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Default Chapter

In 1892 a mysterious killer brought terror in London, killing dozens of people in only a short time. No one knew his identity, and he was called the Killer of Alleys, because he used to attack his victims in dark alleys. After killing his victims with a single stab at the heart, he used to leave mocking messages written with blood near the bodies. In 1892 the Killer of Hallways worked only a few months before disappear without leave any track, then he come back three years later, in 1895. At the time, he didn't know that, in a cold night of February of 1892, he had committed a fatal error who would sign his destiny: he had killed the wrong person…a woman called Theresa Ratigan.


Basil of Baker Street read the letter another time. It said:

Dear Mr. Basil of Baker Street,

I suppose you already know about the return of the Killer of Hallways, and I can imagine our desire to bring him to justice. I have a proposal for you: I have many acquaintances, and trough them I can obtain information that Mouseland Yard can't even imagine. I don't wish more than see the Killer of Hallways hammed, so I want help you to get him. If you're interested about my proposal, go at the corner of Carnaby Street at 10:00 pm.

The letter wasn't signed. Basil thought for a moment or two, then he put it down and grabbed his coat.

"Where are you going, Mr. Basil?" asked Mrs. Judson, who was cleaning up the room.

"Oh, it's a matter of work" said Basil, putting his coat on "don't wait me awake."

Mrs. Judson tried to protest. "But the dinner…."

Basil cut her off. "There's not time for dinner, Mrs. Judson" he said, then he came out of the house, closing the door behind him.

Later, at the corner of Carnaby Street, Basil looked around anxiously: there was no one in sight.

'Maybe I committed imprudence' he thought 'I had been too impulsive. I have not idea about who wrote me that damn letter. It could be anybody…'

In that moment, somebody grabbed him from behind and pressed a handkerchief on his mouth. Basil could recognize the smell of chloroform…and a moment later, all went black.

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