Hi, people! Yes, I said that I was done with this fic, but I had to put this up first! Reviewer awards! I wanted to thank everyone who reviewed this and made this fic such a wonderful success.

But first, a response to Worker72. Excuse me, but lighten up, would you? I said that I knew that last part was rushed! Give me a break! Who do you think you are, my English teacher? It was the best I had to work with, geez! Sorry, that review you sent just pushed my peeve button a bit.

Here's what I have for the rewards!

When Teen Heroes Collide

Reviewer Awards

First, here is the list of everybody who wrote a review for this fic, whom I thank: FieryFoxx, ChicaDeDanny, anime-raven, mdizzle, Riverfox237, Ayame, ChooseLife, Mental Mess, charizardag, kitty00240, Rob the Hedgehog, venusgal100, Worker72, Guinivere Sage, dplover, Meli09, Firehedgehog, kIrEgIrL, Frootloop123, Sirka, marvlix, crazyanimefreak15, purrbaby101, ar1502599, Netbug009, Dreamer for lyf, The Violent Tomboy, Sukira-chan, DarkDragon XS, almostinsane, SmashQueen, Queen S of Randomness 016, crashfourit, random-idiot-v2, Straying Life, The Halfa Wannabe, DProx, Sakura Phantom, Alexa Daley of Lathbury, cute sakura angel, Clark, Dark Dragon X 9, dannyiscutesam, sam manson rulez, Writer's-BlockDP, The Saiyan, shadowspinner1, Zulu, charmed sakura, Yayfulness, Robert Teague, IloveCalifornia, dfd, GKUCutie, Tinkerbell, Miah the Storm Wolf, romancejunkie, linkmaste, DP rox, Richter, Pup Almighty, Kiki, paigeanne, Fang, phantom, pyrotechnic, mysterygal02, Paul Powell, isabella, Ryan Rodriguez, Kate

Now here's a list of reviews that I believe are the most significant.

1st review-FieryFoxx

10th review-charizardag

20th review-Riverfox237

30th review-dplover

40th review-charizardag

50th review-Guinivere Sage

60th review-Dreamer for lyf

70th review-Mental Mess

80th review-charizardag

90th review-Queen S of Randomness 016

100th review-random-idiot-v2

110th review- Worker72

120th review-charizardag

130th review-crazyanimefreak15

140th review-mdizzle

150th review-Dreamer for lyf

160th review-Dreamer for lyf

170th review-Mental Mess

180th review-Inumaru12

190th review-Inumaru12

200th review-Guinivere Sage

210th review-mdizzle

220th review-The Halfa Wannabe

230th review-random-idiot-v2

240th review-GKUCutie

250th review-Rob the Hedgehog

260th review-Dreamer for lyf

270th review-DP rox

280th review-mysterygal02

290th review-isabella

300th review-dfd

I will extend this list if I get more reviews. I have finally reached over 300 reviews! Thank you, everybody!

Well, that's it! Now, it's REALLY all over! Let me tell you; I never expected to be writing this fic for over two months, but things happen. I knew this was going to be long, but I did not expect 24 chapters, and I never DREAMED of this many reviewers. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and good words. I enjoyed writing this very much. A few asked for a sequel. Currently, I don't know if I'll write one or not. We'll see how it turns out. Well, thank you all again, and goodbye for now! This is JK rulez, signing off!