Love, Lust & Passion

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By now you'd figure that the group was well on their way to Carolina, but their luck seemed to have gone bad. They found themselves at a repair shop once more. Chris and Adam had fallen asleep in the diner that was connected to the shop, while Amy and John had to assure the waitress that they just had a long night. Dawn eyed the two curiously.

"So... What time did you all get to bed?" Dawn asked.

"Chris and Adam got more sleep then us..." John stated.

"How are you two able to stay up?" Jason questioned.

"Easy... Coffee." Amy replied, glaring at the cup in her hand.

"You still haven't answered my question..." Dawn pointed out.

"We never went to bed, Dawn." Amy snapped.

"Seriously, Ames, you need to sleep... You act like you have PMS when you don't." Trish commented.

"Bitch.." Amy mumbled.

"Excuse me?" Trish asked, eyes narrowing at the redhead before her.

"And John always has PMS..." Randy stated, changing the subject.

"What? Man, you're trippin'." John exclaimed.

"But you do act like you have PMS..." Amy replied.

"Dude, what happened to not gettin' on my back?" John questioned.

"So I lied... Like you were going to stop hitting on me anyway..." Amy stated.

"I was, but now... Now I'm not." John said with a smirk.

"Oh whatever..." Amy mumbled, waving him off.

"I'm going to see if the car's fixed." Jason stated.

"I'm going with you." Dawn exclaimed before sliding out of the booth.

Once Jason and Dawn left, the four fell silent. Trish and Randy glared at the other two as they all fell silent.

"Want to go for a walk?" Trish asked.

"Who me?" Randy questioned, pointing to himself.

"No I was talking to the ketchup bottle..." Trish replied.

"Really, now?" John teased.

"You just keep staring at your stupid coffee!" Trish snapped.

"Sure Trish. Let's leave these two alone. Maybe when we get back they won't be so uptight." Randy stated.

"Bite me." Amy hissed.

"I'd be glad to." John replied.

"Okay, we're leaving now." Trish declared before standing up.

Randy nodded and followed the blonde out the door.

"Come on..." Amy complained, hitting her head on the table.

John's hand went to her back, she sat back up and sighed.

"You okay?" John asked.

"Yeah..." Amy replied. "Just tired."

John laughed, "Well that's expected. You stayed up all night."

"Ch, thanks to you." Amy mumbled.

John rolled his eyes, however before he could reply, she spoke again.

"Why are you still touching me anyway?" Amy asked.

John raised an eyebrow at her question, smirking slightly as he did so.

"Because I want to?"

Amy rolled her eyes at him before pulling away from him, his hand quickly went to her neck and pulled her close, their lips clashing together quickly. For a moment she struggled, but stopped as the kiss deepened. Once the kiss deepened his hand slowly slid down to her lower back and then slid up her shirt. Her hand quickly connected with his left cheek, causing the kiss to break.

"What the fuck!" John exclaimed, holding his cheek.

"Don't ever do that again!" Amy warned.

"You kissed me back!" John stated.

"So! Doesn't mean I liked it!" Amy snapped.

"Yes... It does..." John declared.

"No! It doesn't! I didn't ask you to kiss me, now did I?" Amy hissed.

"You were like totally sending me signals!" John exclaimed.

"Signals!" Amy repeated in disbelief. "What? Where did you get that idea?"

"You were, ah... Coming onto me?" John offered.

"You don't even know? Seriously, John just stay away from me." Amy warned before getting out of the booth.

John watched the redhead exit the restaurant, trying to think of something he could say to make her 'happy' with him again. Of course she wasn't happy with him before, but now she definetly wasn't close to being happy with him. He let out a sigh before he purposely hit his head on the table. A near-by waitress shook her head as she came to the table.

"You know, if you would just be nice to her... Maybe she'd like you back." The waitress commented.

"What? I don't--" John started.

"Don't what? Like her? It's obvious, and I don't even know you." The waitress interrupted.

"So what do you suggest I do?" John asked, not truly caring for her opinion.

"Go after her and tell her how you really feel." The waitress replied.

With that said the waitress left, feeling that she possibly done a good thing today. John bit his lower lip before his quickly got out of the booth and ran out of the restaurant. By the time he left the resturant she was walking out to the road. Without thinking he ran after her and called her name as he did so. She turned and the second she saw him she shook her head and looked forward, not bothering to stop to wait for him. Finally he caught up to her.

"Can you let me explain myself?" He asked as he walked behind her.

