Harry Potter and All There Is Left To Do Is Love

by: Beth, wishonamuggle at yahoo dot com

Chapter One: The Escape!

BEWARE: I finishedBook Sixin15 hours and, although I was really happy that two out of 3 of my favorite couples happened, I felt like it ended abruptly. So I am writing a post book 6 story of my own so that I can feel a little more fulfilled...although I am sure it will not be as good as hers because I do not have the backstory like she does but... ah well. Oh to reading!

School should have ended a few days ago but really it ended two weeks ago. Harry lay on his bed, his trunk still packed because he wasn't sure when he was going to leave Number 4 Privet Drive. Last summer Dumbledore said that he would be of-age when he turned 17... Dumbledore.

Even thinking of little things that reminded him of Dumbledore made his insides burn with hatred. Why did Dumbledore have to trust Snape? Didn't he know what Snape was doing? Saving Harry's life first year to make a clear path to Voldermort? Trying to kick him out of school numerous times. Lieing to the Minister of Magic saying he caught Sirius red-handed and saying that Sirius was guilty when he was obviously not! Taking hundreds of points from Gryffindor! He probably gave that cow of a toad, Umbridge, REAL Veritaserum so that Harry could get in trouble and spill the beans about everything and get everyone arested or something. He opened Harry's mind up in those so-called "Occlumency" lessons so that Voldermort could show him where to go, thus KILLING SIRIUS! He warned the Order about what Harry saw just to tease Sirius about staying home! Then he went and died! It's Snape's fault that Sirius died! ...and...and... Snape used Avada Kedavra on Dumbledore.


The mirror that was a good 6 feet away on Harry's closet door suddenly shattered. Harry looked over at it to see his reflection. He would be 17 at the end of this month. The broken pieces made some parts look larger and cut parts in weird angels but the thing that was the most visible was the scar on his forehead, looking bright red than it's usual pale pink.

Harry reached up and ran a finger on it. He was so angry with Snape that for a while he felt he was never going to be happy again. Not even if he saw Hermione or Ron or Ron's sister Ginny.

But then he thought of Ginny and he couldn't help but smile. His broken reflection made him look like a crazy man so he laid back down on his back and smiled. It happened like this a lot the past two weeks. Part of him was angry that he broke it off with her but the other part of him was saying that he was doing the right thing with himself being Target Number One for Voldermort.

He shut his eyes replaying every moment he spent with Ginny last year, even the ones when she pulled a maggot out of his hair and when he kissed her for the first time in front of the WHOLE Gryffindor house. His heart swelled and he sighed loudly. He heard cars out side his window and some loud kids. There was a party going on tonight and Dudley was going to be picked up by some of his neighborhood friends.

There was a knock at Harry's bedroom door and Aunt Petunia's voice came from the other side, "Go down to the kitchen and make sure the cookies don't burn while I clean the bathroom."

Harry crawled out of bed, his hair was finally dry from his shower earlier that morning and he pulled on a t-shirt and jeans and headed down to the kitchen. The doorbell rang just as he was putting on a pair of pink bunny oven mitts.

Uncle Vernon answered the door where stood a young lady, around the age of 15 or 16. She was wearing a cute little flower dress with a sash around the waist. Her red hair was curly and longer than her shoulders. Parts were pulled back out of her eyes while others draped her back.

"Dudley!" Uncle Vernon called, "A Pretty young lady is here to pick you up!"

Harry rolled his eyes, he couldn't see the girl but what would a "pretty young lady" want to do with his hippo of a cousin?

"Dudley?" Said a familiar voice from the front door. "I'm not here to see a Dudley! I'm here for Harry."

Harry dropped the pan of cookies on the oven with a loud crash and burst through the swinging door. Dudley and Aunt Petunia were on the stairs staring at this normal-looking girl. Then at Harry. Uncle Vernon held the door open...

And in the door way was none other than the girl haunting his dreams: Ginny Weasley.

"Ginny?" Harry's face turned from surprise to a wide smile.

"HARRY!" Ginny giggled and ran past Uncle Vernon to wrap her arms around his neck.

Harry embraced her too and, before he could stop himself, kissed her. Of course he broke it off with her about two weeks ago but he couldn't help himself, she looked to pretty and his whole body felt warm. To his happy relief she was kissing him back.

When they let go a few seconds later, Harry realized he had picked her up. He laughed and set her down, "What are you doing here?" He asked, still a huge smile on his face. The Dursleys were slightly glaring. It looked like they couldn't decide if she was a muggle or not. She looked normal, dressed normal, but she was hugging and kissing Harry, who was NOT normal.

