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CHAPTER I: After the 3rd…

It had all happened so fast. All those images flashing through his mind, the decision whether or not to abort 3rd Impact, to what he was doing now. Shinji Ikari grunted as he carried the injured red-haired girl in his arms. Usually Asuka Langley Sohryu wasn't heavy, but Shinji was exhausted from all that had happened. Up ahead, he saw some tents with the Red Cross symbol. That area, he figured, was a makeshift hospital, to help treat the wounded people who may have been hurt during the days' events.

"Where are we going Shinji?" Asuka mumbled.

"To get you some medical attention." Was the reply from the worn out boy.

A few minutes later the pair reached the hospital. They were given a number (#735) and told to wait until their number was called over the loudspeaker. So they found a place to sit down and wait until they were called.

I can't believe myself sometimes. Did I want to keep living? Or die? Everyone says I should stop running away. Do I do the right thing? I guess I'm still not sure. The only thing I do is focus on what's right in front of me. And that this to make sure Asuka gets treated.

"Shinji? Asuka?"

Shinji wheeled his head around. Asuka woke up from her half-asleep state and looked in the direction of the noise. The voice came from a woman in her 20's with blue hair. It was Misato Katsuragi, their legal guardian.

Tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh my god, your alive!" She threw her arms around both of them.

Shinji was overjoyed at the fact that Misato was alive too. He thought she was dead for sure. He had assumed everyone who was dead that day had come back.

"Patient #735!" the loudspeaker roared.

One week later

"It's so good to be home." Shinji thought as he paced through the house.

"Hard to believe we're alive." Misato replied. "Around where NERV HQ is, it still looks pretty bad. But we are now gathering what is left of the Rei/Lillith angel."

Asuka was going to be all right. She was to wear an eye patch until her right eye had healed, and her arm, although not broken, was kept in a sling until the soreness went away. She decided to get back in control. "Well Shinji. Why are you standing there? Get us something to eat!"

"Sorry," was the reply from the "Hero". It seemed to be Shinji's natural reaction to anything.

"You don't have to apologize for everything! Just cook something up!" Asuka retorted.

Shinji, as always, cooked up something wonderful. He was curious about what happened to everyone at NERV. "Hey Misato, could you tell us what happened to everyone at NERV?"

Misato was a bit surprised by the question, but would answer. "It turns out everyone at NERV is alright. Even Ritsuko is alive too. I heard your father shot her. But she's alive and well. Even those killed in the gun battle are alive too."

Shinji was relieved, but was still concerned about Gendo and Rei. "How about Father? Ayanami?"

"Well I heard your father survived. But I have not seen Rei anywhere. And I didn't see her name on the casualty list either."

Shinji asked again. "Can't Rei just be replaced?"

"Replaced?" Asuka suddenly interjected.

So Shinji and Misato told Asuka about Rei's origins. And how Rei is also used for the dummy plug systems in the EVAs.

"Great. So Wondergirl was in the dummy plug too. She wants to be everywhere."

Shinji yawned. "I'm going to bed. G'night Asuka. G'night Misato.

The girls wished him goodnight and went off to bed themselves.


Part 2: Evaluations


Ritsuko Akagi pondered to herself. Was she alive? She had to be. But Gendo Ikari shot her. Shinji must have aborted 3rd Impact and brought everyone back who was killed that day. She decided to look over the reports on the EVAs.

Evangelion Unit 00

Reconstruction is nearly complete. Estimated time to completion will be about 10 days. Pilot unavailable.

Evangelion Unit 01

Appears to be stable. Commander Ikari wants it held in cryo-stasis until fully examined, as it was the instrument of 3rd Impact. The commander also has ordered the removal of Unit 01's dummy plug system. Pilot Shinji Ikari is ready when needed. Unit 01 will be active again upon Commander Ikari's orders.

Evangelion Unit 02

Heavily damaged by SEELE's EVA Series. The main body is intact, but will need to be repaired. MAGI says that the body parts of the 18th Angel, named Reilith can be used. Armor pieces will need to be replaced. Pilot Asuka Langley Sohryu will need to be cleared before she can pilot again.

Evangelion Unit 03

Reconstruction is nearly complete. Estimated time is 4 days. Pilot Toji Suzahara has miraculously been medically cleared to pilot. The ability to use his left leg and arm again is said to be because of 3rd Impact.

