Summary: HBP spoilers! What will happen after Draco appears at the Burrow? What chaos will they endure as they struggle to get along? Will they return to Hogwarts? What romance will bubble during Potter's search for the Horcruxes? And is Snape on the side of the light? Find out in this griping tale. Warning: Slash - HPDM, cross dressing (a few chapters), sex, mentions of child abuse, and character death (it is a war).

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Spoilers: Half Blood Prince, OoP, GoF, PoA, CoS, PS

Broken Window

The Attempt

The two boys opened the door to see many faces that they didn't know within their putrid-coloured walls that were decorated with bright red, green, and yellow streamers with a big sign written in blue letters "HAPPY HOUSE WARMING FUCKERS." All of the guests greeted them with grins on their faces. Blake came up to Draco and kissed him, Tora followed his example, but instead of a chaste kiss he full on snogged Potter.

"As you can see the sign was courteously of Tora, and he wants me to remind you that it was hand-painted." Blake said his smile faltering just a little as Draco tugged at the sleeve of his shirt while looking at the ground. "Drinks are at the table over here, and food is at the opposite side of the room. Yes the layout was Tora's idea; I would never make people walk across the room to get their drinks! A drag queen does like her booze and boys!" Laughs went around as Blake took a drink and then brought Draco in for another kiss.

Throughout the night Draco scarcely was seen without a frown on his face, and the moments he didn't it was often times a forced tug at the corner of his mouth. He was seen tugging at his long sleeves loads more times then he was seen forcing a half-grin. Blake was worried about his boyfriend and went over to the boy and pulled him into the hallway, "Are you okay, honey?"

Reaching up, Draco forced a smile and tousled his boyfriend's short red hair and nodded. Blake leaned forward and placed a kiss on Draco's nose then moved downwards and kissed his lips long and hard. "Don't wear yourself out; I've gotten something special planned later this evening for just the two of us." Nodding, Draco got up on his tippy-toes and kissed Blake's neck.

Draco tried to enjoy himself by commingling with the other neighbors. Potter was being a natural by chatting with everyone, while Draco struggled to go up to people. Anyone with blond hair Draco avoided, his father's face was on all of them, causing him to shiver and freeze-up. Finally the party was simmering down leaving only a few of the closet friends of Blake and Tora.

"Wanna do something fun…?" Murmured one of the men, a drunken grin on his face. "Where's that round table you have?" It was soon in the middle of the room with chairs for each of the remaining boys leaving the girls chatting amongst themselves. "Where's my slutty girlfriend? I'd ask Tora to do it but I'm afraid if I knew it was him I wouldn't get a woody easily."

"What are we exactly doing?" Draco asked, causing all of the boys to look at him in surprise except Potter who was wearing an equally blank expression. "Sorry I lived in a boarding school up until this moment… we didn't exactly do these types of things. It was all studies and fuck buddies." Grey eyes looked around the table and met green, "Potter can tell you that's all it was."

"And sports… and communal showers… and well fucking for me more then anything else." Potter bragged, his expression of arrogance made Draco grit his teeth.

"Well… we get a girl to go around the circle and suck guys off until they are good and hard and if the guys can tell who's the person that's getting sucked off then… that person tells everyone something. What will be tonight's question?" Said a boy with one of those awful mullets that were in 'style' now. Needless to say it made Draco want to vomit, although his own long, blond hair was not exactly up to his own standards.

"Who you lost your virginity to. Both boy, girl, arse, and dick." Murmured another boy – the boy who suggested the game in the first place. "Pammy, get your arse over here, you whore." The girl in question stood up and smacked him in the face.

"Do… do… we have to take off our pants?" Draco asked his voice faltering at the thought of the girl seeing his scars. The boys explained that all you had to do was take it out of the flap. After quite some time Draco felt breathing on his dick. And a tongue. Long strokes up and down his cock. He tried to keep a straight face, but the sensation was too much.

