Deadly Obsession

A Fruits Basket Fanfic

Author: PyrokineticFeral

Genre: Humor/Romance/Angst/
Rating: R for language and suggested sexual content

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Fruits Basket. I do however own Korosu and Kaze Sohma.

Authors Note: Pardon any OOC-ness that might be present in the story. This was one that I worked on in the wee hours of the morning.

Summary: It's been two month's since Akito finally passed away, and the new head of the family has stepped up. He plans on ruling the head of the family with an iron fist, and Tohru's going to help him.

I've always been considered inferior, no matter what I did, I never got any attention or what I wanted, and it was all that Damn Akito's fault. He kept me away...just because I wasn't one of of the cursed. He thought I was weak, pathetic...but he was the one that was weak. He gave in to that stupid girl. He let her win. With me, she won't be so lucky.



What God says, Goes.

"Tohru, everything smells so delicious!" Momiji exclaimed happily as he entered the kitchen, bouncing lightly with excitement. "Kaze is going to love it!". He ran forward, ready to hug Tohru, but was stopped by a punch to the head from Kyo. The bunny whined as he bumped into the wall and hit his head. "Stop it Kyo! I just wanted to give Tohru a hug! Just because you're scared of girls doesn't mean I have to be!"

"Oh I'm sure that's not it. He's just-" Tohru began speaking with a nervous laugh, trying to prevent an argument from taking place. She was already nervous enough as it is about meeting the new head of the family. She wondered if he was anything like Akito.

Akito... She closed her eyes for a moment as memories of the former head flashed through his mind. She missed him so much, and not a day went by that she didn't think of him. She made a habit of visiting his grave site every other Sunday, to talk to him. For her mother, she had a picture to carry around, and she was able to talk to her mother that way, but for Akito, there had been no picture, so she settled for visiting his grave site. She'd tell him about how the family was doing…and how much they all missed him…

"I'll show you whose afraid of what you little brat!" Kyo shouted as he prepared to pounce on Momiji. "Come here!" He jumped from the chair, his hands balled into fists. Momiji however, not wanting to get hit again, dodged to the side, hiding behind Tohru.

Kyo landed in a crouching position, glaring back at Momiji before leaving the kitchen in a storm.

Tohru blinked as she tightened her grip around the spatula. She was positive that Kyo had been ready to take her down just to get Momiji...and she had been afraid of falling over and knocking one of the pots on the stove over.

There had definetly been a lot more accidents in the house since Momiji had moved in for the next couple of months, while his fathers house was being renovated. Ritsu had been staying there for a few days as well, just to visit family. Haru stuck around since Yuki was always there. Tohru was sure it wouldn't be long before the other zodiacs moved in as well.

"Tohru are you okay?" Momiji asked, looking up at her. "You look kind of nervous. Is this about Kaze?" he asked lightly.

Tohru looked down at Momiji, nodding slightly. She was nervous about meeting the new heard of the family. She wondered if he would be anything like Akito. Would he try to keep the zodiacs under lock and key? "Can you tell me about him, Momiji?" she asked as she began to set a different part of the meal in each bowl.

"He's just a baby, Tohru. There's nothing to worry about" Shigure replied, leaning against the frame of the kitchen entrance, grinning slightly, "besides, how could anyone not like my beautiful little house wife?"

Tohru expected Kyo to pop out from some random corner to yell at Shigure, but instead, it was Yuki who appeared. "Hello Miss Honda" he greeted with a small smile. He nodded a greeting to Shigure and Momiji as well. "Something in here smells delicious". He approached the stove, peering in on the few pots and pans that sat there. "You've really outdone yourself" Yuki smiled at Tohru. "I'm sure Kaze will enjoy it"

Tohru smiled, the tension that had been building up slowly faded away. Everyone seemed so calm with this new head of the family. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. "I hope he will..."

"I haven't been here since..." Tohru looked at the Sohma house, sighing gently. The last time she had been there, it had been to see Akito during his final moments. She recalled how serene he had looked, and she remembered how kind he had been to her. She blinked back the tears and took a deep breath before taking a few steps forward, "Let's get inside before the food gets cold"

"Good Idea Tohru, I can't wait to taste this delicious meal" Shigure complimented. "It really is a shame that Kyo and Yuki couldn't come with us today"

"Yuki had an emergency student council meeting and Kyo..." Truth was, she hadn't known why Kyo had backed out at the last minute. Maybe, he was still somewhat edgy around the new head, because he felt the kid would grow up to be like Akito?

Hatori opened the sliding door, "You've both arrived…Kaze is waiting".