She sighed again. Only two of four pilots can pilot if SEELE decided to try once more to initiate 3rd Impact. The phone rang. So she answered. "Dr. Akagi's office." A pause while she listens. "Yes." Another pause. "What? That's why you removed Unit 01's dummy plug? But we'll have to make her a new medical chart then!" Ok. A slightly longer pause. "What? We're getting more pilots? More EVAs? From where?" A shorter pause this time. "There? Could you just tell me how many more we are getting and get me their names as soon as possible so I can make them medical charts as well?" A brief pause. "Understood. Over and out." She hung up and sighed.

I thought EVAs were no longer needed. So why is Commander Ikari overseeing the construction of more EVAs and finding more potential pilots? All our 1st-Level candidates are at Shinji and Asuka's school. If we are getting more pilots, then they are likely coming from overseas.


Commander Ikari's office

Gendo Ikari and Vice-Commander Fuyutsuki were discussing what had happened in the past week.

"So the Third Child chose to avert 3rd Impact and stop humanity's evolution," Gendo pondered out loud.

"We did leave it in his hands though. He is emotionally unstable," the older Commander replied. "Is it possible to initiate a 4th Impact and try again?"

"No it is not," came Gendo's blunt response. "All we can do now is focus on what is front of us. SEELE has disappeared without a trace. Whether they are really gone or not is unknown. The UN has informed me that terrorists all over the world are beginning to rise up at alarming rates. They also claim that these terrorists are possessing technology to that or near equality of the EVA Series."

"Could they try to overthrow us and use Evangelion technology to rule the world?" Fuyutski asked?

"There is that possibility. That is why I plan to acquire more pilots and more EVAs."

"From where?"

"Evangelion Unit 04 has been completed and activated in Russia by the Fifth Child who resides there. The 17th Angel pretended to be the Fifth Child. Unit 05 has also been completed and activated by the Sixth Child."

The Vice-Commander felt a bit more relieved now. "When will we be getting these two pilots?"

"Seven days."

"And their test scores?"


"That is good to hear Gendo," Fuyutski said. "By the way, during 3rd Impact, did you see her?"



1 week later Misato's apartment


"Calm down. You're only getting one of the two pilots," Ritsuko replied. "It was Commander Ikari's idea. The Sixth Child, he will be living at your place as ordered by Commander Ikari."

"Leave it to that idiot to piss you off when you least expect it," Misato sighed. "He? It's a guy? Oh well. Where is he from? Tokyo-3? Nagasaki?

Misato's jaw dropped when she heard Ritsuko's response.

"Toronto, Canada."


"You need some time off," came the doctor's reply. "He speaks English, and can speak fluent Japanese. He was also trained by the RCMP, Canada's special police, so he'll be very efficient. I'll e-mail you his profile later today, so you, Shinji, and Asuka had better be ready."

Misato had hung up. Ritsuko knew Misato could be calm and cool when an Angel would attack, but in other situations, she was hopeless. In the hopes of passing time, she decided to look at the Fifth Child's profile.

Fifth Child

Name: Ivana Kharlamov

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Nationality: Russian

Hometown: Moscow

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120lbs

Body Size: B34", W27", H32"

Ivana is a native of Russia. Her family was affiliated with NERV in Russia before the incident. She was discovered as a potential EVA pilot four years before 3rd Impact. It also turns out she could synchronize better than any other potential candidates. Her piloting skills are said to be phenomenal. This is probably because Russians are very attached to their homeland and EVA Unit 09 was built in Russia. Unit 09 was later classified as Unit 04 after the incident. She is said to be quiet and of very few words. Polite to her peers, and will show undying loyalty to her allies. Ivana is trained by the KGB in Russian Commando operations and specializes in Russian Commando martial arts. She is said to be physically very strong and able to best many of her male counterparts. She has a licence to carry a 9mm handgun and is very efficient with it. Ivana can speak fluent Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French, English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Her I.Q. tests scored her at 250.

That passed some time, she thought. So she decided to look at the Sixth Child's profile.

