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Chapter 25- New Beginnings

Will gasped and moved as fast as she could, only to run into another soldier. She stumbled backwards, and moved around him, quickly stumbling away. Her vision blitzed temporarily and came back just in time to see Cedric's tail fly at her. She tried to move, but she wasn't quick enough.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" she screamed as she flew backwards. She landed on a pile of leaves with an "oof!" and stumbled up, breathing heavily. The two voices in her head were still fighting with each other. Give it to him, end it now… No, you can't give up, the Heart is for you and you alone

She shook her head, trying to clear the voices out. She didn't have time to listen to two voices that didn't even exist. She stumbled up. Taranee, she thought desperately, breathing hard, Taranee, please say you can hear me. Because having all of you here would be pretty nice right now


Taranee stumbled to stop and looked around, Will!

"Taranee!" Irma yelled, looking around at her, "We so do not have time to stop!"
"It's Will!" she exclaimed. She turned her attention to her thoughts, Will!

But she couldn't hear anything. Will, she thought desperately, Please, please, I'm begging you, be okay, don't be dead please…

"Taranee?" Cornelia questioned, "What is it?"
"Nothing", Taranee sighed, "Will needs us, lets go"

Nothing! Will raged inwardly, Could they really have abandoned me? No! They wouldn't! Would they?

"Right now, I hate you!"

Will shook inside and out as she recalled what Cornelia had said. Did the others agree with her? Did they really think it was her fault all of this had happened? Had they really…could they possibly have jus left her?

They'd have every right, she thought bitterly, It is my fault. It really is

Before she had time for more bitter thoughts, Cedric was dealing another blow. She stumbled up just in time to have her feet knocked out from under her. This was looking worst by the second. She thought about the last time she'd talked with Taranee. No matter how much they hated her, she hoped Taranee would at least…at least tell her mother what she had said.

Another bang issued from the woods. Irma stopped dead and looked around. "She could be anywhere!" the girl raged furiously, "How are we supposed to fond her, those bangs could just be echoes, we could be running in circles for all we know!"
"It's no use", Taranee sighed, her shoulders sagging, "I just can't connect with her telepathically anymore. I don't know why, but I can't"

"Come on guys, we can't give up", Hay Lin said, "Will needs us, we can't abandon her!"

"But Hay Lin, we don't know where she even is", Irma pointed out, "Face it, we're clueless, we can't help Will. We can't even help ourselves"

"Oh suck it up Irma!" Cornelia snapped suddenly, "I didn't realize you were a quitter. If you're going to give up, then I'm going out to find my self some new friends!"

Irma knew she didn't mean it. But just the fact she said it made her mad, "I'm no quitter!" Irma said, straightening up, "You think you're the big one around here? Lets hear you talk when we find Will, shall we?"
Cornelia smirked as Irma turned away.

"Where are your little friends then?" Cedric hissed, "Too many harsh feelings for them to at least try and help their leader?"
"This is all your fault!" Will cried, jumping up, "All of it! You and your little prince Phobos! If you'd never come into my life, none of this would have ever happened!"
"Humans often blame on others what they can't make up for themselves", Cedric hissed mockingly, "You can't make up for your own mistakes. And now you'll never get the chance"

"Will threw up her hands, and a pink shield of energy formed around her. Cedric's tail bounced off the shield, leaving her pretty much unhurt. Unhurt except for any other bruise, she added silently. She stood up as the shield disappeared.

"Why do you continue to defy me?" Cedric asked angrily, moving towards her, "Why can't you just die like a good little girl?"
"I was never one for following the crowd", Will scoffed mockingly, "How mad do you think your boss will be when he finds out you lost out to a pathetic little girl? I haven't even transformed, and you still have yet to get what you came for", she held up her hand; the Heart of Candracar came out, "You want it?" she asked, holding it up for him to see, "Too bad. You'll never get it. It's mine. Get over it"

"You insolent little brat!' Cedric hissed, "You will get the fate you deserve in time! For now, you will just have to suffer"

Will breathed deeply and stepped back, her hands up, ready to fight. I can't win, she thought, Maybe I don't want to. But I can't let him win either. And I won't

"You wont win!" she yelled, "Even if you do succeed in destroying me, others will rise up against you! You and your little prince and princess, you're nothing, you can't win, good will always triumph!"

