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Sharem: This is a new Sailor Moon crossover story from me and it's been stewing inside my head for a while. I think that this is the first crossover between Sailor Moon and Andromeda in this section. Of course, this will star my favorite senshi, Mercury. My favorite character in Andromeda is the Nietzschian, Telemachus Rhade. If anyone has seen this sci-fi series, that man is H.O.T.! However, he may or may not be the best one for a pairing for dear Ami, so it will be between him, Seamus Harper, and Dylan Hunt. However…I'd rather she end up with Rhade…

Avatar of Mercury


Sailor Mercury didn't know what had hit her so suddenly. One moment, she was beside her fellow senshi fighting the return of Jedite, the next moment, she was hurtling through some sort of portal at incredible speeds. Her mind tried to comprehend the events that transpired before her disappearing from battle, but it was to no avail. Somehow though, she knew that Crystal Tokyo was no more.

'I am sorry, dear one, but your sudden absence from the battle against Jedite was necessary,' a voice sounded inside the Ice Senshi's mind. It sounded like a man's voice, but she couldn't be sure. In her long life, she had learned not to take many things at face value.

'What do you mean?' Mercury mentally asked. She wished that she knew where she was going and was about to ask that as well when she was abruptly bathed in a bright flash of light. When the light faded away, the senshi felt like she was at Pluto's Time Gates and realized that she was correct in that assumption when she saw Sailor Pluto standing next to an unfamiliar figure.

"Crystal Tokyo was at its end, Sailor Mercury," Pluto replied gently, answering the younger woman's earlier question. "It is you destiny to continue on elsewhere."

The unfamiliar figure removed a hood and revealed himself to be an aging man with a graying beard and balding head. "Yes, dear one, you are more than you appear, young Mercury," he said in a casual manner. "You will be the first one to go on to become more than you already are."

The dark blue haired senshi felt confused by the elder's remarks. What did he mean that she would be the first one to become something more? Wasn't she already at the pinnacle of her senshi abilities?

"I…I don't understand what you mean, sir," Mercury remarked softly as she approached Pluto and the elderly gentleman.

The man gave her a gentle smile and gestured towards a door that was unlike she had ever seen in the Time Senshi's realm. "Dear one, you will understand all too soon. Before we make your final journey into another realm, I should introduce myself. My name is Flavin and we are going to the system called Seefra. You will help certain people learn more about themselves there and in turn, learn more about your connection to the Universe."

Sharem: Sorry that this is short, but prologues are suppose to be short. I hope that people will like this…if not, oh well… Hopefully, I'll be able to continue my other story, Pearls of Experience, soon.