Summary: Harry Potter has returned from Hogwarts and has wasted no time in his search for Voldemort's Horcruxes. Against the wishes of his friends, he goes off alone. Will Harry win the fight against Voldemort?

Rated: M for violence, language, and sex

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Chapter 14: Revenge


Harry stared at the sword in amazement as it hovered between him and his companions. The glowing letters had faded to their typical silver color. It now rested on its side as if nothing had happened. Harry was the first to speak.

"What…?" he trailed off.

"…just…" Ron added onto Harry's statement.

"…happened?" Hermione finished, completing the sentence. Ginny raised an eyebrow.

"You three finish each other's sentences now?" she asked, receiving incredulous looks from the other three.

"Were you temporarily brain dead five seconds ago, Ginny? Or do you just not care that the coolest bloody thing happened right in front of your nose?" Ron asked, unbelievably.

"Wow, Ron. Someone needs a nap…" Ginny said, smirking.

"Would you two hush up?" Hermione asked impatiently. "We've got more important things to be doing now!"

"Like what?" Ginny asked. "If anything, I think Harry deserves a break."

"Well yeah, he does, but I doubt he wants to hang out floating in the middle of nowhere!" Hermione snapped back. Ginny glared at Hermione momentarily, then turned to Harry.

"Any ideas?" she asked simply. Harry shook his head, still unable to utter a word. The fact that he'd successfully managed to destroy a Horcrux the correct way was unbelievable. He also assumed he knew how to destroy future Horcruxes, though now that he thought about it, there weren't many Horcruxes left. Only the real locket, Nagini, and Voldemort, himself, remained.

Oh god. Oh god. Ohhhh god, Harry thought. The prospect of Harry having to fight Voldemort was not something Harry had planned on doing for a while. Sure, he knew he'd have to do it sometime, but Harry hadn't realized how soon his worst fears would become reality. In fact, Harry didn't even know how he would be able to defeat and destroy Voldemort once and for all. Would Avada Kedavra even work? Would Harry have enough hate in his heart in order to follow through with the spell? He had no idea. But for the time being, he'd have to focus on getting out of wherever it was that he and his friends were floating.

"Well… what if we tried to Disapparate?" Hermione suggested to the others. Harry nodded. He looked around for Ginny and noticed she was about 20 feet away from him. Harry held his wand out towards Ginny.

"Accio Ginny," he said simply. Ginny began a slow trip over to Harry, which ended when she grabbed his hand comfortingly.

"Are you alright?" she whispered gently into his ear. Harry turned to face her and smiled lightly.

"Yeah, I guess. Just kind of…"

"In shock," Ginny stated. Ron smirked from afar, and Hermione grinned.

"Look who's finishing sentences now!" she said. Ginny made a rude hand gesture at her and turned back to Harry.

"Harry… why were you able to do it to the sword but not to the brick?" Ginny asked.

"I… don't know. I kind of just felt this huge feeling of hatred mixed with fear and… bravery? I'm really not sure, I just had this sense of understanding, like I knew I could do this right now. Does that make any sense?"

"None," Ginny said smirking. She kissed Harry's cheek. "But I understood it, so I guess we're both going mad." She winked at Harry and grasped his arm. Hermione took the cue and closed her eyes in concentration.

Harry followed suit and took a large breath. He was still not fully accustomed to Apparating. Harry felt his body tense up a little bit as he went to turn on his heel. But Harry did not turn on his heel. Neither did Hermione, nor did Ron. In fact, anyone who was in their situation wouldn't have been able to turn on his or her heel, as there was nothing under the heel on which to turn. Instead of turning and Disapparating, Harry felt himself flail his leg out in midair. A bit shocked, he opened his eyes to see if Hermione or Ron had been able to Disapparate. Hermione was floating, shocked that her plan hadn't worked, and Ron was thrashing all of his limbs about grunting every few seconds, as if trying extremely hard to turn on nothing. Ron began to whine.

"Why isn't it workiiing?" he asked, finally opening his eyes. Harry couldn't help but smile at him for a bit, but then refocused himself.

"How are we getting out of here?" Harry asked his friends.

"I… I don't know. How else can we transport ourselves besides Disapparating?" Hermione asked.

"Well… What had other witches and wizards done instead of Apparating?" Ron asked. Harry thought hard to himself. He'd ridden thestrals before. He'd also seen wizards travel by floo powder. But what could transport him? Were there any more animals who could-

"THAT'S IT!" Harry shouted a bit too loudly. He received questioning looks from Hermione and Ginny, so he elaborated. "FAWKES!" Hermione's face lit up, while Ginny just smiled. Ron wasn't as understanding.

"What about him?" Ron asked, not seeing the connection.

"Ron, Fawkes can transport things using that flame thing he does!" Ginny said. For a second it looked as if Hermione was going to correct Ginny, but she let it go.

"How do we call him?" she asked Harry.

"I think he only comes when his owner's been shown a lot of respect. Last time I called him, I was defending Dumbledore against Tom," Harry stated.

"So… try it, Harry. Tell me all about Dumbledore and how awesome he is," Ginny said, smirking.

"Urm… okay then. Uh… Dumbledore was a great man. He, er, was the best sorcerer in the world and was the one thing that could defeat Voldemort."

"Harry, that is so stupid! That's not defending him, or reverence of him, it's just ranting off his accomplishments!" Hermione cried.

