The Next Generation

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She sat on the bench next to the window watching, as the dawn broke to reveal the freshly fallen blanket of snow. From the second floor of her home she gazed out and could see that the children next door had risen and rushed out to have a snowball fight. It was good to see somebody else; most of her family was away at school or at work. Her eyes traveled to the forest at the back of the two properties. The snow dusted the treetops with at layer of glitter. Her grandmother lived with her in this house, along with her mother, father, and numerous other relatives. Everyone referred to their house as the burrow for no apparent reason. Her grandmother always told the most captivating stories. The image of those treetops brought one to mind. It took place where all the other stories did, at a magical school named Hogwarts. The story of when her mother and father became friends was the one that came to mind. She never once in her ten years of life thought that all those stories would be true. However she also never thought she would be invited to attend that school of witchcraft and wizardry; learn how to cast spells, make potions, and learn about strange plants and animals. She would visit Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest; the very places form her grandmother's stories. She would fall in and out of love, get in trouble, and make new friends. She would get to be a part of a world that others only visit in their dreams. This is the story of Lily Potter, the daughter of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

Her mother wanted to tell her about the wonderful world that lay secret to all other muggles. Hermione begged Harry to tell her sooner, but he didn't want his daughter growing up being known as "The Daughter of the Boy Who Lived." With a lot of protest Hermione saw that it was for the best. Everyone in the house agreed to play along. They decided that the day her letter came they would tell her. It was very hard to keep an entirely different life style hidden away for ten long years. Everyone cried and jumped for joy the day her letter arrived; they could finally stop living a lie. It had been a long time since that cold winter day. Six months to be exact. It seemed that her family flew with the birds. They left in the winter and came back in the spring. She had been born an only child, and during the winter it seemed to be that way. However, she was truly never alone. She had grown up living with her mom and dad's best friends. They had such a large family, which seemed to grow every day; they all had even larger hearts. She was considered family, even if she wasn't a blood relative. That is why she referred to Molly as her Grandmother even though she wasn't her real one. Both of her real grandmothers had passed away before she was born. She never knew about how they died but to her it wasn't important. She loved the Weasley's, each and every one of them, with all of her heart. She never thought they were any different than the next family that was until one day in June.

The letter came during breakfast; Tonks, Remus, Moody, and the rest of her very large family had been eating in the backyard of the burrow. An owl flew towards Lily and landed in front of her plate. She sat there, not knowing what to do, looking like she had seen a ghost. Hermione whispered to her daughter, "Honey, take the letter from him." Lily looked at her mother like she was crazy. Hermione gave a nod encouragement. The rest of the table looked on in awe. Lily reached towards the owl, and then to her surprise, the owl stuck out his leg so she could get the letter. As soon as she relieved the bird of his delivery, the owl took a drink from her glass and flew off. The green ink on the parchment stated:

Lily Potter

The Burrow's Backyard

Harry finally spoke up when he saw her look of puzzlement, "Lily, your mom and I need to talk to you about something." She shifted her gaze down the table; each person had the largest grin on their face, even Moody, whom she rarely ever seen smirk. Her mind was racing with thousands of questions, but before she could ask one, her mother had risen and was holding out her hand to take her daughter's. "We are going on a little trip. Come on, it will explain a lot." She said goodbye to everyone else, took her mothers hand, and the three of them left. Unknown to their daughter, they headed for Diagon Alley.


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