"Such big talk for such a little girl", Cedric hissed.

"I'm not such a little girl anymore!" Will cried, "I hope you listened to what I said Cedric. You're finished! You, and anyone who opposes us, you won't win!"

Cedric laughed mockingly.

"Don't believe me?" Will asked, "Too bad. You'll learn in time. You'll see. You'll see!"

Cornelia pulled back and looked around, her eyes wide, Will!

"I heard it to Cornelia", Taranee said, answering her unasked question, "Will's here somewhere, close by"

Irma scanned around them, "Hay Lin, sound is carried by air, can you—"

"Yea", Hay Lin nodded, "Without being transformed I can't guarantee it'll work as well, but I'll give it my best shot, I promise"

She closed her eyes and focused on the air around her. Cornelia looked at Irma and Taranee, waiting with baited breath. If this didn't work, they were all finished.

Will… she thought, Please be okay. You have to be okay. We need you. Please…I'm sorry Will. I didn't mean what I said. Just be okay

"Got it!" Hay Lin exclaimed, her eyes snapping open, "They're that way!"

She pointed deeper into the woods. Cornelia turned in the direction she was pointing. Hang in there Will, she thought, Please

Will slammed into a tree trunk and slid down the side of it, winded. This was it, and she knew it. She closed her eyes, and her friends drifted into her mind. She saw the four of them, hanging around and smiling. She wondered if that was what they'd be like when she was gone. She hoped so. She wanted them to be happy. She reoriented herself in time to see Cedric's tail flying at her. She crawled as fast as she could out of the way, and just barely managed to miss being hit hard. She stood up unsteadily, surprised her legs would still hold her.

"No friends, no help…" Cedric hissed, "Why so you bother to fight?"
Why do I bother? Will thought, Why don't I just give up?

Images of her friends and her mom flashed into her mind. They were why she fought. Of course.

"I'll never give up", she gasped, "Even if I'm the last person on Earth, I will never give up"

"No one cares about you", Cedric hissed, "No one wants you. No friends, no family who cares, what would be the point of fighting on anymore? Why not just give up now, and I'll make your death quick"

Will shook uncontrollably. He couldn't be telling the truth. Could he? The same thoughts of doubt drifted into her mind. Had her friends really abandoned her, just left her to die? They'd have every right, she thought bitterly. She smiled a sad, bitter smile. This was how it was going to end then. She'd abandoned her mom, who would always be looking for her. She'd ruined the lives of her four closest friends, who would probably never come for her. She'd turned everything upside down. She was getting what she deserved, wasn't she? After what she had done, wasn't she getting what she deserved? She looked up at Cedric, a cool, hard look in her eyes.

"Nothing to say?" Cedric hissed, "Well, then, this is your end then, Guardian of the Veil"
He raised his tail. Will didn't even bother to try and move. She wasn't sure her legs would hold her. She knew this was her end. She wouldn't try to delay it any longer…

"Stop!" Cedric froze in mid-movement and looked around. Will followed his gaze, and her mouth almost hit the ground.

"Get away from her!" Irma yelled from the center of the group. She was surrounded by Hay Lin, Taranee, and Cornelia. Will wasn't sure what was more shocking, the fact Cornelia was there, or the fact they had come for her.

"So, the remaining Guardians join their leader", Cedric hissed, "Then you can all die at once"

"Get Will", Will heard Irma say quietly to Taranee, "We'll distract the walking purse and boots"

Taranee nodded, and the girls split up. Taranee made quickly for Will, who tried to stand up and walk away, only to fall back down again out of pure exhaustion.

"Hey", Taranee stooped down next to Will, "Are you okay?"
"I've been better", she muttered. She finally managed to look Taranee in the eye, "You came for me"

"Of course", Taranee said, sounding surprised, "We couldn't just abandon you, you're our friend"

"I am?" Will couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Will, yes", Taranee said, "Friends forever, remember? We'd never leave you"

Will looked at Taranee in disbelief. The moment was ruined by of course, by Irma yelling, "Would you two get here and help us?.!"