Sixth Child

Name: Zack Harper

Sex: Male

Age: 14

Nationality: Canadian

Hometown: Toronto

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180lbs

Body Size: B43", W34", H37"

Zack is a native of Canada. His mother's whereabouts are unknown. He was raised by his father who is the president and CEO of a large company. He was discovered 2 weeks before 3rd Impact. However, political complications made it difficult for NERV to acquire this pilot. Canada, after a while, agreed to allow the transfer of Harper and Unit 05 to Japan. However, because of an accident, or mere stupidity, the EVA program on Unit 05 only functions in English. Zack is said to be very arrogant, rude, and does not follow proper channels when speaking with his superiors. He may act like a goof sometimes, but his piloting skills are said to be nothing to laugh at. He was trained by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). He specializes in a self-taught style of martial arts, which is unknown to most people. Zack also has a licence to carry 9mm handgun. High efficiency with it. His I.Q. score is 149. Zack can only speak fluent English and Japanese.

She sighed again. I'm sure Misato can get used to another member of her artificial family. But how will Shinji and Asuka handle this?


"WHAT!" came Asuka's outburst. "We already have a fully housebroken male in this apartment (pointing at Shinji). Why the hell do we need another guy? Is he compensating for Kaji?" She was fully healed by this time.

"What did you say?" Misato quickly replied. "Grow up. He's another pilot. Not a new boyfriend."

A voice suddenly said. "Exactly. She's already taken."

Everyone turned to face the voice. It was Kaji Ryouji. In the next few moments everyone forgot about the new pilot as Misato jumped into his arms. Somehow he had come back.

Kaji said "Shinji. I have you to thank for this. During 3rd Impact, I just felt the will to return to this plane of existence. But I must say that where I was, was awesome."

"It's good to have you back Kaji," Shinji replied.

"Yup. I can say without a doubt that you made the right decision."

"If you say so Kaji," was Shinji's monotone reply.

"But that's not the real reason I'm here," declared Kaji. I was ordered by the Commander to bring the Sixth Child. Come on in Zack.

A/N: Zack can speak Japanese and English. So whenever he speaks English, it will be in italics and no one else will be able to understand.

A large boy a bit taller than Toji came in through the door.

"So this where the famous Shinji Ikari lives," the boy replied. He faced Misato, Shinji, and Asuka. "Hi, I'm Zack Harper. The Sixth Child. I'll be living here, so let's try to get along." He faces Shinji. "So are YOU the famous Shinji. Nice to meet you."

"Shinji. Yeah. Nice to meet you too."

He turns to face Misato. "So you are our lovely guardian, Misato Katsuragi. Man, my father would LOVE to meet you."

Misato gave him a death grin. "Would he eh?"

Zack was totally not fazed by her glare and turned his attention to the German.

"And you must be the epitome of sexiness: Asuka Langley Sohryu."

"What the hell did you say?" came her outburst.

"Exactly what I said," came the quick reply from the Canadian.

Asuka got so mad she went to smack him. And unbelievably he managed to step out of the way as if she was moving in slow motion to him. Asuka was even surprised when her slap did not hit home.

"Damn! Talk about feisty!"

"Whoa! What did you say?" said a surprised Shinji.

"Oh yeah," replied Zack. "I can speak English too. So you may not understand me all the time."

Misato decided it was time to take control of the situation. "Okay Mr. Casanova, you will be sleeping in Shinji's room. Unfortunately, you will be sleeping on the floor.

"Yeeeessss ma'am!" said Zack with a mock salute and went into Shinji's room to unpack.

Misato turned back to Kaji. "What the hell were you telling him?"

Kaji gave his usual smile. "Absolutely nothing. He said his father taught him everything he knows about women, and I guess he decided to be a bit daring."

"Whatever. Men these days…"


Shinji went to watch Zack unpack. Zack unexpectedly spoke.

"Man, although you are the hero, you sure don't look or act like it."

Shinji replied, "Yeah I know."

"So how's your girlfriend?"

Shinji was taken aback by this. "Uh it's not like that…"

"I see. She's so vicious, that she's got you scared. I think I can help though."

"With what?"

"If you didn't notice, I'm a ladies man. The girls CANNOT resist me."

"Misato and Asuka resisted you pretty well."

"You can't scam girls on the first try. And since you and the Nazi seemed about the same age, I assumed you two were going out."

Shinji blushed. "Uh… uh…"

"Oh I see. She's so difficult to get close to. You can't even make a move without getting a shot in the pills. I understand. I can help you, if you wish."

"You want to help me?" Shinji asked.