"Haha, Blondie's gettin' sucked." Tora commented, "Now who have you fucked?" Cursing his luck, Draco looked away for a moment and then blushed crimson. "You have to tell us a story of how it happened, too."

"Well…" Draco felt like protesting, but it was a game and he figured he'd just get it over with. "There's this girl named Pansy at my boarding school, we've fucked… well tried to anyways twice." Potter started laughing, "Shut up Potter, she's not awful looking… and once you get past that voice its okay, but god… She was on her period the first time and you see she's a total slut.

"So it was going alright with like the licking and when she took off her knickers it was okay… but then she… impaled herself onto me and it was just really sudden so when I looked down… and saw the blood running down..." Draco trailed off, a disgusting look passed over his face, "it's embarrassing!" Draco struggled, "It was so… wet and just gross I couldn't stand it and then the blood! Oh fuck it, I vomited and then passed out."

Everyone was silent for a moment and then laughter could be heard throughout the whole apartment, Draco was sure even the hermit next door was laughing. Blake placed a hand on Draco's shoulder, and attempted to hide his smile and snickering. "What about the boy?"

"I'm not queer… I don't fuck boys… and I haven't been fucked…" Draco murmured his eyes downcast. "After all, I'm a Malfoy I have to continue the line… I'm the last fertile Malfoy…" Draco trailed off, but Potter heard him and said nothing.

"Blake! You lucky dog! You get to fuck a virgin… but… then again… he's in the denial stage." Tora remarked, his eyes sparkling with obvious amusement. "Now zip up your trousers Draco you can still call out people. Let the games continue!"

A few more people were knocked out, but Tora, Blake, and Potter were still up. None of the stories were any interesting besides the one about prison sex and plane sex. When the game had gone on for several more minutes Potter suddenly let out a rather loud moan and started panting.

"I can't help it… I'm always the vocal one in sex… god…" Potter remarked, his brow had started to sweat. "As for my story… okay well my first time toping a girl was in a threesome with my two best friends. Hermione wanted me to fuck her while her boyfriend, Ron, watched… and… well he later joined in, but we never actually penetrated each other." Potter 'hmmed' as if trying to remember what exactly happened during his first time having sex with a boy.

"In football… well… my captain decided it was time for me to learn some new… more inventive moves and so I was held after practice… and when we got back in… like I said communal showers… his name was Oliver Wood… and he was well lets just say quite older then me… and I was twelve… so that was the first time I was fucked up the ass. Needless to say it was inventive and very painful. He was nearly ten inches long fully erect and quite thick. Luckily we were in the shower so it was quite slippery…

"The first topping happened oddly enough quite recently, since all my partners have always been a few years older they always want to fuck me. But there's this one… well I had sex with twins – two boys, with red-hair, who are the brothers of my best friend, Ron. Well, you see I was being fucked by this one when the other came in and saw me leaned against the wall. What you have to understand is that they have this freaky connection. And they find nothing wrong with fucking one another… they are actually long term partners – unofficially. One pretends he's straight so that he won't raise suspicion, but anyways… so he gets in front of me… and well… then I penetrated him and we had some fun. End of story."

Draco just stared at the boy, "Exactly how many have you fucked Potter?" But his question was ignored and the game simply continued.


When Draco went to tousle his boyfriend's hair, Blake grabbed his wrist and pulled up the black sleeve to see the scarred, nearly-translucent skin. "Why would you do that!" Draco cried, panic rising in his voice. Overcome by emotion he yanked his arm away and walked to the window – the farthest point away from his apparent boyfriend. "I'm so ugly under these clothes… please don't make me show you what a monster I am."

Blake slowly walked up to the other boy and placed his hands on his shoulders, "Please let me see. You are beautiful." Draco simply shook his head and turned around to face the other boy – or rather man. "Nothing can make me feel different, please let me see." Those once soft hands were placed on the end of the black shirt and were used to raise the shirt over Draco's head leaving him naked to the peering eyes. "Oh Draco… Draco… What happened?" Upon pulling off the boy's pants, Blake let out a gasp and again said, "Oh Draco!"

