Deal with the Devil

By: xxlostdreamerxz

Summary: 7th year. The entire magical world is in disarray, the Light side is close to surrender. Harry Potter, the prophesized child, has finally come into his power. Seeing no other choice, Harry decides to make a deal with the devil and exchanges a piece of his soul in return for that of his 'past self.' In effect, gaining the powers and some personality attributes from his past as Lord Salazar Slytherin...




There is nothing to fear about Death. It is natural, for everyone comes and goes. Death is but the next adventure...

Reworded (Dumbledore)

A tall hooded figure stood silently against the wall adjacent to the podium as he watched the veil flicker ever so slightly. A bitter laugh escaped his lips as it echoed about the chamber walls. The irony of the situation had not escaped him. Here he was, on the magical night of the summer solstice, standing in front of the doorway to Death hoping for a chance...

A chance to see his protectors once again.

Legend has it that during midnight upon the eve of the summer solstice (once every century), the veil that separated the land of the dead and that of the living would shimmer ever so slightly. Just enough, so that one could contact their deceased from the 'other side.' And it was tonight, that Harry planned on saying goodbye.

There was something that he needed to do. Something that he needed to accomplish in order to defeat Voldemort. A thing that could very well cost him his soul. Harry knew that they wouldn't approve - his parents, Sirus, Dumbledore - but, they were dead and gone. They did not see what the world has become - the terror stricken children, the deaths, the torture - it had become an endless cycle now that Dumbledore was dead. The magical world had lost hope...

And Harry was determined to change that.

However, nothing came without a price. And if his plan failed, Harry knew that he would never see his parents again in the afterlife, for there would be nothing left of his soul. There would be no salvation for him.

And because of that, he needed to talk to them one last time.

Slowly, Harry made his way up to the podium and stood a foot away from the billowing translucent veil. An invisible breeze flickered against his cloak causing it to whip about him. Harry reached into his robes and pulled out a golden watch, the one that Dumbledore had given him in his will. The watch had twelve hands but no numbers; instead, little planets were moving around the edge. It was also know as the 'The Kismet clock' which translated to the clock of fate. It had many functions; however, its primary one is that it tells its wearer when it would be the most opportune moment for action.

Harry waited on bated breath as the seventh hand passed over the planet Jupiter and slowly made its way to the ruby red dot, Mars. And then, as if right on schedule the whispers suddenly began.

" dear Baron, you are foolish beyond your years. Can't you be nice for..."

"Stop it! You'll make it explode!" shirked a shrill voice, as a soft poof sound occurred from the other side.

"Hmm...where is Uncle?" wined a childish voice.

Harry frowned as he tried vainly to block out the cacophony of noise. "Sirus?" he tried hesitantly, "Sirus, are you there?" The voices dimmed slightly; however, there was still no answer. Harry could feel his heart pounding in anticipation as he waited. "Sirus?"

"He can hear us!" whispered the shrill voice, as if shocked. "How strange. He is among the living..."

"Or is he?"

"Headmaster?" tried Harry, as a hint of desperation entered his voice. "Please..."

"Harry?" asked a familiar voice in disbelief, as he seemed to come closer. Apparently he seemed to be pushing aside the rest of the spirits since there were quite a few protests. "What are you doing here, kiddo? Aren't you suppose to be at Hogwarts?"

Harry felt his eyes water slightly at the sound of his voice. "Sirus..." he whispered softly, "Is that you?"

"Of course it is," replied the voice gruffly, as if almost offended. "Do you have any other Godfathers that I'm not aware of?" he finished teasingly.

"No," said Harry quickly, "But...truthfully, how have you been Sirus? Are you...happy there?" His heart tightened as he heard his godfather's familiar bark-like laugh.

"Of course I am," he said brightly, "Don't worry so much about me. This is the after life, its almost impossible to NOT be happy." Sirus paused for a second before his voice became serious, "However, I am worried about you. What is going on out there Harry? There's been so many people entering the gates lately, so many..."

Harry shook his head, though he knew that Sirus couldn't see him. "Its Voldemort," he growled through clenched teeth. "He's been gaining even more supports lately. There are raids every single day, now that Dumbledore's gone."

"The bloody bastard, that Snape, I always knew that there was no way he could have switched sides," grumbled Sirus, "If only Moony tore him apart when we were younger..."

"If only..." agreed Harry in a bitter tone, "It would have made things so much easier."

Sirus paused for a second, probably trying to gather his thoughts, and said quietly, "Dumbledore told me about the Prophecy...and, I just wanted to let you know that I'm proud of you. As are your parents," he finished. "We'll be watching over you all the way."

"Thanks," he said quietly, as a single tear trickled down his face. Harry looked down at the golden pocket watch and froze. He had five more minutes before the doorway closed. "Sirus, about the prophecy. I've found a way to defeat Voldemort once and for all..." he whispered, "I'm pretty sure that it'll work; however, if it doesn't...then this is goodbye."

"Harry? What are you planning?" demanded Sirus, as a worried tone entered his voice. "You're not planning on doing anything stupid are you? 'Cause if you are, I forbid it," he finished crossly.

Harry bit his lip to stop the chuckle from emerging. Sirus was Sirus, and nothing would ever change that. "It's our best bet for winning this war," he explained, "I'm not going to go into detail since others are listening..."

"Get out you bloody spirits!" commanded Sirus, as he seemingly shoved a few other spirits away from the veil. "Can't you see this is a private conversation!"