"Hermione! Lay off! Harry's doing the best he can, but you can't expect him to be an expert at calling some bird! He's just stuck in this position!" Ginny lashed out, defending Harry. Right as Ginny went to continue, Harry heard a loud cry. It was a beautiful cry, and consisted of one long, wavering note. Warmth began at Harry's feet and traveled up his body. It was out of the corner of his eye that Harry first saw the bird.

The red-and-gold-feathered bird came soaring through the darkness toward the group. He hovered between them for a second, ruffling his feathers. After a few twitches, 4 feathers fell from his back, enough for one per person. After Harry had caught his, he noticed that everyone else had one as well. The feather shone of bright red with small glitter-like specs on it.

Suddenly the feather broke out in flame. As Harry went to drop it, he thought twice. This was what was going to transport him back to the world he and his friends knew. Harry grasped the feather and shut his eyes. He felt a rush of air coming from behind him, and even through closed eyes, Harry could tell there was a very bright light coming from his right. Harry suddenly lurched forward and fell face-forward onto the floor.

"YES! FINALLY!" Ron shouted. He then kissed the ground, while Hermione yelled at him to get-up-right-this-instant-or-you'll-be-sorry. Harry helped Ginny up as they smirked at Ron, who was now red in the face and getting an ear-load from Hermione about what she liked to call his 'total disregard for social acceptability within the confines of blah blahh blahhhhhhhh.' Harry gave Ginny a small kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks," he whispered into her ear. Hermione looked at them.

"Wait a second. Why did Fawkes come when Ginny defended Harry? I thought Fawkes belonged to Dumbledore," Hermione observed.

"Hermione, I think Fawkes now owes its loyalty to Harry now… I mean, think about it. Who, of all people, would Dumbledore leave his most prized and trusted possession to? Harry!" Ron said.

"That would make sense," Hermione agreed. Harry stared at her, dumbfounded.

"Did you just agree with Ron?" he asked. Hermione gasped in shock.

"I think you did!" Ron grinned at Hermione, but didn't receive the same look from her. In fact, she stormed off, flustered, and Ron followed. Harry smiled at Ginny and put his arm around her. The two began to walk down a corridor, happy to be back on solid ground.

"So," Ginny began, "how's the life of the famous Harry Potter?" Ginny asked. Harry sighed.

"I've got no clue what I'm doing. I'm still short by 3 Horcruxes, and I've got no idea where the real locket or Nagini are. I can't fight someone like Snape, and I'm so easily thrown off a bus by someone like Ernie. And I'm not even sure how I'm going to be able to kill Voldemort when I finally have to! I don't think I have that much hatred for him!" Harry stared down at the ground as he walked and spoke. Ginny rest her head on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Harry. It'll all turn out in the end. You'll find a way to finish off Voldemort."

As Harry and Ginny rounded a corner, they saw Neville coming toward them. He was smirking.

"Harry! Ginny! Ron and Hermione are in the Common Room and they're…" Neville trailed off, unable to continue due to his laughter. It kind of looked like he was licking the air. "I can't believe it finally happened!"

Harry and Ginny laughed at Neville's news. "Neville, they've been together for a bit, they just don't have normal affectionate ways of showing it… usually, that is," Harry said. Ginny smirked, and then her face sprang to life.

"HARRY!" Ginny shrieked with pleasure. "This is it!" She grabbed his hand and began racing down hallways and corridors that Harry wasn't sure he recognized. He couldn't really tell where they were, since everything went by in a blur. When they finally slowed, they were in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady.

"Stringilius!" Ginny called out before prompted. The portrait swung forward and Ginny and Harry climbed through the hole to the Gryffindor Common Room. Harry looked around, but the room was empty. Immediately, Ginny flew up the stairs to the boys' dormitories. Harry followed her up the stairs and pulled on her shirt right as she was about to open the door to his dormitory that he shared with his male companions.

"What are you doing, Ginny! Stop for a second and tell me-"

"Listen. Hermione and Ron are doing Merlin-knows-what in that room. I'm going to barge in there and intrude on them, getting Ron back for what he did to me. Are you with me or not?" Ginny asked hurriedly and quietly. Harry thought about it for a few seconds, and then nodded his head in joy.

Harry watched as Ginny's outstretched hand reached for the door. Harry watched as Ginny turned the knob and threw the door open. Harry watched as Ginny strode into the dormitory. Harry watched as Ginny screamed and ran out of the room. Harry watched as Lavendar Brown ran from the room unclothed and screaming. Harry watched as Seamus chased after her, pulling on his shorts. Harry watched as Ron and Hermione came out of the girls' dormitory. Harry watched as Ginny turned red as a tomato.


Authors' Note:

Sean: Well, we've done it. This is one of our shorter chapters, and it has taken us MONTHS to write it. Not because of this chapter's importance or anything. Actually, Nora and I are just crazy busy with schoolwork. And seeing as how we're in 3 of the same classes, we've planned several things, just haven't had the time to write them. Tonight was the night, as we had Monday off! I really hoped you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it, but we ARE getting back to the good adventure stuff soon! I'd say… expect something big to happen when no one is looking… But that's all I'll say on the matter. Oh, and there's something quite questionable in this chapter that might be the key to the end of the story. Good night and, well, just keep reading!


Nora would like to add that Jewish holidays and GT homework do not exist in the world of Hogwarts... for good reason. But we did it! air hugs for all and GOOD NIGHT!


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