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Chapter Four:
Brian's Chapter

Laria Kaiba stood in the vast white nothingness of No Where. Dressed in normal Hogwarts school clothes and a cloak that proudly portrayed the Hufflepuff crest, she held in her hand her Notebook, a powerful tool that gave her complete control over the characters in the story.

"Ok, you asked for it," Laria said with the most evil of grins, "Well, actually Funkyfidget asked for it a long time ago. He asked me to give Brian his own story. Well, I can't. But I can give him his own chapter—"

"Why?" Harry asked indignantly, appearing out of thin air next to the Authoress, "He doesn't have anything to do with 'Harry Potter'!"

"Do I need to teach you a lesson about my almighty Authoress powers," Laria said bitterly, annoyed by the fact that Harry had interrupted her, "Like I did for the entire Yu-Gi-Oh cast?"

"Like how?" Harry asked skeptically.

"Hey, when do I come in?" Brian asked, appearing on the other side of Laria.

"Never," Harry muttered angrily.

"I thought this was all about me," Brian said confused.

"It is," Laria reassured, "Harry's just jealous because he's not in the spot light for once."

"I am not jealous of that idiot!" Harry yelled.


"You heard me!"

"Alright, ladies, break it up," Laria glared at the two, "Before I turn you both into Flobberworms."

Harry 'eeped' at the thought of becoming something as low as a Flobberworm, but Brian however had a better idea.

"Can't you just turn Potter into a Flobberworm and make the world a better place?"

"And leave Voldy free to terrorize the world?" Laria gasped.

"Why not?"

"Sounds good to me," Laria shrugged, taking out her wand.

All of a sudden Hermione appeared.

"Tisk, tisk," she said shaking a finger at the Authoress, "You're not allowed to do magic outside of school."

And, as fast as she had come, she was gone.

"Well that was strange," Brian said, staring at the spot that had, just seconds ago, held Hermione.

"It happens all the time," Laria said putting her wand away, "Get used to it."

"Now what are you going to do eh?" Harry said with a laugh, "Miss I'm-The-Best-Authoress-Fear-My- Powers-Or-I-Will-Turn-You-Into-A-Flobberworm."

"Ooo you're asking for it now," Laria said threateningly, glaring at Harry intently.

"Run Potter," Brian muttered to him.

"Stop calling me 'Potter'!"

"Why should I?"

"Because I said so!"

And while those two were quarrelling, Laria was writing in her Notebook. She closed the Notebook and put it away. Neither of the boys noticed this because they were now physically fighting. Laria looked over at them rolling around on the ground.

"Alright ladies, break it up or you'll face the consequences," Laria warned, but the fighting kept on. Laria sighed and snapped her fingers, Harry turned into a Flobberworm, but Brian did not.

"Where'd that son-of-a-one-eyed- prairie-dog go?" Brian asked, finally noticing that something was wrong.

"He's a Flobberworm!" Laria exclaimed, "Quick, find him!"

Brian looked around.


"What is it?"

"…I found him…"

Nice close up shot of a squished Flobberworm.

"Oh my god! You killed Harry!"

All of a sudden, a group of Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz appeared singing, 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead'

Brian stared at the Munchkins with a frightened look on his face, Dead Flobberworm Harry just lay lifelessly on the ground, and Laria growled.

"Hey short people!" Laria yelled, despite the fact that she was nearly as short as the Munchkins, "He was a wizard, and he was good."

All the Munchkins stop singing, look at each other and disappear.

"Jeez," Laria glowered, "That was disturbing…"

"What about Potter?" Brian asked, examining the dead remains of 'The Boy Who Lived'.

"Oh yeah," Laria said, breaking out into wails of fake sorrow, "Oh no, Harry Potter is dead! Whatever shall we do?"

At that moment Lord Voldemort appeared.

"Laria!" Brian gasped, "It's the Dark Lord!"

"What is thy bidding, my master," Laria said in a Darth Vader like voice, bowing to Voldemort.

"Who killed the boy?"

Laria looked up at Voldemort and pointed over to Brian. The Dark Lord swept passed the Authoress and over to Brian, who looked terrified. Voldemort took out his wand. Brian wanted to run but was his fear prevented him from doing so. Then, before he even knew what was going on, Voldemort had branded him with the Dark Mark.

"Hey cool!" Brian said looking down at his arm, "I'm a Death Eater!"

"That's so boring," Laria said rolling her eyes, "Let me fix it!"

Laria took her notebook out again and wrote something down, then put it away. Snapping her fingers, Christmas lights appear on the Dark Mark. They started to blink and play 'Jingle Bells'.

"What have you don't to it!" Voldemort said, looking appalled at the new Dark Mark.

"I fixed it!" Laria said with a grin.

"Unfix it!" Brian shrieked, "Unfix it!"

"Fine," Laria said downheartedly, she snapped her fingers and the Dark Mark returned to normal. "Well, now that Harry's dead, I guess it's time to finish this chapter."

"It's over?" Brian asked sadly, "Already?"

"All good things must come to an end," said Laria.

"Who said with was good?"