Summary: This is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince. I wouldn't recommend reading it if you haven't finished HBP yet. Picking up right where HBP left off, Harry goes on his adventures in order to stop Voldemort and save the wizarding world.

Rated:MA for violence, language, and sex

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Chapter 1: Draco's Punishment


Draco ran for his life. As he looked back, he saw Snape screaming at Harry and deflecting spells that Harry was throwing at him. He continued running for the gates of Hogwarts. Once out of them he'd be free. He'd be able to Disapparate just beyond Hogwarts' boundaries. He looked back once more. Snape was next to him, covered in blood that was dripping from deep gashes on his body.

"Professor, what-"

"Shut up and Disapparate, foolish boy!" screamed Snape.

With a turn, Draco Disapparated first, leaving only a loud pop as he fled the scene. Snape followed suite and Disapparated after Draco, reappearing next to Draco. They were in a dark house. Snape looked down and saw Draco kneeled over on the ground heavily panting, hanging onto the carpet on the floor.

With a tug, Snape pulled Draco up off the floor and brought him closer to his own face. There was a deep sense of terror about Draco, especially evident in his eyes. Snape glared into Draco's face. "What gave you the right to hesitate and ignore the Dark Lord's orders?" shouted Snape.

"Professor, I-"

"Didn't think! Dumbledore was about to stop you!"

Draco wrenched himself free from Snape's grab. He glared back into Snape's eyes, losing the sense of terror about him. "I was perfectly capable of killing the old ass myself, thanks!" spat Draco.

"You were about to compromise our mission, was what you were about to do!"

A dark, hooded figured emerged from the shadows slowly and walked toward Draco. "Malfoy," said a high, cold voice from underneath the hood. "What are you doing here? I believe you were supposed to report straight to me when you were finished tonight."

Draco looked up at the figure, seeing it for the first time in the house. He bowed suddenly, as did Snape. When he looked back up, the figure was removing his hood. A deformed head protruded from the hood. It had pale skin and red, piercing eyes. The nose was snake-like. Voldemort stood in front of Draco, glaring down at him.

"Master, I planned to come straight to you after I had caught my breath."

"SILENCE!" screamed the high voice. "You are lying, and you know I do not permit lying." Draco looked down at the floor in shame.

"I am sorry, my Lord," he replied.

"Did you succeed with the plans?" asked Voldemort, still with great agitation in his voice. "Is Dumbledore dead?" Draco looked at Snape, and Snape looked back at him.

"Dumbledore is dead, my Lord," stated Snape. Voldemort's gaze turned to Snape.

"Did all go as planned?" questioned Voldemort once more. At this, Draco stood up. Voldemort returned his eyes to Draco. "Well?"

"Snape killed Dumbledore, sir. He got there just as I was about to." Draco returned his eyes to the floor, trying not to stare into Voldemort's for too long. Voldemort, however, narrowed his eyes.

"You lie," hissed Voldemort. Draco's head shot up as he stared into Voldemort's face. "You weren't going to. You were going to leave me and join Dumbledore. You planned on escaping!"

Snape glared at Draco, though it went unnoticed. Draco looked pleadingly at Voldemort.

"No, master! It wasn't like that!" defended Draco. "I would never betray you!"

"Lies again!" hissed Voldemort. "I do not put up with lies!" Voldemort pulled hi wand out of his cloaks and pointed it at Draco. "Crucio!" he shouted. Draco screamed horribly in pain. He began twitching and fell to his knees as Voldemort ended the curse.

Draco clutched the carpet again, still in pain. He breathed heavily.

"I do not tolerate betrayal, Draco," said Voldemort in a loathing voice. "Crucio!" he shouted again, and Draco burst into pain again. Snape watched as Draco twitched and screamed in agony, and begun flailing himself about. Voldemort ended the curse and left Draco on the floor, moaning in agony. He turned to Snape. "And you," he said. "Malfoy was to carry out his orders on his own. How dare you prevent him?" Voldemort began raising his wand, pointing it, now, at Snape.

"My Lord! I detected the weakness in Draco tonight, just as you have. I saw what he planned to do! I acted only to carry out your orders, and to fulfill the Unbreakable Vow that I have with Draco's mother!" Voldemort's eyes narrowed on Snape.

"And what was in this Vow?" hissed Voldemort.

"I vowed I would attempt to protect Draco from danger during his mission, and to fulfill the mission for him if he could not," said Snape. Voldemort maintained his narrowed eyes at Snape.

"You will never enter such a Vow with anyone on my orders from now on," hissed Voldemort, his voice colder than ever. "It is not your decision as to who will follow through my orders. My plans were specific enough."

"Yes, my Lord," replied Snape as he bowed his head. Voldemort turned on his heel and Disapparated from the room. On the ground, Draco remained breathing laboriously from the pain that he remembered all too well.