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Nikko looked at Juliet and Cal and mouthed the name to them but they both just shook their heads.

"Carmine? Oh my god, how did he find her or even know about her?" Sol questioned him knowing he really didn't need this right now.

"Well it wouldn't be hard for Lin to trace me back far enough to find her,"

"Wait Lin? The crazy Chinese guy?" Nikko asked as a pain returned to his chest as he remembered the injuries he had sustained from the torture Lin's men had put him through a couple of years ago.


"Um, don't like kick my ass or anything, but who's Carmine?" Cal asked, with his hands in front of him. Vincent was a good way away from him, but Cal didn't want to run the risk of letting his guard down. Vincent looked at Sol, who with just a look told his friend of many years that he should tell the others. Over time Vince and everyone else in the Veritas foundation had learnt to trust each other with their lives the least he could do was be honest with them.

"Carmine is my daughter," he took one look at all their shocked faces before continuing.

"Eighteen years ago I meet a nice woman named Lucy, and we fell in love, then we had Carmine, shortly later Lucy died and I knew that with my job Lucy wouldn't be safe, so as much as I didn't want to I gave her to a couple I knew who can't have children and told then to care for her. Which they did, but now Lin has her and wants to meet me tonight at the Docks,"

"I'm coming to," Sol said it instantly not even thinking.

"No! He said I have to go alone, and knowing him," he glanced at Nikko, "I don't want to put Carmine's life at risk,"

"Will you at least wear a wire?" Cal suggested. Vincent once again looked to his friend for advice.


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