiest friends on earth! Friends being Amy and Trish... Now doesn't that just sound odd coming from my mouth? Nosey is the word used to describe me most of the time.

Yet here I am planning yet another matchmaker plot! However, I do feel bad for the guys... That's always a must when it comes to Miss. Picky-little-brat (Trish) and Miss. Bad-tempered-bitch (Amy). I realize that I may be cruel, but you should hear the crap they say about me! This is nothing comparing to what they say...

I am nosey, organized, annoying, talkative, moody, and bitchy. The last two are expected when you're pregnant, so there - I have a good excuse to be moody and bitchy. Amy and Trish do not. Therefore, I win. They lose. Sometimes I wonder if Amy was born pregnant, because she's always moody and bitchy.

Anyhow, onto more important things... Like how am I, Dawn Marie, suppose to trick these four into falling head over heals for each other? Well I can use Jason and Adam to help me on that part. Jason is my husband and Adam is one of my good friends. Both also want to see Amy and Trish happy. Even if happy means to be with John and Randy.

Don't tell Jay, but I think they're totally hot and if I weren't married to him I'd go for one of them myself! However, I am married and also pregnant. So um, yeah, that isn't an option. So if I can't have them... Them my friends can! My hopes are that they're all together by the end of this month! Yes this month!

Well I've got to go... Trish and Amy are complaining that we need to meet the guys - Jason, Adam, Chris, Randy and John - in a bit.

"Damnit Dawn! Hurry your fat ass up!" Trish yelled from the door way as she offered John and Randy a smile.

"Damn woman... You're cruel." John stated.

"Well you have to be when your friend is five months pregnant and is like a balloon." Amy replied.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever... Jus' tell her to hurry up... I'm hungry." John complained.

"You're always hungry." Randy declared.

"Not always... If you want to see someone who's always hungry just look at Big Show..." John announced.

"You're very lucky he ain't here... Such a shame, though. I was hopin' to see Cena-kill." Amy teased.

"'An I was hopin' to see some skin, but did I get that? No, I didn't." John replied with a grin.

"This ain't enough skin for y'all? You want me to head back in and strip off my pants and shirt and go in just underwear?" Amy asked.

John licked his lips and said, "I don't think I'd mind that too much."

"Dream on..." Amy mumbled before crossing her arms as if to 'protect' herself from John.

"Okay, I'll dream 'bout ya." John stated.

"Guys, please, keep the flirting to a minimum, okay?" Trish pleaded.

"He started it..." Amy protested.

"No you're the one who offered to strip down to nothin' but your underwear for me... That was very nice of ya, I don't believe I thanked ya for that offer." John declared.

"You didn't, and I don't want you to." Amy replied coldly.

"DAWN?" Trish yelled as she grew even more impatient.

"Hold your horses..." Dawn mumbled as she tried to reposition her purse on her shoulder.

"It took ya that long to pick out a fuckin' purse?" Amy sneered.

"That's exactly what you had on before... What took you so long?" Trish complained.

"Well if you must know, I had get rid of my lunch." Dawn replied.

"As in what? You threw up or you had to use the bathroom?" Amy asked.

"I think I'll choose option A... And that's my final answer." Dawn declared.

"Don't get smart on me! You look forever to get ready!" Amy snapped.

"Yeah let's just be very happy Amy ain't pregnant." John commented.

"'An why do we need to be happy?" Amy sneered.

"Because Dawn's moody and bitchy, she's normally never like that. You're always moody and bitchy, you'd make up a new emotion that is worse than that." John replied.

"If you wish to keep your life or your reproductive organs than you better shut up right now." Amy threatened.

"Now what fun would that be? Anyhow don't we need them for later?" John asked.

"We don't, but you do." Amy hissed.

Shortly after the group grew quiet, courtesy of Amy and John, Trish pressed the elevator button. They waited until the doors opened then stepped on, in a bitter silence. John scratched the back of his neck as the doors closed.

"Sorry that I was an asshole…" John mumbled.

"What? I don't think I caught that… Say that again." Amy teased.

"Sorry I was such an asshole before." John replied, this time louder.

Amy grinned in satisfaction as she watched the doors reopen. They all stepped off and headed for the hotel lobby where Jason and Adam were waiting with two cabs.

"Hey baby…" Jason greeted as he kissed his wife.

"Hey… You all ready?" Dawn asked as she sent a glance back to John and Amy.

"Yeah… Why wouldn't we be?" Amy snapped.

"No reason…" Dawn declared.

"What'd they get in another 'fight'?" Adam questioned with a grin.

"Oh you know us sooo well…" John stated coldly.

"Hey I'm just saying, that's all you two do is fight." Adam replied as he held his hands up in defense.