Tohru couldn't help but notice how tired Hatori looked. From inside, she could hear crying and Hatori sighed lightly as he led them in.

"Ha-kun, you dog! Getting girls pregnant…" Shigure joked as he heard the crying. He knew that the creator of the noise was infact the new head of the Sohma family, but the dog never passed up a good moment to tease Hatori. "But I warn you, stay away from my Tohru..."

"Pervert" Hatori replied as he led them further into the house, and into a large room.

A teen stood towards the back of the room, holding a small bundle in his arms...the source of all the noise. The teen looked up towards Shigure and Tohru once they entered, and greeted them with a small nod. Tohru blushed slightly, her eyes somewhat wide as she took in his appearance. He was tall, atleast a head taller than her, with dark hair cut in a style similar to Shigure's. Tohru was sure that he was atleast eighteen years old. He had a slender, yet well toned, pale build and striking purple eyes. His lips twitched into a smile when he caught her looking, and Tohru's blush deepened as she looked down.

"Tohru, this is Korosu" Hatori introduced, motioning towards the teen. "He's been taking care of Kaze, and will be doing so until the boy is old enough to rule over the family himself"

"How nice to see you again Korosu, and how is little Kaze doing?" Shigure asked as he set the bowl he had been carrying on a table, then took Tohru's as well. "I know you take such great care of him, you're such a good older brother"

"Stop sucking up mutt. It's pathetic" Korosu replied, rolling his eyes. "If you're eager to get to the meal, eat. I am not hungry, and I've already fed Kaze"

Tohru felt somewhat disappointed that Korosu and Kaze wouldn't atleast try her meal, but she didn't question anything. "It's very nice meeting you" she bowed her head slightly.

"You, aren't a Sohma" Korosu pointed out, looking over her. In his eyes, she looked somewhat puny and weak. Was she really the girl he had heard so much about? "I'm surprised Akito allowed you to live with Shigure for so long"

"Akito was a very kind person…" Tohru replied.

Her comment forced Korosu to laugh. "It's very indecent for a girl your age to be living with so many other men. People might begin thinking your some sort of slut. Luckily, since they're cursed, you'll never be given the opportunity to sleep with them"

Tohru winced at his words, and turned her gaze to the ground, not sure of what to say to that. His tone was so…cold. It did remind her of Akito, but the old Akito…not the Akito she wanted to remember.

Hatori quickly came to her defense, "Tohru's done a lot to help the family Korosu, she practically is a Sohma. All she lacks is the title."

Shigure looked up, "Korosu, you're in a sour mood today, has Kaze not been letting you sleep?" he raised a brow slightly as he moved away from the bowls, and over to Tohru's side.

"Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get him to stop crying since I last fed him, but it's not my little brother that annoys me." Korosu replied.

"Maybe, I can help?" Tohru asked lightly, holding her arms out to take the young child from his older brother. Korosu willingly handed over the child, then immediately lifted his hands to rub his temples.

Kaze continued to cry, grabbing onto Tohru's hair as he wiggled his little arms, and gave her hair a series of small tugs. Tohru's head jerked, and she made a funny noise, forcing the baby to giggle and pull again. Tohru giggled this time as well, "He's so cute!" She commented, her head jerking down as Kaze pulled.

Shigure smiled and clasped his hands together, "My little house-wife has done it again! Well done Tohru!"

"Thank you" Hatori said, glad that the loud crying had been replaced by a series of giggles.

Hatori then watched at Korosu paid close attention to Tohru, "Shigure, I think it's time for you and Tohru to go home, Korosu and Kaze should get some rest".

"Nonsense Ha'ri, we just got here, and they look just fine!"

"Iie, Hatori-san is right" Korosu nodded, "I think it's time for you to leave" he looked over to the doctor on his right. "Prepare a room for Tohru, I've decided she'll be living here, to help with Kaze" he looked over her once more, "and to help with...other things"

"It looks like someone else is smitten with Tohru" Shigure teased Korosu, before placing an arm around Tohru's shoulders, "Do not be embarrassed Korosu, she has that effect on everyone, but I'm afraid she can't stay. It's not healthy for our minds to have her away for so long". The first time Tohru had left, everyone had fallen into an odd state of depression.

"I said, she stays" Korosu ordered, "Hatori, show Tohru where Kaze's room is, so that she may put him to sleep"

Shigure blinked as he stopped at the door, staring at Korosu. Hatori had already left, taking Tohru with him. Why was Korosu giving orders when he wasn't the head of the family, and why was Hatori listening to him?

"If Tohru is going to live with this family, she'll need to be a Sohma" Korosu told Shigure with a small smile, "And I will be the one to give her the title"

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