Will and Taranee's heads snapped around and looked over. The girls were in trouble.

"Ready?" Will held up her hand; the Heart of Candracar appeared.


Will closed her eyes and concentrated. Bright pink light filled the area, enveloping the five girls in it's warmth. Will relaxed for the first time in a long time, and let the changes happen. She felt pink magic wrap itself around her, and felt her wings burst out of her back. The light died away, and left five girls in it's wake. They weren't just ordinary girls though. They were the Guardians of the Veil. Will smiled wearily. She had a feeling everything would be okay.

"Now this is what I'm talking about!" Irma yelled. She aimed at a group of soldiers. A stream of water shot out of her hand and knocked them backwards, "Yea!" she yelled, "Lets show them what we're really made of!"

The girls nodded in agreement, and took off in different directions. They each took out a group of soldiers at a time, sending them back through the portal to Meridian.

"Take that and that and that", Irma smirked as she slammed the rest of the guards with water and sent them back to Meridian. "So", she said cockily, "That just leaves us and the overgrown snail then"

The girls turned back to Cedric, who was glowering at them. "Why don't you just make it easy on yourself and give up?" Cornelia asked.

"You think so highly of yourselves Guardians", Cedric said menacingly, "Lets see how well you think of yourselves when you're trapped in a dungeon for all eternity!"

The girls just barely managed to jump out of the way as Cedric's tail came down at them. He took shot again, and this time they weren't all as lucky.

"AAAHHH!" Hay Lin screamed as she went flying backwards.

"Hay Lin!" Irma screamed, running after her. Cornelia. Will, and Taranee looked back at Cedric. Will felt a tingling in her hand. She held up her fist and unclenched it. The Heart of Candracar was glowing brightly. She squinted at it, waiting for it to tell her what to do. But she already knew what she had to do. She closed her eyes and let the Heart take over for her. She held it out in front of her, it was glowing brightly, like a pink sun. Cedric hissed and yelled in horror.

"Go back to Meridian where you belong", she said weakly yet firmly at the same time. She closed her eyes and put all her energy into the Heart. It glowed brighter, driving Cedric backwards, towards the portal. And don't come back, she thought as the light drove him through the portal.

Her legs turned to jelly as the light died away. She was completely wiped. She could see the darkness coming at her. She let it swallow her up. The last thing she heard before she fell, unconscious, was two voice yelling.


Taranee and Cornelia scrambled towards their fallen friend. They knelt down next to her and tried to wake her up.

"Will…" Cornelia said quietly, "Please Will, please wake up…"
"What's going on?" Irma asked from behind them. She was supporting a weak looking Hay Lin, "We saw all this pink light", Irma explained, "And we figured it was coming from here—Will!"

Both girls gasped at the site of their fallen friend, "Is she…?" Hay Lin couldn't finish the sentence.

"I think she's alive", Taranee said, "She's breathing at least. I just hope she's okay"

It was later, much later that Will started hearing voices around her.

"It's been over an hour—"

"Are you sure she's okay--?"

"Hey guys, I think she's waking up—Will?"
Will slowly opened her eyes. Her four friends were looking down at her, still in their guardian forms, looks of grave concern on their faces.

"Will", Hay Lin managed to say hoarsely, "You're okay"

"Yea…" Will muttered. She sat up and rubbed her head, "I…thanks, you guys. For helping me. And…and I'm sorry"
"For what?"
"For…for everything", she said, "This is all my fault, all of it, I'm sorry—"

"It isn't your fault", Cornelia said, surprising them, "And…and I'm sorry to Will. For what I said…before. I guess I knew you were right. I just didn't want to admit it"
Will smiled despite herself.

"We'd better get home"


Will wandered in to her apartment, unsure of if her mom would even be awake at this time. It was well past midnight. She was surprised to see her mother sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Susan looked around at her daughter's voice, "Will?"
The two locked eyes, and for a second just stared. And before either of them what they were doing, they had fallen into each others arms, crying.

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