My first fanfic! Please feel free to point out anything I have got wrong, and I'll try to correct it as soon as I can.

"What the hell do you mean, I can't have children?" Anna exclaimed angrily to the doctor. "I want a child!"

"I…I'm sorry miss, but you cannot carry a child. You are barren."

Anna began to cry. The only thing she wanted was a baby she could care for. She stormed out of the room, tears streaking her face.

Later that night, she told Van Helsing. He comforted her as best he could.

"Well, it isn't as if we've lost all hope," he told her. "We could always…adopt?"

Anna looked at him, anger in her face.

"You just don't get it, do you Van Helsing? I want a child. I want my OWN child. I want to carry him, feed him, and watch him grow." Her anger turned to despair. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't take it out on you. It's not like it's your fault.

As she slept, Anna dreamed. She dreamed of the time that Dracula had captured her, and she had talked to Aleera.

"Anna my love," Aleera purred. "It is good to see you looking so healthy and so full of life…and blood." Anna shuddered as Aleera cackled.

"You'll be laughing on the other side of your face as soon as Van Helsing saves me, and kills you and your sick, twisted master." Anna promised. Aleera lent over Anna and licked her cheek. "Is that so? Well, I guess I'll have to go and spend my last remaining night in my master's arms. If all goes according to his plans, maybe you will be too, someday." Anna snorted in disgust. "I'd rather sleep with a werewolf than sleep with him, and sire those sick pig things you call 'children'." Aleera's face lost its smile and Anna was backhanded across the room. "Don't you dare insult our children, wench. If you knew how I'd longed for a child as a mortal, you wouldn't be so quick to chastise me. I couldn't have children as a mortal." As she said these words, Aleera wore an expression of great sadness, and Anna could not help but feel a bit sorry for her. "But if you couldn't have children, then how-" "Our master's seed is special. It will impregnate any woman. Don't ask me how it works, all I know is this." She winked at Anna. "It does the trick!"

Anna woke with Aleera's words on her mind. Dracula could make any woman pregnant…even her? Was she willing to have sex with Dracula to create life inside of her? What would Van Helsing say if…when he found out?

She decided she didn't care what Van Helsing thought, and she was willing to go to Dracula to at least try. It was what she needed. If Dracula killed her, then the last of the Valerious family would be wiped out, and her family would never get into heaven. He wouldn't like it, but the way he acted to her at the masquerade ball, she was going to give it a try.