Another War Begins

Chapter 1-An Unexpected Surprise-Part 1

Wills POV

"I can't believe it's finally over", Will Vandom was saying one day during lunch.

"I can't believe Cornelia still won't talk to us", said Irma Lair. She was munching on a PB&J.

"Well you did say a lot of mean things to her Irma", Hay Lin pointed out carefully.

"She'd rather spend her time with a flower than with us!" said Irma agitatedly. "Don't give me that look", she snapped at Taranee Cook, "You know what I'm saying is true, that flower is all she cares about!"

"She loved Caleb", said Hay Lin softly. "I know that much. I don't blame her for being upset"

"Yea, but to barricade herself in her room, and refuse to talk to anybody?" said Irma. "That is just sad"

"Irma!" Will snapped. "Lay off Cornelia, all right?"

"No", said Irma simply. "If she cares more about a flower than she does us, what kind of friend is she?"

"Irma!" Hay Lin yelled, sounding and looking shocked.

"Don't give me that look, you know I'm right!" said Irma angrily.

"Guys!" cried Taranee. "Stop fighting! This is no time for fighting, okay?"

"All right", Irma and Will muttered at the same time. Both of them were already feeling bad about the fight.

Is this how it's always been? Will wondered. Have we always fought like this? Whatta you think Taranee?

She looked over at Taranee, who smiled slightly and shook her head.

Taranee had the power to read minds, and when Will wanted the answer to a question she didn't want to say out loud, all she had to do was think it. Taranee would answer it for her. So how did all this start? She thought. She caught Taranee shrug, saying that she had no clue. Will did though.

It started when she moved to Heatherfield. Started when she received the Heart of Candracar. Started when they became guardians. When they were given powers over water, fire, earth, and air. It had basically ruined their lives.

Cornelia wouldn't even talk to them. Even though she was safe, they would probably never see their friend Elyon (princess of Meridian) ever again, and now all they ever did was fight.

What a way to live, Will thought bitterly. She caught Taranee smile as she listened to that part.