Come Away

O come away, my love, and sail,

The sands and not the sea.

Leave the horses to their graze,

And till the end of all our days,

Drink crimson wine with me.

This land of woods and demon-gods,

Was never meant for you.

You should be dressed in gems and silk,

And bathed in baths of Asses milk,

Not frosty rivers blue.


O leave me be, my lord, and keep,

Your cities built of stone.

Where merriment is slight to none,

And at the point of rising sun,

The dusty flower moans.

Pray leave me to my lighter halls,

And dances 'neath the sky.

With youth and spirit hand in hand,

A green and golden wonderland,

A living lullaby.


O come away, my darling one,

To wisdom's sage abode.

I know the words of secrecy,

So come away and learn from me!

I'd teach you as we rode.

The keys to health and lasting youth,

Are hidden in our halls.

Unlock the bonds of simple days,

And walk the new, untrodden ways,

'Tis there your future falls!


O leave me be, my friend, and save,

Your foolish magic keys.

I seek to touch the eagle's wing,

And learn the songs the merfolk sing,

And what know you of these?

For I have witnessed death defied,

And heard a lion's roar.

If simple be my way of life,

Then choose another for your wife,

And leave me as before.


O come away, my hearts desire,

And bless me with your light.

I cannot live without your grace,

I seek no other in your place,

The spring of my delight.

For never in my sheltered life,

Have I once felt such bliss.

Forget your lands of northern snow,

And follow one who loves you so,

I ask you only this.


O leave me be, my dear, and let

Me think on this alone.

My soul is this enchanted land,

And if I pledge to you my hand,

Will I not lose my throne?

O, Narnia, I'd miss it so…

My love for you is blind...

O come away...

I'll come away...

But leave my heart behind...

A/N: Hmm…I don't know about bits of this…but I've been working at it for a few days now and I couldn't think of any better rhymes. Suggestions are welcome.

For those of you who didn't realise (coughhaven't read the bookscough) this is between Susan and Rabadash, when he tries to persuade her to come to Calormen with him. Not strictly Canon, I know, because technically Susan wasn't promising to marry Rabadash when she came to his city, but it kind of worked in with the vibe of the poem. What did you think?