Lizzie knocked softly on Gordo's bedroom door. After a minute he shouted for her to come in and she entered nervously. Gordo was sitting at the computer and had obviously been messaging someone.

"Could I talk to you for a minute? Please." Lizzie asked Gordo.

He nodded and pulled her up a seat.

"Your mum said something…She said something about you and Linzi leaving next Friday. What is she talking about?" Lizzie asked looking straight at Gordo.

"She told you? What else did she say?" Gordo asked.

"Nothing. She just said I should talk to you about it." Lizzie replied.

Lizzie noticed that Gordo didn't seem in the slightest upset and this upset her slightly.

"Why did you split up with me Gordo?" Lizzie asked.

"Because I don't want a relationship with you. I just want to be friends." Gordo answered bluntly.

"Are you…are you and Linzi a couple?" Lizzie asked.

"No!" Gordo answered. "You think I'm some sort of two timing jerk? Let me tell you I'm not."

"I never said that. I just don't understand, Gordo." Lizzie replied.

"What is there to understand? Me and you are just friends. Linzi and I are just friends and we're leaving for England next Friday. A guy from a film school over there saw my movie and has offered us places at his school. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. So there you go." Gordo finished turning away from Lizzie.

"England? Gordo that's the other side of the world. How long are you going for?" Lizzie asked trying to stay calm.

"I leave next Friday. I'll be home for Christmas and stuff." Gordo said, looking at the computer screen.

Lizzie looked over his shoulder and saw he had a conversation with Linzi open. Lizzie's eyes filled with tears when she read Linzi's latest message.

Linzi: Thank you for finishing with Lizzie. It means we are free to be together. And we'll be in England together so she won't mind.

Lizzie turned and ran from the room. She ran downstairs crying and out into the night. She finally stopped at the Gordon's wall and sat down and cried. She felt raindrops on her head but she didn't care. Mrs Gordon watched from the window. She folded her arms and looked towards the ceiling as if she could see Gordo. Upstairs Gordo was also watching Lizzie. He put his hand on the glass. Lizzie eventually stood up and turned round to enter the house again. Gordo retreated from the window and went back to the computer.