"Sure I'll help you. We're going to be buds now! We gotta watch each others backs. So I'll help you by toughening you up And you can help me by showing be around Tokyo-3, school procedures, and NERV procedures. Deal?" Zack asked offering his hand.

Shinji agreed, figuring that Zack would be on his side.

Shinji noticed Zack taking out a 9mm pistol out of his bag. "WHOA! How did you get that?"

"Oh I got this back in Canada," came Zack's confident reply. "I'm quite an excellent shot if I say so myself."

Shinji had a question for him now. "So Zack, you lived in Canada. What did you do there? What's Canada like?"

Zack looked up for a second, surprised that Shinji was taking an interest in his native country. "Well as much as would love to brag about my past, it's a long story. But the short version is this. I was raised by my father all my life. Somehow even though he was the head of a huge multinational company, he managed to find time to raise me too. But he wanted me to be able to look after myself as well. So he had me start training with the RCMP at age ten. After 2 years, I was the first child officer ever trained. That's also where I got my firearms training. With my status and age, I had to be accompanied by an adult officer. But I can discharge my firearm should someone's life be threatened." He then looked at Shinji. "Too long for you?"

"N-no," the meek boy replied. "Continue."

"Okay. And then I came across NERV about a month ago. They figured someone of my age and efficiency could be great as an EVA pilot. I figured that was great and all, but I had one obstacle. This guy from some air force on the West Coast of Canada. And knowing my luck, this guy was a child soldier, while I was just your average cop."

"If he was more efficient than you, being a soldier, how come you came to Japan instead?"

"I put it this way," he chuckled. "Although we both had excellent sync rates, being in the army is much more dangerous than being in the police force. And with the Canadian military equipment as outdated as it is, he had an accident while on a routine flight and was injured. So I got the call by default." He then looked back at Shinji. "Wow, I did talk more than I expected. Now as for Asuka..."



She looked around. This would be her first time in the NERV facility in Japan. This was definitely different from her homeland. Much warmer, she might add. Her new security card allowed her passage until she went into a briefing room. Sitting in a chair behind a desk was an elderly man. She knew right away it was Vice-Commander Fuyutski.

"Ah, Ivana. Glad you could make it."

"Ivana Kharlamov reporting for duty," she said with a salute to the commanders.

Ivana had black hair, a body similar to that of Asuka's, and could give a glare that would send chills down an enemy's spine.

"You are the designated pilot of EVA Unit 04. Your living quarters are in this block of Tokyo-3."

"Understood. Can someone show me how to get there?" Ivana asked.

Gendo enters the room. "I know someone who can show you. Rei?"

A soft voice replies to the call. "Yes." A blue haired girl with red eyes who looked about Ivana's age came into view.

"Ivana's apartment is in your housing block. Show her the way there. You two are dismissed.'

"Yes sir," the girls replied in unison.


Misato's house… again

Misato called as she was heading out. "I'm going to a bar with Kaji. Be good you three."

Shinji and Asuka said later and went back to what they were doing. Shinji was listening to his SDAT player. Asuka was reading a book. Zack was brooding on the couch. He was pondering about what he planned to do here.

"This will be difficult," he thought to himself. "I gotta toughen that kid up. Nobody deserves to walk with a dark cloud surrounding them wherever they go. Maybe if he had some more confidence. Hmm…"

Asuka was also lost in her thoughts more than her book. "What is up with that guy anyway? He comes in the door and hits on me! And now I gotta live with that guy? Shinji is enough trouble as is! But if it came down to it, one who pretends to be a pervert like Shinji is better than a pervert like Mr. Casanova. What am I thinking? I don't like either of those two!"

Shinji decided to make something for dinner and thought to himself at the same time. "Zack is quite an interesting person. He's a tad arrogant, but he looks like he's a good person. And what did he mean by, toughen me up? Ah, I'll make curry, chicken and rice. It will take some time, but it'll be worth the wait." Now he spoke out loud. "Hey Zack! Asuka! How do feel about curry, chicken and rice."

Asuka was first to reply. "You go right ahead. You have my full support unless you choose to use Misato's instant shit."

Zack called out, "Awesome. Take your time."

Shinji sighed. "Things will be alright after all."


Now that NERV has 2 new pilots, things are looking up. What new threats will they face? What is Zack up to? Keep reading and find out.