In the first cab Dawn and Jason took the backseat while Adam took the front. The second cab John, Amy and Randy took the backseat and Trish sat in the front. Trish turned so that she could watch the three, as if they were children and needed to be watched 24/7.

John chuckled and said, "Mom, we don't need to be watched."

Trish stuck out her tongue and then faced forward and watched the cab ahead of them in silence. Randy shot John a glance then looked at Amy, who was picking at whatever was under her nails. John let out a sigh and then cracked his neck.

"Don't do that…" Amy ordered.

"Mommy, I thought you hated me… Why are you talkin' to me now?" John asked.

"Cause you're annoyin' me and breakin' my focus." Amy replied.

"On what? Your nails?" Randy questioned.

"Do you wish to receive a silent treatment as well, or do you have more brains than Cena over here?" Amy snapped as she gestured to John.

"Actually his brains, along with mine, were fried because you talked 'bout shit all the time." John stated coldly.

"So I guess now talkin' 'bout rap all the time is better than talkin' 'bout life and guys I think are assholes… Like Hunter and Bitchoff?" Amy sneered.

"No I can do with that shit, but what's your problem with rap?" John asked.

"You like it, I don't like you… Therefore I must hate it cause you like it!" Amy declared.

"You're a bitch you know that?" John questioned.

"Wow, you must think you're the first to say that?" Amy hissed.

"No, I know others have said it before… Just makin' sure you were reminded every so often." John announced.

"Well thank you for the reminder, jackass." Amy stated cruelly.

"You've been hangin' around Jericho too much." John commented before the cab grew silent.

Once they arrived at the restaurant, not that anyone found it shocking, but Amy started complaining. They ignored her complains and headed into the restaurant.

"Hey at least it ain't fancy… Than I'd get to see some skin… Meanin' you'd be in a dress." John stated.

"Rub it in why don't ya?" Amy mumbled.

"Haven't I already?" John asked.

Amy ignored him and followed Dawn and Jason over to the table where she was forced to sit in between John and Randy.

"Why me? Why not Dawn?" Amy questioned.

"Cause Dawn is pregnant… Plus you love John!" Trish replied.

"I do not love John… If anything I despise him." Amy declared.

"Get over it so we can eat." Dawn snapped as she looked at the menu.

"Bitch…" Amy mumbled under her breath.

"She's nothing compared to you…" John announced.

"You have a death wish, don't you?" Amy snapped.

Dawn gave Amy a dirty look as if to say, 'enough'. Amy stopped and looked over the menu. John grew silent as he too looked over the menu.

"We may as well have gone to McDonalds for this crap." Amy commented.

"Well McDonalds is fattening and disgusting." Dawn replied.

"'An this is comin' from a pregnant woman." Amy declared as she shook her head.

"You better watch yourself… I have connections." Dawn warned.

"As in what? You can hire people to beat me up? All I can say is you'd never do that Dawn…" Amy stated.

"Watch me." Dawn announced before Amy grew silent.

Dawn ordered more than everyone, except John, who, as he said, was starving. Trish, Adam, Jason and Amy ordered enough for their standards. While Randy ordered a little less than Dawn. They sat there and awaited their drinks and food to arrive. Before long their drinks arrived and their food was still being made. Dawn and John waited impatiently as Amy cracked her knuckles.

"What are you warmin' up for when you're gonna beat me up?" John asked.

"Why are you always startin' shit with me?" Amy snapped.

"Just tryin' to make conversation."

"More like a fight." Amy replied coldly.

"Well sorry…" John mumbled.

"Children… Behave! How many times do I need to tell you? If you fight I won't take you out in public ever again!" Adam reminded.

"Yeah okay, that'd be more of a gift than a punishment." Amy announced.

"As much as I hate to do this… But I'm with her on this one." John agreed.

"Hell must have frozen over." Randy commented.

"Or otherwise they have become human." Jason replied.

"Very funny…" John muttered.

"I sure thought so." Adam declared.

"You think Star Wars is funny." Amy reminded.

"And it is…" Adam stated.

"Yeah okay…" Amy mumbled.

"It is…"


"Is too!"

"Now who's actin' like children?" John teased.

"Adam…" Amy replied.

"How about we just wait in peace?" Trish asked.

"Fine by me…" Amy mumbled before falling silent.

Shortly they stopped talking their food arrived. Luckily they all stayed quiet and had a some-what peacefully meal. Here and there Amy and John would exchange a few words, unkind words may I add. Someone would be forced to warn the two then they would once again become silent.

To Be Continued…

So what do you think? This is my way of getting "over" writers block… Lol… Hope you liked it cuz I'm gonna continue it anyway…