Summary: Danny inadvertently participates in a town garbage clean-up. While cleaning up, he and his friends run into…Kim Possible! After a winning battle, what happens when the heroes' enemies team up?

Howdy, folks! This is JK rulez here with a brand new fanfic! This time, I decided to mix it up by throwing in a crossover with the hit Nickelodeon show, Danny Phantom, and the hit Disney show, Kim Possible. I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while, and now I've decided to give it a try. Hope you like it!

Okay, now let's get to Chapter 1!

When Teen Heroes Collide

Chapter One: Default Chapter

Amity Park, Indiana, Friday, 2:00 PM

"I am asking for volunteers for the annual Casper High town garbage clean-up this Saturday," Mr. Lancer addressed his English class.

No one raised their hands.

Lancer sighed, "Come on, people. This is a great way to better our community. Do you have any idea what animals are in danger because of the trash that people lazily toss around? They will all die out."

Sam Manson gasped, "I can't let that happen!" She shot her hand up into the air.

Lancer smiled, "Thank you, Miss Manson. Anyone else?"

Dash Baxter reached ahead of his desk and grabbed Danny Fenton's arm. He raised it up into the air. Danny grunted, "Dash, cut it out."

Lancer said, "Ah, Mr. Fenton. Thank you for volunteering."

Danny sighed as Dash let go of his hand. He lowered it and said, "Sure thing, Mr. Lancer."

After a couple others raised their hands and Lancer wrote their names on a piece of paper, he explained, "The clean-up will take place this Saturday at 10:00 AM. It starts here and will end back here at 3:00 PM. Dress appropriately."

Danny sighed. Five straight hours picking up trash. What a way to spend Saturday.

(He's a Phantom)

(Danny Phantom, Phantom, Phantom)

Yo, Danny Phantom, he was just fourteen
When his parents built a very strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen

(He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom)

When it didn't quite work, his folks, they just quit
But then Danny took a look inside of it
There was a great big flash, everything just changed
His molecules got all rearranged

(Phantom, Phantom)

When he first woke up, he realized
He had snow-white hair and glowing green eyes
He could walk through walls, disappear and fly
He was much more unique than the other guys
And it was then that he knew what he had to do
He had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through
He's here to fight for me and you

(He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom)
(He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom)

Gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's (whisper) Danny Phantom

Middleton, Wisconsin, Saturday, 9:30 AM

Ron Stoppable sat at a Bueno Nacho breakfast table, eating a naco. As he ate, he said, "Ah, nothing like Bueno Nacho after a test like yesterday." Ron had just gotten a D on his biology test. Again.

Rufus, Ron's naked mole-rat, climbed onto his shoulder and muttered, "Yum, yum."

Ron's best friend, Kim Possible, replied from across the table, "The D is so not the drama, Ron. Just ask Miss Mortimer for a make-up."

"Like that's gonna help me, KP. This is my third D in a row. It's like I'm biologically impaired or something."

"Ron, no one is ever biologically impaired. You just have to pay attention."

"Well, it can be hard to concentrate when I keep thinking about you."

Kim blushed. Things had gotten different between them a couple weeks ago.

Kim had gotten a new boyfriend, Eric, whom she had taken to the Junior Prom. This had made Ron very depressed and jealous, coupled with Bueno Nacho going downhill, giving out Little Diablo toys in kid's meals.

But it turned out that Kim's arch foe, Dr. Drakken, had stolen cybertronic technology to make the Diablos after buying out Bueno Nacho. This caused the toys to become enormous evil robots. Not only that, his sidekick, Shego, kidnapped Eric and held him hostage.

After battling Shego, Kim saw that Eric was okay. But it turned out that Eric was one of Drakken's evil synthodrones! She and Ron were both captured and tied up. Kim was devastated by this, but Ron explained that there were better guys for her, hinting himself.

Kim was getting the idea when Rufus cut them free. They went back to Drakken and thanks to a little help from Kim's computer pal, Wade Load, the system was shut down, Drakken was defeated, and the Diablos returned to normal size.

And then, Kim and Ron went back to the prom, hand in hand. Everyone cheered for them (except Bonnie) and they danced to a sweet romantic song, ending with a kiss at the end.

After being friends forever, Kim and Ron finally became a couple. Things were great and they wondered why it hadn't happened sooner. Their parents were thrilled about it as well, and Jim and Tim, Kim's twin brothers, were cool with it too.

Kim said, "Well, maybe I can help you study."

Ron chuckled, "KP, I already think about you enough. Studying with you? I'll be getting F's in no time."

Kim chuckled back. She loved how Ron was so funny like that. She answered, "Well, maybe we could…"

Kim was interrupted by the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP of her Kimmunicator. She took it out of her pocket and turned it on-line, "What's the sitch, Wade?"

Holding a soda, Wade answered, "I got a hit on Drakken."


"A town south from here called Amity Park. It's in Indiana."

"Hmm…I think I may have heard of this town somewhere, but I'm not sure where."

"Want me to run a scan on the town to jog your memory?"

"Please and thank you." Kim turned her Kimmunicator off-line and got up. She said,

"Mission time, Ron."

Ron groaned, "Aw!" He stuffed the rest of his food into his mouth and followed Kim out, "Coming, KP!"


(Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah)

I'm your basic average girl
And I'm here to save the world
You can't stop me 'cause I'm

Kim Po-ssi-ble

There is nothing I can't do
When danger comes, just know that I am on my way

(Know that I am on my way)

It doesn't matter where or when there's trouble
If you just call my name

Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me
When you want to page me, it's okay
Whenever you need me, baby
Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me

(Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me)

Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when

(Doesn't matter when)

I will be there for you 'til the very end

Danger or trouble,
I'm there on the double
You know that you always can call

Kim Possible

(Kim: So what's the sitch?)

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me

And that's where we're going to leave it. Soon enough, these two teen heroes, from different channels and different creators, are going to collide. Will it be Chapter 2? Or Chapter 3? Who knows? For now, wait until Chapter 2! R/R!