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Summary: Angel has just comeback from the bottom of the ocean and has to deal with Conner. Since Buffy's death Dawn has been feeling forgotten but leaning on her only supporter Spike. With Willow's increasing power, a slip of the tongue can have irreparable consequences. What will happen when Angel gets two more children? Please R&R!

A/N: Ok to clear up the time line here its Angel early season 4. With the change that Conner wasn't kicked to live on the streets and stayed in the hotel, but they are on shaky ground. And Wes brought Angel back home but not back in the fold yet. Cordelia also not coming back. I don't know if the Beast will show or not. On the Buffy verse first episode of season six, Buffy isn't coming back either. Hopefully this makes my story clearer. I know I'm supposed to be working on two other stories and summer school work but this just popped into my head. So please enjoy and review! Know that flames will be used to barbeque.

Chapter 1: Home Base

Monday afternoon 4:00 PM

Angel's recovery was coming slowly but faster than expected. Not only the physical scars persisted but dealing with his son's betrayal. I guess how could he really call him a son, he missed his entire life. Conner kept his distance from the group usually sleeping during the day and patrolling at night. Gunn and Fred where often alone manning the office.

Angel had woken up late in the afternoon, he didn't move from bed just stared at the ceiling. After a few minutes of feeling utterly pathetic he decided it would be better to be with people. He quickly got dressed and left his room. He paused for a moment or two outside of Conner's door, but didn't have the courage to go in. Instead Angel went down stairs.

Fred shifted her gaze off the desk flashing Angel her sweet smile. "Good morning Angel, or is it good afternoon. Well I guess its morning for you, but…" Angel revealed a small smile. "Hi, Fred. Gunn. How is business going?"

Gunn put the ax he was polishing down. "Pretty slow man, not pre-apocalyptic slow but boring. I have cleaned and alphabetized all the weapons." Gunn was interrupted by the ringing phone.

Fred did a quick clap and raced to the phone. "See new customers already. Angel Investigations, we help the helpless. This is Fred. Oh hi Willow…"


Sunday night 12:00 AM

Spike was watching late night TV on the sofa with Dawn. She was lying down in her pajamas which consisted of a tank top and shorts that Spike would never let her leave the house in. During Conan they continued to throw popcorn at each other. By the time Willow and the others came back from patrolling the whole living room was covered in a thin layer of salty kernels.

"Ow, Anya that hurt!" said Xander as he held his side which was covered by a large bruise. "Sorry I was just testing how tender your side is, seeing as you promised after patrolling we would…" As soon as Anya had opened her mouth Dawn's ears where covered by Spike's hands.

"Um An, luv. Could you please refrain from speaking about you and the whelp in front of minors? Wait actually in front of anyone. Those where some very disturbing images and I lived through the plague." Spike said shooting over to let Xander sit on the sofa. An unfazed Anya sat on the chair across from him with Tara occupying the other over sized chair. Willow was finished dusting herself off and came into the living room.

"I'll get you some ice Xander." Tara went to the kitchen with her. "So whelp how did you hinder the group this time?" Spike said trying to get comfortable next to Dawn.

"Shut up dead boy! Not like you're helping with patrolling." Xander countered. Spike turned towards him jaw clenched. "No I'm not, I here with Dawn. Remember her, tall skinny thing dark hair. I'm here making sure she's alive, fed, has clean clothes, gets up, goes to sleep, actually talk to her." By this time Willow had returned with an ice pack to see Xander and Spike staring each other down.

"Sure dead boy but some of us actually need to make an honest living, not everyone's a felon." Spike was beginning to make a fist, and Xander saw it. "What are you going to do? Shake your fist at me; remember you're a neutered pup."

"Ya well my ribs aren't broken, dough boy." Spike said relinquishing his grip. "Ya, well my hair doesn't violate electrical restrictions!" Both he and Spike were in each others faces by now. "Right, at least I've heard of style dress for less." Spike quickly countered. While trying to wave his arms Xander winched in pain from his side. "Sure dead boy maybe in the 1980's."

By now Willow had had enough. "Xander sit down before you hurt yourself and Spike quite acting like a child!" They both answered with a grunt. Xander sank to the sofa.

"Fine I'm hungry anyway." Spike replied walking to the kitchen.

Xander was tending to his side when everyone heard the microwave keep beeping. Xander yelled to the kitchen. "God, could you stop being so annoying. Turn that thing off."

Dawn got off the sofa accidentally, on purpose, elbowing Xander in the side. "I'll go check on it." When she reached the kitchen she saw the microwave light on, but no Spike. She walked around the island to find Spike's clothes clumped on the floor and a naked little blond haired boy sitting on top of them.

"Uh-oh… Willow!"

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