Harry Potter and All There Is Left To Do Is Love

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Chapter 11: The Potions Cup

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Lupin told them that he would return to Hogwarts one day before term started and that he would set up a portkey for them to arrive in Slughorn's office. He had asked Horace before Christmas break if he would take a look at it. The Potions Master agreed only because he thought it was his fault that the Horcruxes were made in the first place, having told a young Tom Riddle all about them inthe boy's6th year.

Harry and Ron spent a lot of time playing games because of being bored out of their minds while Lupin was in wolf state, locked up in his room with Tonks sleeping in the one next door, whispering sweet things through the window to him. Harry past their rooms only once. He could hear Tonks saying from her side, "I love you," to the wall connecting her room to Lupin's, and behind the other door a soft, soothing growl.

The morning before the start of term Lupin had changed back into his normal form. He put the "Portus" spell on the cup and told them to touch it that day at noon. So at mid-day they all touched the cup and were transported into Slughorn's office. There was a happy fire crackling in the corner and a large cauldron on the other side of the room.

"Ah! Harry, my good man!" Professor Slughorn greetedas ifhis favorite students always popped up out of thin air in the middle of his office holding priceless antiques once belonging to the Hogwarts Founders one thousand years ago. "Miss Granger and Miss Weasley!" Slughorn bounded over to them and then shook hands with Ron, "And the poor boy whom I almost killed. I did not know that mead had poison in it!"

"It's all right, sir." Ron told him.

"When Lupin, told me about this cup and asked for my help, I said I would do anything." Slughorn took the cup from Ginny. "Ah, yes. Shall we get started?"

Slughorn took the cup over to his work station. He poured some water from his pitcher in it and watched it. He swirled it around in Hufflepuff's cup for a moment and then poured it into his potion. He worked quietly for a few minutes then the cauldron started to bubble. Hermione spoke up, "Sir? What are you doing?"

Slughorn stirred the bubbling mass and said, "Well, Lupin mentioned how any substance poured into the cup might be turned into poison." They all nodded. "I am trying to see what kind of poison it turns into so I can find the antidote so that the cup may be destroyed."

"How long should it take?" Harry asked.

"Longer than a day." Slughorn said. "I think it would be safe to keep working on the cup in my office for a few weeks. I am sure I could figure out the antidote in a weeks time. But destroy the cup? I'm not sure how long it will take."

Ron turned to Harry, "How are we going to get back to Number 12?"

Harry shrugged, "Floo, I guess."

Slughorn's cauldron started shooting off colorful sparks.

They left that evening before dinner. Harry held the cup tightly as he clearly stated, "Number 12 Grimmauld Place," and was whisked away, swirling through the emerald flames.

They had all agreed that they could take the cup to Slughorn everyday in the morning and he would work on it for and hour then go to his classes and then work again at lunch and after the last class of the day. The safest place for the cup was at Number 12. The only Death Eater that knew how to get there was Snape and he was safely locked away in the new Dementor-free Azkaban.

"Magic bars, you see," Bill had told on the day of the court case, after Harry punched Snape. "They bewitch them so that no one without a wand can get by. No matter how good you are at wandless magic, you need a wand to get by. And Snape's wand was broken, plushe is in a special cell where the food is magiked to him so no one passes his cell. So he can think long and hard about what he did. He is isolated."

"Do you think it will be destroyed soon?" Ginny asked Hermione.

"I'm not sure. I think Professor Slughorn is going about it the right way with it though." Hermione took the cup from Harry's hands and placed it on the table.

"I hope it's soon," Ron said loudly. He turned his face toward Harry but spoke to Hermione, "Then we can go after V--voldemort." He said the Dark Lord's name softer than the rest of the sentence. Everyone starred at him in shock.

Harry thought his ears were deceiving him. "Voldemort, Ron?"

Ron nodded, "Voldemort."

Harry smiled and put an arm out to pat Ron's shoulder. "Yes, Voldemort."

"How do you think we are going to go about it?" Hermione asked Harry after taking her boyfriend's hand in a proud manner.

"Well," Harry said, "All that is left is Voldemort's snake and," Harry paused, "Voldemort." The thought struck him, how was he supposed to kill Voldemort?

