A bowshot from the ocean waves,

Where songs of mermen stir the air,

A green and scarlet banner waves

From pinnacles of gold.

And thrones of marble glitter there,

Agleam with stones from secret caves,

For four they are, and wrought with care,

From prophesies of old.


A party rides upon the sands,

Their leader trails a sapphire train,

Her mount is swift beneath her hands,

Her arrows sharp and keen.

Her eyes are blue as summer rain,

The bravest maid in all the lands,

With hair as gold as lion's mane,

'Tis Lucy—Warrior Queen!


Her brother's name is widely known,

From Harfang to the southern towns,

And mercy he has often shown,

With penance in his eyes.

The convict trembles at his frowns,

His message-birds are nightly flown,

The law and sceptre of the crowns,

King Edmund—called the Wise.


The palace court is daily graced,

By Susan of the raven hair.

Whose features many eyes have traced,

And thought her chosen blest.

Her mouth is red; her skin is fair,

Her silken gowns are silver-laced,

And no free man will gladly share,

The Beauty of the West.


But what of Peter, Highest King,

Whose fleets are decked with flowing sails?

Of him the northern minstrels sing,

A swordsman unsurpassed.

His loyal army never fails,

Morale to raise, or peace to bring,

And while from Paravel he hails,

The Golden Age shall last.


A bowshot from the ocean waves,

Where sunshine dries a lion's tears,

And children change a land of slaves,

To heroes brave and bold.

Their valour every ally cheers,

And evil ne'er their anger braves

And ever for a thousand years,

Their legends will be told.

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