Deal with the Devil

By: xxlostdreamerxz

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Harry leaned back against a black leather couch as he idly watched various witches and wizards hustle about. He stretched out as a languid smile reached his lips. It has been around a week or so since his trip to the Ministry and his fortunate deal with Scrimgeour. And so far, all his plans were moving without a hitch. The only thing that stood in his way was time. After all, it would be best not to rush things as it is...

...but of course, he did have a few other schemes to execute.

"Mr. Potter?" greeted one of the goblins, as he made his way towards Harry's seat. He gave a stiff bow when he reached Harry before saying quietly, "Lord Gold is ready to see you."

Harry smiled at the goblin. "Thank you," he said kindly, as he returned the goblin's bow while mentally grinning when he saw the poor creature gap at him in surprise. Obviously, Goblin-wizarding relationships have declined drastically since his time. "Please lead the way," he prompted, when the goblin continued to stared at him with something akin to awe.

At those words, the goblin seemed to snap out of his daze. "Of course Mr. Potter, forgive me for my mishap," he replied as it quickly regained its usual composure. "Come, follow me." The goblin led Harry towards a set of silver crusted doors that was cleverly hidden by goblin magic. Harry's eyes widened at the opulent surroundings. Obviously, the bank had gotten quick rich over the past few centuries.

"What is your name?" he asked abruptly, causing the goblin to stop mid-step. Harry's eyes clouded over for a second as a memory flickered across his mind. The goblin has an extremely long and crooked nose (which happened to be bigger than the rest of his race) and not only that, but the creature's eyes were an unbecoming shade of magenta. And Harry had only seen those pair of eyes once before in his life. "You look slightly familiar..."

"Minos Sisyphean the 10th."

Harry's eyes widened in shock. "Do you happen to be related to Lord Aton Sisyphean, the famous goblin silversmith?" he asked hopefully, "The one who single-handedly crafted all of the weapons in the Era of Death?"

Minos, the goblin, blinked in surprise. "Yes, he is," he said slowly, "Though I am surprised that you are aware of our past, Mr. Potter. Not many wizards care much about history..."

Harry smiled. "Not by any fault of theirs," he said with a light chuckle. "I am sure that you've heard of Professor Binns before," said Harry in a conspiring voice. "He is partially the reason why wizards don't put much stock in history. Most people can't stay awake for more a few minutes tops in his class..."

Minos returned his smile, which in Harry's opinion looked a bit savage. "But not you, Mr. Potter," he said calculatingly. "You are different then most wizards. You care about the past..."

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "I guess you can say that, Minos," he said mysteriously. "After all, my future is inexorably linked with my past..."

" are an Old Soul," said Minos with a smile, as his beady eyes flashed silver for a moment. "A very old soul, for the matter..."

Harry stiffened at the goblin's words. "An Old Soul?" he repeated, "What in the world is that?"

Minos bared his teeth in a dark smile. "Do not lie to me, Mr. Potter," he said calmly, "I can see your soul and your magic. And of course, how could I miss the glowing chunk of your 'past soul' in you?" Minos reached out and pulled on one of the golden chains that dangled from the ceilings. A low rumbling sound emerged and one of the stone blocks moved aside, which Minos beckoned Harry to follow. "We, goblins, have the sight, Mr. Potter. There is no need to lie."

He sighed tiredly, "So I take it you know who I was then, Minos?"

The goblin smirked at Harry's woebegone expression. "Actually, no," he explained, feeling slightly vicious when Harry's head jerked up in surprise. "I can't see beyond the fact that your soul is old and that you've awakened it. No one, goblin or magical creature is capable of identifying who someone was, Mr. Potter. Though, since you are aware of my ancestor," his smile grew even larger. "I suppose I could make an educated guess..."

"But that doesn't necessarily mean that you'd guess correctly, eh?" interrupted Harry with smug smile this time as he saw Minos's smile disappear at his words. If there was one thing that goblins hated above all, was being left in the dark. And of all things, Harry knew that Minos was extremely curious about his past.

Minos scowled.

"But...if you're really interested," drawled Harry as a distant emotion flickered across his bright emerald green eyes. "I suppose we could make a trade of some sort."