"Harry," Ginny said, breaking him out of his daydream of the many ways HE could be KILLED by Voldemort.

"Huh?" Harry looked up at her, Hedwig was on her shoulder and a letter was in her hand.

"Post just came for you."

Harry opened the letter and read it once, he was shocked so he read it aloud to the others, "Dear Mister Potter, it has come to my attention that Dumbledore left something to you thatis in my office. Please come by tomorrow during Slughorn's first class to pick them up. Have a nice evening. Yours truly, Headmistress McGonagall."

"Well," Ron said with a smile, "you were his favorite student."

The next morning, Harry and Ginny took the cup to Slughorn's office. The Potions Master, once again stirred his cauldron with one hand while examining the inside of Hufflepuff's cup.

After an hour the bell rang for first class. Slughorn said good bye to them and left for his office. Harry turned to Ginny. "I'll be back as soon as I'm done. You can make sure no one comes in here and trys to take the cup." She nodded and kissed him before he left.

He made his way up the familiar path to the Headmaster's office. He reached the gargoyle and one of the goblin statues next to it said, "The Headmistress is waiting for you!" He turned his pointy stone head toward the gargoyle and said loudly, "Plango Beatitas."

The spiral stairs appeared and slowly lifted. Harry jumped on and was taken to a large oak door. He knocked it twice. "Enter," came McGonagall's voice from the other side. Harry turned the knob and walked in. Dumbledore's portrait was sitting above McGonagall's head. "Ahh, Mister Potter, welcome."

"Hello Professor McGonagall," Harry greeted, "Professor Dumbledore."

Dumbledore nodded, eyes twinkling and smiling face. "How is your missions going?"

"Perfect. Four down, three to go. We are almost done with the most loyal." Harry made his eyes wide to hint to Dumbledore.

He portrait smiled. "I told Minerva about the Horcruxes. She is my successor and she needs to know what is going on." Harry nodded to Dumbledore. "This school is one of the most important factors in this war. She needs to know everything. Well,everything I am allowed to tell her."

Harry nodded. "Slughorn is working on Hufflepuff's Cup. Ginny and I destroyed the Slytherin's Locket and with Lupin's help we got rid of Ravenclaw's eyeglasses."

McGonagall stood up and exchanged looked with Dumbledore. "There is two left?"

"Yes," Harry said. "Nagini, Voldemort's snake and Voldemort himself."

"Which leads us to some items that you should have," Dumbledore smiled.

"Sir, you really didn't need to," Harry said uncomfortably. It would be horrible if Dumbledore spent any money on him when he had taken so long to get Slughorn's memory last year and canceled his Occlumency the year before.

"No Harry, I really did need to." Dumbledore looked at McGonagall. She walked over to the wall, the Sorting Hat was humming a tune that Harry didn't recognize, and under the hat was Gryffindor's sword. She took the sword out of the glass case that Dumbledore had put it in five years previous and handed it to Harry.

"Sir?" Harry looked at the rubies that covered the handle, he placed the sword in his lap and traced his finger over the engraved name of Godric Gryffindor.

"You will need this," Dumbledore told him, looking at Harry from over his frame. "I suggest you use it on Voldemort's snake," he smiled, "I believe it would be like history repeating itself. You killed Slytherin's snake with this sword and you will kill the heir of Slytherin's snake with this sword." Harry nodded. "As for Voldemort, you have all the weapons you need," Dumbledore said. "What's in your heart, and in your pocket."

"Pocket?" Harry stared bewildered.

"Your wand."

Harry took out his trusty wand, covered in finger prints and smugges, nicks and bumps everywhere. He suddenly remembered Mr. Ollivander and their first meeting, and that Voldemort had his prisoner. Heat rose in Harry's body. Harry remembered fourth year and Cedric Diggeroy's death. He was innocent, he didn't need to die. Harry's face began to burn and he remembered fighting Voldemort with that wand and how he had gotten away. "My heart and my wand?" Harry stuffed his wand in his coat pocket, his face still burning. "Is there a certain spell I should use?"

"Spell?" McGonagall barked. "A spell defeat the darkest wizard of the age? Pft!"

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Harry growled.