"NO!" She snapped.

He sighed before he grabbed her wrist and pulled her so that she turned to him.

"What John? What is there to explain?" She hissed.

"I... I wanted to say... I'm sorry... I... I don't know what came over me..." He insisted.

"That's what you needed to say? Is that you're sorry? What I want is a reason for the way you've been acting...!" She yelled.

As a tear rolled down her cheek she looked around the expanded gravel parking lot, a few people were staring at them.

"God, Amy! Do you need to be such a bitch to me? I said sorry and now you want an explanation for the way I am?" He snapped.

She shook her head, "See this is exactly why I don't want to be by you! You keep acting as if I'm out to hurt you or I'm purposely being a bitch! Why should I bother to listen if you're just going to give me shit?"

She turned away from him, however he quickly followed after.

"Fine... I'll tell you... But promise not to judge." He warned.

"Judge? Why would I judge?" She questioned.

"I'm just telling you ahead of time..." He replied.

She sighed and crossed her arms, "Okay... I won't judge."

He stared at the gravel for a moment, then he looked up at her face.

"I... I love you..." He mumbled.

"What?" She asked.

"I love you." He said once more, louder.

"I heard what you said... But what are you talking about? You love... me?" She questioned.

"Yeah, I love you... I have for a while now..." He replied.

She didn't say a word, she tried to take in what she had just heard, however it was pretty hard to do when she had no clue what she could even say to that.

"If you don't love me back, that's fine... I don't need you to love me back..." He added.

She looked into his eyes, as if to search for truth in his eyes. Slowly she studied the expression on his face.

"Will you please say something--" He started, however he was cut off...

Cut off by a kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck and his arms wrapped around her waist. The kiss quickly deepened and those who were watching were all smiles.

"See, I told you it'd work." Randy stated.

"Oh shut up..." Trish replied, hitting his arm lightly.

"You're just mad that your plan was too stupid to work." Randy teased.

"Whatever, Randy." Trish mumbled, shaking her head.

"Guys, just stop talking. It was a good plan Randy." Dawn interrupted.

"Thank you." Randy replied, before his stuck his tongue out at Trish.

"You keep being a child and I'll treat you like a child." Trish warned.

Jason laughed as Randy stopped talking instantly. The four watching the two pull apart slightly. They quickly turned as they heard the restaurant door shut.

"Wow..." Chris and Adam commented as they saw the two.

"I know... It's like the forth of July." Trish teased.

"No, not as pretty..." Chris replied, however he got slapped by Trish for his humor.

"I wonder if Dora The Explorer will have Dora and Boots make out..." Adam mumbled.

Everyone glared at him and shook their heads, coincidently a five year old kid was walking past with his mom.

"Dora and Boots can't make out! Boots is a monkey!" The kid stated.

Adam glared at the kid, who started to walk in the restaurant after his mother, along with the rest of the group.

"Wow, what are the odds a five year old has more brains than Adam?" Chris asked.

"Shut up Chris!" Adam snapped.

"Whatever monkey boy..." Chris mumbled.

The End...

Where The Are Now... (A Year Later)

Amy & John - Are dating and John's going to propose soon...!

Dawn & Jason - Had a baby girl, they named her Kimberly. I don't know why, but it's better than Dora, right?

Trish & Randy - Haha, they've like been together since the beginning of the story (just so you know). They're married and soon plan on having a baby. And they already warned Adam that they refuse to name the baby Dora or Boots.

Chris Jericho - Is dating Torrie Wilson (yay for him) and still makes fun of Adam for watching Dora The Explorer.

The Waitress - Still works at a restaurant and still gives people random, normally bad, advice.

Jeff Hardy - Still works in TNA and still lives in N.C. What more can I say?

Victoria & Tyson - Are married and still throw random parties at Jeff's. Victoria's announcement was that she was pregnant; so they have a baby together...

The Car - Is still a car, however it's just in a bunch of pieces... Jeff crashed it into a tree for some reason, no one was hurt, except the tree and the car.

And Finally...

Adam - Still obsessed with Dora and he did wind up having a Dora themed party... No one showed except a bunch of five year olds... He now has a bunch of six year old friends... Sadly...

Author's Final Note: Yeah, I know, I ended it! Originally I planned to make it maybe three more chapters, but then I realized that there was no reason to wait so I ended it... I hope no one hates me and I hope you don't throw fruit at me for the ending... THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEWS! REVIEW NOW OR ELSE! LOL, J/K. But Still... Review!