Well, it's me again, and this is going to be another multi-chaptered fic. To any of you who have read my stuff before, you'll know what that means. Otherwise, it means there will be angst. Veritable bucketloads of it. And then, maybe, I might let all the poor characters have a happy ending. Or, I might not. Like it says in the summary, this fic is about Rei being kidnapped. And a lot of it ain't pretty.

I'll stop waffling now and let you get on with the first chapter.

Rei smiled as Tyson bounced around, posing for the cameras, following at a more peaceful pace with Kai, Kenny and Max. They'd been invited to some big press launch of something or other, and of course Tyson had never been one to turn down free food so he'd signed them all up to go. Rei wasn't complaining. It meant he got to see Kai all dressed up. And all dressed up he was- black shirt, black trousers, and none of that smudgy face paint...

"Your sash is unwinding." Commented said stoic Russian. Rei smiled and re-tied the thin blue strip tightly.

"Thanks." Kai gave a grunt in reply as they were swept into a richly decorated entrance hall, along a red carpet, and into a grand hall full of tables and with a large stage at one end. "Wow, it's really nice in here, don't you think, Kai?"


Rei sighed. Kai was just so hard to talk to sometimes... "What do you think the entertainment's going to be?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Asked Kai sharply as they sat down. Rei, to his pleasure, found himself sitting between Kenny and Kai. At least Kenny was always willing to talk... "So have you thought any more about that new attack ring for Driger, chief?" And then Rei had an excuse to sit there and nod while Kenny went into an in-depth description of his plans for the beyblades of the whole team.

When Kenny had finished explaining, Rei turned to Kai. The Russian was sitting with his arms folded and his eyes closed, a disapproving expression on his face. "Kai? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"You look tired." Kai opened his eyes and glared.

"Just because I close my eyes doesn't mean I'm tired." Rei sighed again.

"Kai, you have bags under your eyes and you were yawning all the way here."


"Kai-" Rei's reply was cut off by some strange man standing up and starting to speak about fostering international relationships and such. Rei switched off entirely and looked over at Kai. The lights had dimmed, casting dark shadows over the older boy's face, and...he was asleep! Rei stifled a laugh and shook him gently. Kai's eyes shot open and his hand reached out and grabbed Rei's automatically, twisting it back. Rei winced and yanked his hand away, deciding that if Kai was going to be so utterly horrible there was no point trying to be nice to him. Or not for a while, anyway...

After the fancy three-course meal had been served and Tyson had pigged himself out on everyone else's leftovers, they were left to talk among themselves. Kenny was absorbed in talking to Emily on his other side, so that left Kai. And the poisonous look on Kai's face was enough to tell him that Kai wasn't in the mood for conversation. Still, he tried. "So...what did you think of the food?"

"It was fine."

"What about the waiter?"


"Was anything -not- fine?"

"Being asked pointless and ridiculous questions." Rei shook his head.

"Ouch. Subtle. Maybe the U-bend'll make better conversation than you, huh?"

"Perhaps." Kai stood to let Rei out, and Rei left the room, casting a glance back over his shoulder at the already-snoozing Russian he was leaving behind. He sneaked through the grand corridors alone, following the signs for the toilets carefully. After what seemed like miles of plush blue carpet, he found them. He pushed the door open with a tentative hand, and gasped. The toilets were like some kind of mini-palace...were those -crystal- urinals? Surely not...but they looked that way. Rei looked around the room wonderingly as he used the aforementioned urinal, eyes taking in the ornate skirting rails and carved cubicle doors. When he was done, he allowed himself the luxury of playing with the polished silver taps, turning them on and off in bursts.

Later he would regret that...would regret the sound of hissing water masking the footsteps that crept up behind him...

Someone grabbed him from behind and clamped a hand over his mouth to stop him screaming. He looked into the mirror and saw a large figure in black and wearing a balaclava behind him. Then something heavy smashed into his head and the world went black.

"Hey Kai, where's Rei? He's been gone ages!" Kai looked up at Kenny, still half-asleep.

"He went to the toilet."

"Yeah, but he's been gone almost an hour..." Kai checked his watch, and felt paranoia rush into his mind. Something was wrong... He stood up abruptly.

"I'll go and find him." He walked out of the room at a sedate pace, then ran as soon as he was sure no-one could see him, pelting along the corridors to the toilets. He shoved the door open and ran inside, panting slightly. "Rei?" No-one answered, so Kai looked around more carefully. And there...on the floor… Kai swallowed hard and picked up Rei's sash. It had obviously caught on some of the ornate sculpting of the sink base. And...Tucked behind the tap, a note...

I have taken Rei, because he belongs to me and he is mine. You won't see him again. Don't look for him or I'll kill him. He's mine now, and I'll make him love me. You didn't deserve him, any of you in that hall. He's too beautiful.

Kai looked down at the scribbled note in shock and horror, half expecting Rei to leap out of one of the cubicles and surprise him, but no. He checked to make sure, starting at the closest one to him of the four in the room. He pushed open the door, and...nothing. Next one...nothing...and nothing for the other two either.

He took a deep breath and set off back to the main hall, the ribbon sash and the note clenched tightly in his hand. Instead of rejoining his table he walked straight up to the raised table reserved for the important people. He strode over to Mr. Dickenson, who was sitting at the end, and deposited what he had found solemnly on the table.


"I found them in the toilets, Mr. D. Read the note." Mr. Dickenson did so, mouth dropping open as he finished reading.

"How long was he in the toilets for?"

"About an hour before we realised..."

"Then this is serious. Very serious indeed. Rei could be halfway to anywhere by now..."

"Rei? Rei, wake up, honey..." Rei groaned and rolled over, head pounding. A hand shook him gently, then roughly. "Get up!"

"What? What time is it? Wh..." He stopped short, opening his eyes and sitting up. There was a man hovering over him...and he wasn't in his own bed...and he wasn't in his own room... "Wh-Where am I? What's going on? Who are you?"

The man smiled, his wide features bright. Too bright. "I'm Brad. And you're in my flat, babes. It's where you're going to live from now on." Rei blinked. This man, despite his rugged good looks and thick mop of dark hair, was obviously deranged.

"But I have to go home, Brad. To the Bladebreakers." Rei said quietly. Brad snarled.

"You're staying here, so I can make you love me!" Rei stared up at him, gobsmacked. He looked to be about thirty five years old, and he was leaning over the bed familiarly, in a way that made Rei very uncomfortable. "Now get up, baby, and make me some dinner. And then we can have sex..." Brad's eyes glittered. "And then maybe I'll let you take a shower with me."

"E-Excuse me?"

"You love me, don't you?"

"I don't even know you...look, you're obviously mistaking me for someone else-"

"Rei Kon formerly of the White Tigers now of the Bladebreakers bitbeast Driger which was given to you over all the others in your village you're from China and you're part cat and you're too beautiful for those damn Bladebreakers!" Said Brad quickly, all in one breath. Rei stared. Was it possible for someone this insane to be real?

"You...um...know a lot about me, huh? You're...a fan?"

"A fan? No. I'm your best fan! Your best fan because I love you and I'm going to make you love me." Rei took a deep breath.

"I'd like to go home, Brad. Now."

Brad moved suddenly, backhanding Rei across the cheek and sending him sprawling against the chipped, flaking walls. The neko-jin raised his hand to feel his smarting cheek, mouth open in utter, stark shock. "W-What-?"

"You're not allowed to leave!" Brad raised his hand again and Rei moved away slightly, nodding.

"Right, okay, I get it. You don't want me to leave..."

Next chapter: Brad continues to be a horrible pervert, Kai lashes out at Tyson, and Rei prays.

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