Dumbledore was the one who spoke, "Use whatever is in your heart."

Harry groaned and stood up. "I've heard it once I've heard it a thousand times."

"Well, please listen to one thousand and one, Harry." Dumbledore's eyes glittered from his picture frame. "Love, like the muggle song says, is all you need."

Harry grabbed the sword, put it in it's sheathe. "Thanks." And he turned around and left. He walked all the way back down to the dungeons caring his new possession awkwardly.

"This is it?" Ginny said that evening in Harry's room. It had been so long since they really had time alone with one another. "This is what saved me?" She grinned a little and turned to Harry.

"Yes, when you were small and sent me singing valentines!" Harry laughed.

Ginny rolled her eyes, "The twins helped me a little with the rhyming."

Harry rolled over gasping for air, "Really? You sent it to me? I was just kidding! How did Malfoy know it was from you?"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Oh puuuulease! The whole school knew I would have your babies!" They giggled more and Harry collasped on the his bed. Gryffindor's sword lay on his dresser across the room, the egg-sized rubies winking at him and Ginny in the oil lamp's soft, golden light. Ginny laid down opposite him and put her head on his chest, looking up at his fresh shaven chin. "Oh Harry," she whispered.

"What?" Harry smiled down at her.

"If you would have told me then that I would be your girlfriend and about our first kiss and everything, I swear I would have died. You wouldn't have needed to kill the Basilik because I wouldn't have been their to open the Chamber."

Harry smiled, looking into her glowing chocolate eyes. "I wish I could have seen the real you then. Maybe we could have had all this time together."

"Harry, come on. We each needed to grow up before we could get together or we wouldn't have a serious relationship." Ginny leaned forward and, at an inch away from his face whispered, "and I mean, serious."

Her hand moved down softly and quickly to his pants and that feeling only Ginny could give him filled his blue jeans. Harry moaned. "Ginny!"

"Shhh..." Ginny kissed his lips. Slowly her hands went back to his face, cupping his strong jaw and pulling him closer as if wanting her tongue to go deeper down his throat. He put his hands on Ginny's back and pulled her in, wrapping his arms around and hugging her. Harry felt his chest humming with the happy sounds of that creature that rested in his stomach. It purred as Ginny mouth made him appreciate the subject of chemistry.

Ginny pulled away and looked down into Harry's emerald eyes. Harry raised his hand up to brush flyaway strands of hair behind her ear and said only to her, "I love you."

Ginny paused touching her fingers to his lips and said in return, "I love you, too." Harry sat up a little to help Ginny with her shirt and to take off his own. She started kissing him again, and from many times of practicing on Ginny, Harry reached a hand around and unclasped her bra. He moved his hands over to take off the stupid contraption that took him several weeks to master. His hands brushed her soft, round breast and she moaned in his mouth.

Ginny's hands moved to Harry's belt buckle and undid his pants. Harry picked her up slightly and laid her down on the bed, he got up and went to lock the door, pulling off every shred of clothes on his body except for his snitch boxers.

He got back on the bed, kissing Ginny's neck and going down the middle of her chest and down to her stomach. He put his hands on her hips and pulled down her skirt and tossed it off his bed. He slowly kissed her legs and the inside of her thighs which made her moan into her hand. As she was biting down onto her thumb, she picked up her wand from the bedside table and pointed it at the door. She put a silencing charm on it.

Harry grabbed the edges of her cute light blue knickers and pulled them down to her ankles. He looked up at her and she smiled back down at him. Harry kicked off his boxers and crawled up to her waiting form. He kissed her rosy lips and felt her hands on his, guiding his index and middle finger down past her belly button and into the place that made her a woman.

Three weeks later the important day arrived. Slughorn announced that theantidote wasalmost ready. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny arrived in his office early in the morning. He worked for four hours straight, it was a Saturday after all. O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s were going to start soon so the castle was quite. Harry didn't have anytime for his pangs of guilt ever time he thought of how he got the three most important people in his life to drop out of school. "Harry, are you going to go visit Godric's Hallow?" Ron asked, looking sideways at him, "You know, after the cup is destroyed."

