Next to Sonic, I think Fox McCloud rocks hard! Enough that his franchise deserves sequels that come sooner, and a series wouldn't be so bad, sort of. Donkey Kong had one, so Fox should too! Anyway, all the romance fics are either too distracted from the point or lack details sometimes, aside from a select few. The story will have action mind you, but it mostly focuses on the relationship between Fox and Krystal. I wish there was more recent game to work with for details and stuff, but we'll just have to wait. Anyway, enjoy the date with Fox and Krystal. I hope the romance fic professionals think this story is good, if they even read it.

The scenario is six months after the aparoids, and good ol' Fox and his crew will be landing at Corneria to spend some vacation time at the team's house for when they dock.

And so the fun begins……….