"My father disowned me so I jumped out a broken window and ran away… I tore off my clothes because… because… I was leaving a trail… and he'd find me and bring me back… he'd want me to be a proper Malfoy. But I know I'm a faggot and I can't help it.

"Also… I was unsure if my clothes had any type of thing to track where I was going; my father was psycho like that. He wants to take over the world with this buddy of his. And I don't agree with his methods and the whole thing… so I ran away. When he finds out I'm gay, oh Merlin… I'm a dead man."

Slowly the blonde let out a breath. The scars were visible on his body, but Blake didn't seem to care about them. He didn't seem to mind them. "They make you even more beautiful. You are the single most angelic looking boy I've ever laid my eyes on. With your pale skin, blond hair, and grey eyes, but it's not just that. It's not just a physical thing." Reaching his hand forward, Blake took his hair into his hand and stroked his head. "It's so much more then a physical thing. You've been here for a few weeks and we've been together for four weeks. I don't want to be going too fast for you, but I feel like we've known each other for so much longer then what we've actually been together. If you will allow it I'd like to," Blake took both of Draco's hands into his, "take our relationship to another level."

Soon Draco was pressed up against the bed; Blake's hands were planted beside his body on the green comforter. A tongue came out and ran up and down his body leaving a trail of dripping saliva. His tongue was scalding his body with its wet heat. The legs that were straddling his body were touching his bare, naked thighs making him unbearably hot. Sweat pooled on his forehead leaving the skin drenched. Red lips scurried up the body and planted themselves on top of pink ones, drowning them. Hands gripped too forcefully at the pale arms. Rigid, pink lips remained motionless. Grey eyes closed tight. The stiff, pale body let the seeping tongue pass over it again before the red lips descended past the naval to the flaccid organ.

"You alright?" Blake asked. Draco nodded laboriously. "May I?"

"Yes." Draco stiffly replied.

"Can I… enter you?"

Draco didn't know what to say, it felt wrong. Everything was off. "Blake…" He started slowly, "I like you a lot… but…" The look of disappointment on Blake's face made Draco change his mind, "I'd… be honored if you… would do it." A smile spread across those red lips.

Encouraged by Blake, Draco rolled over. Searing heat. A tongue slithered itself inside. The scorching temperature made Draco squirm. Blake ripped off his own pants and shucked off his briefs. Those grey eyes closed tightly as the tongue returned, he couldn't take it. It didn't feel right. The touches burned the skin.

A pale face buried into the mattress below trying to ignore the water wanting to run down the cheeks, trying to ignore as one escaped onto the comforter leaving a green spot darker then the rest, trying to ignore as other's followed, until a sob wracked his body. The tongue stopped. Everything stopped. The heat cooled down, no longer burning him.

"I'm sorry!" Draco sobbed, hiding his face from view. The legs left his allowing the burned skin to cool. The mattress dipped as Blake put a hand over his face and sighed in frustration. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay." Blake forced out before standing up, leaving the blonde alone on the bed, and slamming the door on his way out. Another slam followed as Blake left the apartment to across the hall where he, yet again, slammed the door to his flat.

"I'm sorry…" Draco cried out. The only person that heard him was Potter who was sitting in the next room.

Potter was half tempted to go see what state the other boy was in, but he decided not to, since he figured that it wasn't his place to worry about the other boy – after all their history together wasn't exactly good. But curiosity got the better of him so Potter stood up, went to the door, and opened it slightly.

Draco was completely nude and sobbing. His face was pressed into the mattress with his legs tucked underneath his wracking, shaking, quivering body. Potter closed the door, allowing it to slowly shut without noise. The body of the brunette pressed against the door after heaving a sigh, he felt like comforting the other boy, but he knew he shouldn't intrude. After all, they weren't even friends.

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