Ok, now I've finished college I've been watching Veritas every morning, and I love it so I've been writing this story in the quiet times at work so I hope you enjoy!

"There's a package for you Vincent," smiled Juliet, entering the office. "It was couriered over, looks important," she passed the package to him and gave the rest of the mail to Solomon. Vincent looked at the postmark on the package. Tibet?

"Excuse me," he smiled at everyone and went into his office. The rest just shrugged at each other, Vincent was that much of an enigma that they knew when to leave him alone.

Vincent sat down at his desk and opened the package. Inside was just a video and no note. He walked over to the TV and placed the video in the player. He thought it might be a message from his old friend the monk Gayatso, but instead an image of a teenage girl came on screen. She had long brown hair and was tied up and gagged. Although Vincent had no seen her since she was born, he knew exactly who she was.

"Vincent," came the voice on the video. He recognised the voice as that of his enemy Lin's. "I know you know who this is, pretty little thing isn't she? Well I need you help see I have a little problem." Lin appeared on the screen and Vincent felt a pang of anger shoot through him, after betraying him as a child he was now hitting him where it hurts.

"Now what I would like you to do is meet me at the docks in New York on Wednesday at eight o'clock. Don't bring Zond or any of your little friends and we'll talk," he then walked over to the girl and ran his fingers down her face, Vincent felt his anger build as he saw her fight against his hand and the ties.

"Here's some incentive, see you soon old friend," the video cut out and Vincent just sat there for a moment. Partly in shock of seeing Lin and partly in shock of seeing the girl again.

He had to tell Solomon. He went back into the main office area and everyone looked at him with faces of concern. He was incredibly pale.

"What's wrong?" Sol walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. In all the years Sol had known Vincent, he had never seen him as scared as this.

"It's Lin…He's got Carmine."

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