"I don't know," said Harry looking at the cup. "I mean, last year I said some pretty stupid things--"

"Here, here," Ginny groaned. They all laughed.

"--I'm not sure if Godric's Hallow would having anything. My parent's house was destroyed. I would like to visit their graves though. I think I'll ask Lupin to show me where they are."

"I've asked Lupin to come down today. He said he would come down after he had lunch with his wife. Sweet girl, that one." Slughorn added.

Soon after that, Lupin walked in. "Hello all. Today is the day, huh?" He walked over to the cauldron and breathed in the thick air.

"Yes. Soon." Slughorn said stirring it. It wasn't soon. Harry found himself dropping off into sleep, his head in Ginny's lap. Her fingers tangled themselves in his hair. Harry sighed deeply into her legs, his hands feeling the bare skin above her ankle.

He started to hear Ron's snoring and Ginny's stomach growl. Harry realized his own hunger. "I think we should run down to the kitchens and get something to eat," Harry said, standing up and holding out his hand to Ginny. He turned to Hermione who was holding Ron's sleeping body. "Are you gonna wake him up and come too?" Hermione shook her head. "All right, we'll be back later."

Harry walked out of the office and went up upstairs with Ginny. "I didn't realize it was after dark." Ginny said looking out the window. Harry checked his watch.

"9:30," he told her. It didn't take long to get to the Kitchens. Harry ticked the pear and pushed on the green door handle that appeared.

"Harry Potter sir!" Dobby's voice echoed from across the room. He ran with a flash and knocked the wind out of Harry. "Dobby heard you left school but you hadn't come to the kitchens to say goodbye to Dobby!"

"I'm sorry," Harry smiled.

"I knew you would come by to see me if you ever were at Hogwarts." Tear's flooded the little elf's eyes, "Are you hungry sir and miss?"

"Yes!" Ginny moaned, flopping herself down at the nearest table. Harry smiled and sat next to her. "Anything please!" Elves zoomed around in every direction bringing them tea, pumpkin juice, coffee, and water. Then food flew to them: ham, chicken, rice, fish, green beans, corn, baked potatoes, salads and spaghetti. After they finished eating more plates appeared in front of their faces carrying chocolate cakes, ice cream, and other sweet desserts.

Ginny leaned on Harry's shoulder when she couldn't eat anymore. Harry smiled and put his arm around her. Dobby stood up on the seat opposite Harry, but he wasn't higher than Harry's nose. "Harry Potter came by to see Dobby, right?"

Harry shifted in his seat and said sadly, "Unfortunately Dobby, I am here today on business. It was only by luck that I came to see you today, but I am very glad I did!" Harry added at the end when the Elf looked sad.

"Is this your new lady friend?" Dobby asked pointing to the sleeping Ginny.

"Yes," Harry smiled, "but we've been going out now for a while. She is Ron's sister."

"Harry Potter's Wheezy?" Dobby asked.

Harry laughed, "Yeah, this is another one of my 'Wheezy's." Harry looked down at his watch, it was past eleven. "Oh, sorry Dobby. We've got to go check on...well, check on what we came to Hogwarts to do." Harry shook Ginny's shoulders.

She moaned and mumbled, "Later, Harry. I'm not ready to do it with you."

Harry blushed, "Ginny, wake up, we need to go to Slughorn's office." Ginny groaned and got up. Harry lead her out of the kitchen, waving to Dobby. "I hope they are almost done," Harry said, half-pulling Ginny.

"Students out of bed!" Came the wheezying voice of Argus Filch. Harry and Ginny barely rounded the corner when there he was smiling with his ugly teeth.

"We aren't students here. You can't give us detention." Harry threw his shoulders back, "So if you don't mind..." Harry pushed past him and ran down to Slughorn's office, Ginny started waking up and ran too.

They entered the room just in time to see Ron, Hermione, and Lupin clapping and Slughorn taking the cup out of cauldron with a look of triumph on his face. Then, after just a second, he threw the cup into the fireplace where it glowed red then crumpled up and melted.

"What?" Harry yelled over the singing and dancing of Ginny, Hermione, and Ron.

Slughorn smiled at him, "It is no longer a Horcrux. You are one step closer."

Harry smiled and joined in the dancing.

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