Author's Note: Argh, I'm being a naughty author yet again! I hate to do this to you all, since I already had you in suspense after I let out the Origins trailer, but the introduction to this story has been nagging at me to the point of getting in the way of my Spooky Doom updates. It's quite an impatient tale. Believe me, you'll see just how impatient. As for the legal stuff, I own no characters or places pertaining to Halloween or Christmas Town. Those belong to Tim Burton, savvy? And for those following the story lines, this story takes place about a month after Poker Night.

Nothing Ever Turns Out Like It Should

"Now, if you want to release bats after the ceremony, we have to start catching them now," the Mayor said.

"The Muses will be absolutely fabulous, you'll love them to bits!" Venus exclaimed

"What's the main course going to be? Jellied Brains or Stuffed Tarantulas? Ooh, how about both?"

"The cake is going to be made with ambrosia frosting. Simply divine, dearie."

"Now, about your suit. Well, it has to be altered, fit for a king, Jack."

"A king indeed! I can have you dressed in the finest garments."

"Just think, this Halloween will be all the more special because of you and Sally. Not that every other year is less special, no. Not at all, Jack."

"Oh, what a wonderful Valentine's Day this will be. A little unorthodox, but I'm open to anything."

"Everyone will celebrate in the square for days afterward!"

"No need to worry about the reception location, I am holding it in my own gardens free of charge."

"Believe me, this is how a wedding should be," the Mayor concluded.

"No. This is how it should be," Venus said firmly.

"Like this, Jack."


"Huh?" Jack asked.

"Jack? It's morning," Sally said.

Jack blinked before sitting up. He looked out the window to find a grinning pumpkin sun peeking out from the east. Then, with a groan, he lay back on a pillow and stared at the ceiling. This was becoming more and more routine for the both of them.

"Another wedding dream?" Sally asked Jack.

"The wedding doesn't bother me. It's the planning, specifically, the planners," Jack replied.

"They mean well, Jack. It's just that we have to tell one of them we don't need their services."

"But which one? The Mayor would be hurt for who knows how long if we said no to him, and I definitely don't want to get either one of us on Venus' bad side."

"Jack, the longer we wait, the worse it will be."

"Just one more day, another day to think it out."

"You've been saying that for weeks now."

"It's a lot of thinking."

"Ok, ok. Another day to think it over. Just promise me you'll have some kind of idea when I come back?" Sally asked Jack, reaching to his hands with hers.

"I promise," Jack said. "Now, where is it that you're going?"

"More wedding dress fittings. Venus refuses to let me make my own. Hopefully she'll let me try ones without corsets this time."

"Can I go too?"

"Jack, it's bad luck for you to see it before the wedding."


"I recall you have to talk to the Mayor today. He should be outside waiting for you. I'm surprised he hasn't-"

"JACK!" the Mayor's voice yelled from outside.

"There's planner number one," Jack mumbled as he finally got up.

"Be nice," Sally said.

"I will," Jack said, turning around to give Sally a kiss before walking over to the window. "I'll be out in a minute!"

"Great! I came up with a whole new plan! Just wait until you hear it! There's calypso and pickled rats and all kinds of wonderful things about it!" the Mayor said excitedly through the megaphone.

"I can hardly wait," Jack said to himself, sighing as he and Sally went about planning their two weddings.

There had to be a way to fix this mess in the making. Jack couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew that people didn't need to have such large-scale events to get married. All they needed was a master of ceremonies and a witness or two. That was it, really. Suddenly, running off with Sally, away from the growing madness was looking better and better.

All right, now. You know the drill. Not another word until Spooky Doom is done. I'm sorry to have to do this to you again, loves, but I just couldn't take having this all to myself anymore.