"Picking up Dudley," she joked. "Harry don't you remember? The Wedding!"

Harry clapped one hand to his forehead, the other one was half-way around Ginny's waist still. "That's right! Are we leaving now?" The Dursley started to pay more attention at this point.

"Yes. And you are spending your birthday with us." She grinned and added, "Lets go upstairs and pack your things. The twins are outside waiting for us."

Harry was about to tell her that he was already packed but he decided to look out the open door which Uncle Vernon was still holding, his mustache twitching, he too looked out the door where a bright red convertible was sitting outside the gate with two waving red haired men were in the front seat.

"Hey-ya Harry! Get your things!" Fred asked from the front seat, smiling with a pair of aviator glasses on.

"Business is booming?" Harry called back. Both boys nodded and laughed.

When Harry turned around to look at Ginny she wasn't there, she had squeezed herself past Petunia and Dudley looking at Harry. He ran up the stairs two at a time, when he made it past Aunt Petunia he trust the bunny oven gloves to her and said, "The cookies are done."

He made his way to his small bedroom and opened the door to let her in. He closed the door behind him and said, "I haven't even unpacked yet."

She turned around and smiled at him, "Why haven't you written me?" She took a seat on Harry's bed and crossed her legs. "You've written to that prat of a brother of mine!" She let a giggle escape her mouth. She wasn't mad.

"He has let me read them. It kind of sounds like a Will." She motioned for him to come sit by her, which he did. "I wanted to thank you for leaving me your Firebolt."

Harry laughed. "No problem. I'm sorry I didn't write." Ginny waved her head like it didn't matter. "I'm just...scared, you know?"

Ginny put her hand on his, her soft little hands, which he never wanted to let go at the end of last term. She looked into his eyes and said, "Have you ever seen a naked girl?"

Her question caught him of guard. "Er...um...I, er..."

"I didn't think so." She looked down at her dress. She stood up and locked Harry's door. "I've never done this before, just think of it as a gift for you," she laughed, "a little pick-me-up!"

Ginny laughed and again as she put her hands behind her back and Harry heard an unzipping sound. He turned his head away and she said, "Don't look away, you are going to hurt my feelings." Harry gave a nervous laugh and she dropped her dress to the ground at her feet.

Harry looked her up and down, she seemed to have a pleased look on her face. She walked slowly over her dress and towards him, "Want me to go on?"

Harry opened his mouth but he couldn't find the words he mumbled a little before he nodded. Ginny smiled and pulled of her white bra and knickers. Harry felt a tightness in his pants as she slowly walked over to him, she pushed him back on his bed and laid down next to him, pulling his blankets over them. "We only have a couple of minutes," she told him.

Harry wrapped his arms around her tighter to feel her soft skin and the curves of her body. His hands roamed over the next minute before she rolled over so he could get a better view. She smiled and closed her eyes so not to intimidate him.

After another two minutes of guiding his hands to all the right places she got out of his bed. "Wha-?" Harry wasn't sure how he felt after all of this, part of him felt fantastic the other part was making his pants uncomfortable.

"We need to go, I said we only had a couple of minutes. Ginny pulled on her undies and pulled on the dress. "Can you zip me up?" Harry got up, pants still tight so while her back was turned he adjusted himself quickly.

"Thanks" She said and turned around, "Lets get your stuff." Hedwig was asleep in her cage and Ginny went over and shut the cage door and picked it up. Harry grabbed his dirty laundry and stuffed it into his trunk before picking it up. Ginny opened the door and led the way out of his room and down the stairs and almost out the door before she looked over at the Dursleys who were all in the living room talking in low voices.

"Toodles!" Ginny called to the Dursleys before running outside to put Hedwig in the front seat between Fred and George.

"Bye." Harry said simply to them. He walked out after and to the car. He could hear all the Dursleys running out after him. "What?" he asked after putting his trunk in the trunk of the car and shutting it.

"You're leaving us for good, boy?" Uncle Vernon asked.

"Well, it does look that way, doesn't it?" Harry said to him. The twins exchanged big grins.

"You are not to be coming back then?" Uncle Vernon snapped. "Ever!"

"Understood." Harry said walking over to the convertable, opening the door for Ginny so she could slide in.

"Wait!" Aunt Petunia said walking over to him.

Harry looked up at her with wide eyes, surely she wasn't going to try and stop him.

