Cyber Babe

Anonymous D. Disclosure

Chapter 1

WARNING: This story is not a happy one to tell. If you looking

for a story that ends in 'happily ever after' I advise

you to check someone else's World Journal.


Account #: 477198231784

Pin Name: Cherry Blossom

Date: January 30th, 2005

Title: How it started

Comments: Life was never perfect for me, but things have gotten from bad to worse. Now eighteen and a senior in high school I've decided that life isn't worth living. Since I was five years old I've lived in an orphanage. Till I was ten years old I was moved around from foster home to foster home. None of them seemed to want me, and the only few that did, either had a problem arise, or had a problem solved, in which case they didn't need me anymore. Till now I was living in an orphanage, and it seemed that wherever I went I was reminded or that. Now eighteen and an adult, they kicked me out, saying they had enough on their hands to worry about., and since I'm an adult I can take care of myself now. I'm now sharing an apartment with Meiling, she's twenty and is in a situation like me, but the difference is that she's come to accept herself for what and who she is.

Now being on my own I have to make a living. Unfortunately for me a lot of jobs won't take me for my looks, my clothes, and speech. Getting not enough money from fast food restaurants I ended up taking a part-time job where Meiling works. She used to be a stripper in her desperate days, but now she has gone to something . . . less provocative, a sex line. She was the one who helped me get a job there. Two days later I was fired, they said I just wasn't able to give my customers their money's worth. But being a nice guy the manager hooked me up with a friend who owned an online sex service. I was given a code name, which I was able to choose. I chose Cherry Blossom; it was my favorite flower. But even something so sweet and beautiful way interpured disgustingly by some men.I was better at this than the sex line though. Because I didn't have to speak, men never herd the disgust in my voice. I feel pretty degraded having this job, not to mention it doesn't pay that well. But I guess I haven't gone as far as becoming a striper.

My name is Sakura, and this is the journal of my life.

"Hey Sakura, want this one?"Tomoyo asks, she's a great friend of mine at this job, and gives me lots of tips.

"Sure," the way this system works was that the clients would have to pay a $20 fee for entering the hotline. They either picked one of the logged on users, or click random, where one of us would volunteer. And from there they get charged $20 an hour which is given to us. And if our client is satisfied then they wouldput in a tip. As you probably guessed I didn't get many tips. And of course there are our monthly payments. This guy's name was Hot Shot. Probably just some curious teen.

--No refunds--

Cherry Blossom says: Hello Hot Shot

Hot Shot says: Hey sexy

Cherry Blossom says: What type are you?

Hot Shot says: Huh?

Defiantly a curious teen

Cherry Blossom says: What type of sex are you?

Hot Shot says: Male

Hot Shot says: You're a girl right?

Wow this guy knows nothing about cyber sex

Cherry Blossom says: Hun, how old are you?

Hot Shot says: Twenty

Cherry Blossom says: You're a very bad liar, please come back when you know what you're doing

Hot Shot says: I know what I'm doing.

Cherry Blossom says: Then why don't you know what I'm talking about when I say what sex are you?

Hot Shot says: Because I usually use sex lines

Cherry Blossom says: I'm sure babe, but I'll play it your way

Cherry Blossom says: It means how do you like your sex

Hot Shot says: what do you mean

This guys is hopeless

Cherry Blossom says: What kind of mood

Hot Shot says: I still don't get you

Get a clue man!

Cherry Blossom says: I'm sorry sir but I can't possibly help you out if you don't intend to participate

Hot Shot says: Why don't you just give me the usual

Cherry Blossom says: The usual? Everyone likes theirs different. There is no, as you put it, usual

Cherry Blossom says: Your receipt will be given to you after you have exited the convo

Cherry Blossom says: Thank you for choosing Rofuel's Cyber Sex Line, we appreciate your service

Cherry Blossom says: Bye kid

-- Cherry Blossom as exited conversation—

I proba bly didn't even get $5 out of that one. Kids never know what's happening; you never get anything out of them. But I feel good saving that kid from embarrassing himself in front of his friends who I'm almost positive were watching him. The good thing about this job is that if chosen we can work at home. Which unfortunately for me I can't seeing as I don't have a computer at home. And you also have the choice to long on and off whenever preferred.

Which is good for me. Seeing has its 11:00 pm and I have to get home to get up early tomorrow for school.

-- Cherry Blossom has logged off--