The goblin's lips curled into a sneer, as he drew himself up to his full height (which was still at least two foot shorter than Harry) and glared. "I would never betray Gringotts, Mr. Potter," he hissed softly. "What makes you think your little secret is worth its weight in gold?"

Harry blinked. Goblins were definitely obsessive with money. "Minos, calm down," he said soothingly. "I wasn't asking you to betray your position here at all. Nor, was I talking about gold at any rate..." he explained, noting that Minos's harsh expression had softened slightly. "My favor only consists of a visit..."

"A visit?" repeated Minos, with a slightly suspicious glint in his eyes. "To where?"

"Not what you're thinking," said Harry, as he waved away Minos's suspicions. "It isn't anywhere in Gringotts, Minos, so you can stop worrying." He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair, as he tried to find the right words. "Look, you know how I...implied that I've been your ancestor, Lord Aton Sisyphean before?"

Minos nodded.

"Well, to tell you the truth, we were actually quite close," he explained hesitantly. "We were friends of sorts." (not really). Harry bit his lip worriedly, as he evaluated Minos's expression. "And I was wondering, if I could meet the rest of your family..." he purposely cast his head downward in a sad fashion. "...I promised him, you see. That I would sometime in the future, I would see to it that his...children were being taken care of. And that they have not forgotten their craft..."

The goblin bobbed his head in understanding. "That is very honorable of your, Mr. Potter," he said quietly. "Not many wizards care much about fulfilling their promises to us...especially one that was made in another lifetime." Minos glanced at Harry through slanted eyes, "Though I have to admit, it is quite a strange request any rate. My family have rarely dealt with wizards for centuries...and they would definitely be shocked to have a wizard pop up suddenly on their doorstep."

Harry gave Minos a sympathetic look. "Well, if it's going to be too much trouble..."

Minos waved his hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it, Mr. Potter," he said with a smile. "It won't be a bother. My family will be pleased to meet a wizard such a yourself." He paused for a second as he scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Are you available in two weeks worth of time? We are having a family gathering then and I suppose then would be as good of a time for you to meet them," he finished softly to himself.

Harry cheered mentally, and gave Minos a genuine smile. "That'd be great!"

Minos smiled in return, but his smile faded quickly when he they approached a large golden door that was surrounded by jewels and gems. "This is where I shall leave you Mr. Potter," he said slowly. "Beyond these doors is Lord Gold's private office." His purple eyes darted about nervously, but nevertheless he leaned in a hissed some advice to Harry. "Remember, do not do anything offensive in his presence, or else it might be the last thing you do," he warned before walking off.

Harry blinked in surprise. From what he'd remembered, Lord Gold was not that ruthless. (well, at least not for a Supreme Goblin at any rate). Carefully heeding Minos's advice, Harry knocked politely on the door and waited.

He heard the light shuffling of papers, before a cold voiced called out, "Enter."

Harry cautiously pushed opened the door and poked his head. The first thing that he saw was a stout, ancient goblin sitting hunched over a pile of papers on his desk. The goblin's golden eyes raised slightly and met his emerald green ones, before widening in shock.

"You!" he yelled shrilly, as he clambered to his feet and pointed a trembling finger at a Harry. The goblin had suddenly turned a shade of sickly green, as he took in Harry's features. " can't be..."

"Yes, me," replied Harry calmly, as he took a seat right in front of Lord Gold. "Please, Erebus, take a seat. There is much we need to go over today."

The goblin clutched his chest and eyed Harry with something akin to fear. "Salazar?" he whispered softly, as his eyes golden eyes dilated. "'re dead! DEAD!" he screamed, clutching his head in agony. "It can't be..."

Harry blinked. Alright, he sure had quite a weird set of friends back in the past.

"I killed you..."

Now that was definitely out of place. So far, only a few of his memories have come back as of yet; however, of those memories Erebus Gold was a decent friend who always stood by his side. Harry's eyes narrowed at the Goblin's hysterical sobs and laughter. Yup, his pal Lord Gold seemed to have finally lost it.

"Have you finally come to collect your debt?" he asked between coughs of laughter and sobs, as he looked pleadingly at Harry. "End it, I may finally rest in peace." The goblin threw himself at Harry's feet. "Please, forgive me old friend...forgive me."