"Take these," she handed him a small blanket she was holding and a letter. "That tall, white-haired man...um, Dumbledore, left this on our doorstep when he left you 16 years ago. It has your birth certificate and a the letter telling us to care for you."

"Thank you," Harry said sincerely looking at her. They shared a small moment where Harry almost felt like hugging her but instead she tried to fix his hair. "It never lays flat," he didn't need to tell her but he let her know again.

"Good-bye," she said, but Harry could tell she meant "Good Luck."

"Bye." Harry smiled and slipped in next to Ginny who waved to them and the Twins drove off.

After twenty minutes of laughter, Fred turned around in his seat and looked at Harry. "How was it?" Fred and his twin shared a grin.

"Oh nothing." Harry said, thinking they meant his summer so far.

"Hear that, Gin?" George called to her, "He called your boobs nothing!"

"What?" Harry looked at Ginny was smiling ear to ear. "They knew?"

"They came up with it!" Ginny told him.

Harry leaned back in his seat, his face bright red.

"We were only joking with her, of course, but she took us seriously." Fred was smiling at Ginny, "You can never joke with her about anything!" Ginny nodded with a fake serious look on her face.

Harry started laughing and he felt like he couldn't stop. For just a little while he was going to be free from all thoughts while the two funniest people he knew drove and the prettiest girl he knew was in the back seat with him. "Where are we going?"

"The Burrow. Phlegm made me re-plant the WHOLE garden to be full of white lilies and to take weeds out of the rose bushes." Ginny rolled her eyes, "I even had to dye all of the rest of the flowers white!" Ginny adopted a fake French voice, "I want all of eez flowers white. I want a white weeding!"

The twins laughed but Ginny groaned. She was so pretty went she was upset with some one other that Harry.

"What are you two doing to help out?" Harry asked them.

The twins grinned at each other. Fred turned back to Harry, pulled down his aviator sunglasses and said to him, "We're planning the bachelor party." Fred winked at him. "You know, strippers and all." Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat, Fred laughed and said, "We could set up a room for just you and Ginny can strip." George laughed loudly at this. "Us Weasleys would rather not see it!"

Ginny was laughing beside Harry but he said nothing. "We are so glad you're coming because there wasn't a Weasley left who wanted to do it," George told Harry seriously.

"Do what?"

"Well, none of us was get in a monkey suit!" Fred yelled over traffic.

"What am I doing?" Harry asked Ginny.

Ginny didn't look him in the eyes, she was starring at the back of Fred's head instead. "Phlegm added Hermione and a friend from school to be the other bridesmaids. Her little sister is going to be the Flower girl. Well anyway, Charlie is going to escort Phlegm's friend, and Ron is going to walk with Hermione and...if you say yes, that is...you're going to walk me."

Harry thought for a moment. "Ron and Hermione? They hint to me but they haven't said if their--"

"Dating?" George laughed.

"Yeah, they are," Fred said, also laughing. "Mum and Dad know. They don't know about you two, though. Of course you broke it off with Ginny before we even knew about it!"

Harry shifted around in his seat, "It's not like I wanted to, but--"

"Yeah, yeah," Fred mumbled, "We know...He-Who-Must-Ruin-All-Of-Our-Lives!" They all burst out laughing at that moment and spent the rest of journey to the Burrow singing (Fred and George off-key) to songs that Harry didn't know but would sing the chorus parts, missing a few words.

As it got darker Harry rested his head on the back seat, smiling while the twins still sang more off key. Ginny moved closer to him and put her head on his shoulder, Harry glanced at her and put his arm around her. His heart jumping around when she curled up and placed her hand on his chest.

After a while Harry found himself and Ginny falling asleep.

The sky was completely dark when Ginny woke Harry up. His head was in her lap and she was running her fingers through his hair. "We're home." She told him. He sat up and looked around. The car was parked outside the Burrow and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were running out, Ron and Hermione were helping the Twins get Harry's stuff out. Hedwig was flying around above them.

"Harry, dear!" Mrs. Weasley was calling out, opening the door and pulling him out of the car with a big hug. "Oh sweet heart, we're sorry we had to send the twins to pick you up. All of us have been busy with the wedding."

"It's ok, I had a lot of fun!" Harry winked at the Twins. Fred turned and nudged Ginny.

Mr. Weasley shook Harry's hand and patted his arm. "Good Man, Harry."

"Harry!" Hermione ran over and hugged him. "You look well."