Harry burst out laughing. "Don't bother Sirus, I'm not going to explain either way," he said in amusement.


"Well, all I can say is that you might be seeing me sooner than you think," he said mysteriously.

Sirus choked. "Gad Harry, you're not talking about suicide are you?"

Harry blinked in surprise."No, whatever gave you that idea?" he asked curiously,"Do I look like the suicidal type?" He sighed, "Actually, don't answer that," he said slowly as his voice grew more serious. "We are running out of time, but I still have to tell you something."

"Well..." prompted Sirus.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'll miss you, my parents, and Dumbledore too," he said quietly. "I will do everything in my power to destroy Voldemort, and I swear that this time no one will stand between him and me. This time, no one will die because of me..." he finished softly. "But, I have a bad feeling out this. I...don't think I'll make it out alive or with my soul intact, so I just wanted to say goodbye to you guys just in case..."

"Harry it wasn't..."

"Tell them that I'm sorry, that I can't be who they want me to be anymore," Harry said quietly. "They'll be disappointed in me when I meet them again. If I meet them again," he corrected. "But could you tell them that I loved them, Sirus? And please, remember that," he said desperately.

"I promise," said Sirus solemnly, "But Harry, what are you..."

A soft suctioning sound echoed about the chamber as the veil silently sealed itself shut. The doorway was closed once again.

"I'm sorry," whispered Harry once again, as a single tear trickled down his face.

Harry stood there, staring blanking at the veil for several minutes, as if hoping his Godfather would suddenly pop out and make things right. But...nothing happened. It was as if the last few minutes were a dream...

...but unfortunately dreams never last. It was like a law of something.

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He had to do this, there was no other choice. It was his destiny. He had to do this before searching for the Horcruxes. As if moving in slow motion, Harry reached into his inner pocket and pulled out a sharp, deadly silver knife. The knife was beautiful, yet possessed a dangerous quality to it.

His fingers traced the golden flourish that slithered about the hilt of the blade, as his emerald green eyes darkened with worry. The knife was old, very old to tell you the truth. In ancient time, it had once been used in sacrificial ceremonies which were held in Parseltongue...and tonight, Harry was ready to sacrifice a piece of himself in order to gain power.

The very thing that Dumbledore would have forbade him to do.

Though in a way it was not in the same sense as what Voldemort had tried to accomplish by scattering pieces of his souls about the country, it was in essence quite similar. Harry was planning on summoning his past soul and merging it with his present day one. Few wizards have ever bothered to try the ritual since it was dangerous, and not only so, but the fact remains your 'past' soul might have different morals and beliefs than the one your currently hold. So by summoning your past soul, you are in effect destroying a part of you soul in exchange for a place for your past soul to remain.

But Harry was ready to take the risk.

"Lords of the earth, sky, and wind,"

"Hear my plead."

"A soul, lost and forgotten, has fallen."

"Give me my past."

"Of history galore,"

"And o' gracious once, let me live to tell the tale."

"Of my life, long lost."

A dark fog-like cloud emerged from the flaps of the veil, as it slowly began to gain substance. Harry opened his eyes slowly, as he finished chanting in Parseltongue. He hissed softly, as he took a step back. 'What in the hell was that thing?'

"Potter," whispered a dark voice, "Why have you summoned me tonight?"

Harry looked calculating at the dusty black cloud which slowly formed into a face. "I need you help," he said evenly. "I want you to merge my past soul with my present day one."

"Ah...I see," hissed the voice. "But are you ready to pay the price?"

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. No, nothing will ever be the same from now on, but he needed to do this. "What do you need?"

"Many things," replied the voice vaguely. "But what is it that you are willing to give up in exchange for"

"My soul," answered Harry, "A piece of it, in exchange for your services."

The voice seemed unhappy. "So you want me to exchange a perfectly whole 'past' soul for your spliced one?" it asked in annoyance, "You must be a fool if you think I'd agree to such a proposal."

Harry bowed his head in agreement. "I thought you might say that," he said slowly. "However, unlike my 'past' soul, my current soul is still alive. And as I have researched, you and your kind, enjoy having something new."

The voice chuckled. "You know me well Potter," it said with a hint of amusement. "Very well, I agree. I will exchange a piece of your soul for your entire past soul."

"Thank you," whispered Harry, as he closed his eyes and waited. "Lets get this over with."

"I will take 1/13 of your soul, it is so little that I doubt you'd be able to feel the difference," lectured the voice quietly. "However, I will warn you, with the addition of your 'past soul' inside of you Potter. You will gain any extra 'abilities' that your past self possessed. The downside is that your personality might change a bit..."

"I know, please get started."

The voice laughed. "As you wish, Lord Slytherin..."

Harry's eyes flew open in astonishment just as a wave of pure undulated power struck him at his core, and he fell down screaming.

A/N: Yea! Finally finished! This is my response to J.K Rowling's 6th HP book: The Half-blood Prince. Which I personally thought, was not as good as her pervious ones. I thought it was pretty random that she made Snape of all people the 'Half-blood Price." I mean seriously, haven't you thought about it. As the head of Slytherin, would the rest of the Slytherin house look down on Snape and not respect him since after all the name Snape is Muggle not magical. Gad...why kill Dumbledore off! ARRGG, I mean sure I did not like him that much but seriously it wasn't worth it to kill him off of all things. Stupid Stupid, but hey, the ending was quite interesting. I like Harry's character and personality better in this book.