And it took Harry all his strength to not gap in shock. "Erebus, sit down," he commanded as he helped the hysterical goblin into his chair. For the love of Merlin, what in the hell was going on?

"I was a weak fool..." he whispered, "...and because of that, you died."

Harry sighed as he messaged his temples. Truthfully, he hadn't expected such a greeting from Erebus at all. He'd just thought the goblin would just glare and scowl at him for not revealing his 'true' self before now. He seriously hadn't expected Erebus to have a mental breakdown from seeing him.

Guilt trips were always such a bother.

"Look, Erebus," said Harry slowly as he made sure he had the distraught goblin's full attention. "Tell me the truth, did you or did you not cast the killing blow?"

The goblin looked horrified at Harry's words. Apparently, it seemed to be just enough to shock him out of his stupor. "Of course not!" he exclaimed harshly, "I gave you a blood promise to help you defeat..." Erebus shuddered at the memory. "...her."

Harry growled in frustration. "Then why is it that you think you killed me!" he demanded.

Erebus laughed bitterly. "You don't remember Salazar?" he asked self-deprecation, "You don't remember me running away from you like a fool? You were screaming like the demons of hell were after you...and I...ran..." The goblin collapsed against his chair and gulped down a tankard of alcohol. "And you died believing that I was coming to help you. So much for my blood promise..." that was it. A fickle thing 'Goblin pride' that is.

To a goblin, a blood promise bound them for life and beyond. There was not restitution, no second chances. He would either fulfill his part of the bargain, or else live to regret it. Said goblin, would never be able to rest in peace and be plagued for the rest of their existence until they went mad from guilt.

Personally, Harry was quite surprised that his friend was still sane. He gave Erebus a sidelong glance and saw that the goblin was still chuckling like mad. 'On second thought, maybe not...'

"Erebus, what would you say if I gave you an alternative to your blood promise?" interrupted Harry, as he waved his hand in front of his friend's face. "It would be impossible for your to fulfill the old blood oath since 'she' should have already died by natural causes by now."

The goblin stopped cackling and stared at him through watery eyes.

"Would you pledge your aid to me against...Voldemort?" pushed Harry, as he met Erebus's distraught eyes. "I promise you, if you complete this task this time I will end it for you. I will stop your blood oath from haunting you..."

A light of sanity flared in his friend's eyes. "But why would you do that Salazar?" he asked in confusion. "You hated Muggles in the past too..." Erebus took another swig of alcohol before facing Salazar, before his eyes darkened with emotion. "Almost as much as 'she' did."

Harry scowled. Who in the hell was this 'she' the bloody goblin kept on mentioning? "Look, Erebus...I haven't got all my memories back yet. So could you please explain?"

The goblin shook his head. "It doesn't work that way, Salazar. Since you are an Old Soul, even if I did tell you about your would not remember it." He patted Salazar comfortingly on the back. "Don't worry, your memories will come back when the time is right."

Harry sighed and raised his hands in mock surrender. "Alright, alright, I get it," he said tiredly, as he waved off the rest of Erebus's explanation. "There's no point in dwelling in the past. I'll face things as they come..."

The wineglass in Erebus's hand exploded in a show of glass and blood. "De Évreux," cursed the goblin, as it glanced at the specks of blood dripping all over his paper-covered desk. He mumbled a soft incantation under his breath and within a matter of minutes his hand slowly healed until the only evidence of it being cut was a long thin scar.

The dark-haired man studied the goblin's expression carefully. 'Was it something I said?'

After Erebus managed to get everything back in working order, he turned to face Harry with a blank expression on his face. "Salazar, for old time's sake I will ask you this again," he asked beseechingly, "Are you certain you wish to stand against your heir You-Know-Who?"

Harry's face remained neutral, though on the inside his thoughts were in turmoil. Images flashed through his mind: Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Dumbledore, his parents, Sirus, and a few blurred ones from his past. There was a long silence, as Harry thought his words out carefully. "It is my destiny," he said simply.

Erebus bowed his head in understanding, though Harry caught a flash of pity in the goblin's dark golden eyes. "If that is your decision Salazar...or should I say, Mr. Potter. You have my support in the war."

Harry forced a smile. Somehow the goblin's words did not feel as reassuring as it should have been.

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