"You too." Harry smiled and turned to hit Ron on the shoulder. "I'm glad you didn't come pick me up!"

Ron smiled sheepishly. "I was...busy," he glanced over at Hermione and then grinned widely at Harry and shrugged. Harry laughed.

"Aw! 'Arry! I am so 'appy that you are 'ere!" Fleur came running from the house with Gabrielle at her heels, the young girl smiled at Harry and blushed. It reminded Harry of Ginny and he took a step next to her.

Fleur kissed him on both cheeks, her hair hitting him in the face. "I am so glad you will be walking Geenny. Eet makes me very 'appy zat you weell bee een our weedding!"

Harry grinned and put an arm around Ginny, "My pleasure."

"Come on Harry, I still have some dinner left if you are hungry. Fred, George, Ginny?" Mrs. Weasley ushered them into the house which was very clean, cleaner than Harry had ever seen it.

"The Burrow looks wonderful, Mrs. Weasley," Harry said, walking into the spotless kitchen.

"Thank you," Ginny said. "I was the one who cleaned it."

"Oh, Ginny! Fleur helped!" Mrs. Weasley motioned them to the table which Harry sat down next to Ginny.

"Yeah," Ginny whispered, "Stopping me every 20 seconds asking me how to pronounce 'Toaster' or 'Scrub Brush'. Psh, help." Ginny pulled a plate of roast beef towards her and passed it to Harry.

After Harry's second helping, Fleur walked in the room speaking fast French with a tall girl with brown hair. She wasn't bad looking, but nothing worthwhile. She sat down at the table across from Ginny and Fleur took the seat next to her, "Geenny." She pointed to Ginny, introducing her, then looked at Harry. "'Arry Potter."

The brunette looked at Harry's forehead and muttered, "'Arry Potter," in an awed voice then began talking in rabid French again.

Harry glanced back at Ginny who shrugged. "Well, I'm going to go get ready for bed." Harry looked up at her, "Are you done? I'll show you were you are going to sleep."

Harry nodded and took his plates to the sink before following Ginny out. "Fleur and her sister talk about nothing but the wedding and you. I think her sister has a crush on the boy who saved her life."

Harry laughed, "Then you might have some competition is she starts acting normal around me."

Ginny laughed and took him to Ron's room. "Ginny, you could have just told me I'm staying with Ron."

"All right, then you just go in then." Ginny leaned against the wall, not looking at the door as Harry walked in.

"Oh my God!" Harry yelled.

Ron looked up, "Holy Shit!"

"Ron!" Hermione said, clad only in her blue jeans and a bra, trying to cover up herself with Ron's shirt and trying to hit him at the same time. "Sorry Harry!" Harry shut the door and looked at Ginny.

"Was she at least wearing a bra?" Ginny giggled, "I thanked my stars that she was wearing one when I first walked in on them."

"You didn't warn me."

"You didn't seem to want my help," Ginny said with a smile on her face.

The door burst open and Ron and Hermione, both completely dressed, had the guts to show their faces. "Hi Harry." Ron said, his voice a little high.

"Ron." Harry said pushing past him to get inside. "I am glad that you decided to go for your own bed."

Ginny laughed loudly and entered the room after Harry and sat on his cot.

"Whose are those for?" Harry pointed to the two sleeping bags.

"The Twins. Bill and Charlie are in the twin's old room. Fleur, her friend and little sister are in Percy's room. Hermione is in my room, although I am sure she would rather be in here." Ginny winked at Hermione who just sat on the bed with Ron.

Hermione, blushing uncontrollably said, "How was the trip, Harry?"

"Nice try, Hermione," Harry laughed, "When were you two planning on telling me that you have, er, gone to the next level?"

"Next couple of levels," Ginny joked.

Ron's ears turned bright red, "This weekend."

"Ah, right." Harry smiled. "I knew this would happen. Surprised me that it took this long."

Ron grinned widely, "Thanks, Mate."

"Well," Hermione said, cheeks still pink, "I am really tired, I think I need to go to bed."

Ron jumped up, "I'll walk you!" Then he and Hermione left the room.

"Walk her?" Ginny rolled her eyes, "It's my room. It's not like she has never been there before...Great, I'll have to knock before I enter my own room."

Harry laughed.

"I'll see you in the morning Harry. Today was fun!" Then she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Good-night," Harry called as she left the room.

Harry laid down and closed his eyes, remembering when Ginny entered his room at Number 4. The tightness in his pants started again and he pulled his pillow over his lap before any of the Weasley entered.

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