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Chapter 2

"MORE REDUNDANCIES!" Myth cried. "Can we call in the department of redundancies NOW?"

When I got home form school I did the usual,homework,chorse, etc.(What you usually do after school).

had just popped up.

Isabel sighed. "Soon, hopefully. They get mad unless there's at least four or five." She shuddered at the memory... those DORD people were quick and mean.

"I know two that are okay. Agents Crash and Twitchy. that is, if they passed the exams... Crash can be pretty clumsy." Myth gave Isabel her best puppy look. That look had kept her out of trouble many a time, and had melted some pretty hard hearts. Isabel was impervious. "Not yet." Isabel checked The Words, and her eyes widened. She launched herself at Myth and wrapped her body around the other agent's, knocking them both to the ground. A split second after she did that, a massive rumbling shook the earth, and the pair would have gone flying if they had been upright.

"Umm... thanks. Could you get off me now?" Myth asked, when the shaking was over.

Isabel got off of the rather shocked agent, and she dusted herself off after standing up. "Major scene change. They can be a right nuisance sometimes." She helped the other girl to her feet, and snerked when she saw 'Megan' on Weathertop screaming about wraiths.

"Yes, it is rather amusing, is it not?" Myth commented. "However, the various irritants in this so called bit of 'literature' have exhausted my mental capacities. Would there possibly be time to take a nap?"
Isabel blinked. "Do you talk like this a lot?"
"Frequently. May I?"

Isabel checked what was coming up. "Go ahead and sleep, I'll just work on the charge list and then join you - nothing too terribly serious happens in this chapter."

"Oh good." Myth rummaged through her bag, pulling out more 'Elrond is married-get over it' flags (Isabel would soon find out that Myth was slightly obsessive about passing these out to anyone who would be remotely interested, and many who weren't), an itsy notebook, a calculator, yamani glaive (this she set down with utmost care), a sleeping bag, and a bandolier hung with bell-shaped pouches. She proceeded to replace everything but the bandolier and sleeping bag, and turned to Isabel after she'd done so, who raised an eyebrow at the uncanonical objects but held her tongue

"Would you mind helping me go to sleep? I have problems doing so sometimes when there are other people around."

"What would this entail?" Isabel was wary of promising anything. She'd only met this woman today, after all.

"Ringing a bell. Ranna, to be exact."

"You named your bell?"

"No. these are an Abhorsen's version of a necromancer's set of bells."

"I'll ask later. Sure, I'll help. What's this one?" Isabel actually had the largest bell out of it's holder before Myth realized which one she meant.

"Don't ring that!" Myth cried in panic, lunging for the bell, then stopping when she realized that would speed up the process of the ring.

"Why not?" Isabel asked, and mischievously prodded the bell the tiniest little bit, as Myth stuffed her fingers in her ears. The sound was surprisingly loud, and the next thing she knew, she was fighting a grey current. Then sunlight was back in her life, and she lay panting on the ground, slightly damp from the cold water that was dripping off various pieces of Myth's anatomy. Myth's eyes were wide, and her nostrils seemed to have expanded to half again their size.

"What happened?" Isabel asked, her voice coming out in a croak.

"You died!" Myth sounded very close to hysterical. "Why didn't you listen to me? You're just lucky I've read the Abhorsen trilogy nineteen times, and that I'm extraordinarily stubborn! It might also have helped that I'm very good at keeping my footing with a current swirling around my knees."

"Come again? I thought you said I died."

"I did, and you did!"

"Again, I'll ask about that in the morning. What was that bell?"

"That was Astarael the Sorrower. Anyone who hears her ring dies."

"So why didn't I?" Isabel asked. Myth made an exasperated noise.

"YOU DID, you irritating deadglow! I brought you back, and boy was it a good thing you didn't go past the first gate! The books never tell you the words you have to use to get past it!"

"First gate?" poor Isabel was getting more and more confused by the second. Myth breathed very slowly through her nose.

"Just go to sleep. I'll watch through the rest of the chapter. Oh, we have to go back to the LotR continuum. You wouldn't happen to remember the coordinates, would you?"

Isabel sighed and smacked her forehead. Her answer came muffled through the palm currently sliding down her face. "Go to the transporter in my bag. It should be the last location entered."

"…Oh." With a slight flump, the portal opened. Isabel peered through it and said, "Oh, good. The portal opened on the next chapter." She executed a sweeping bow and said, "After you, my dear!"

Slightly questioning her partner's sanity, Myth stepped through the portal and landed with an 'oomf!' on the ground. Grinning, Isabel stepped through after the other agent.

Myth's A/N: And thus, Myth proves her credibility. Not all shiny objects are good. Just the vast majority. I'll never get any sleep now...

Isabel's AN: The bell experience was... interesting, to say the least. Unfortunately, I can't resist anything shiny. So... yeah! Thanks for sticking with us! I know you're probably looking forward to the bitter (and hopefully painful) end. Enjoy!