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"You know Zack, Misato's gonna kill you right?" a girl with an Australian accent softly asked.

"She wouldn't dare Elly," a boy's voice said in response. "Especially since I'll be needed today to help take on Captain Commie-Bastard."

It was an early November morning at NERV HQ in Berlin Germany. While most people were likely on edge for the day's impending battle, two of the four EVA pilots, namely Zack Harper and Elly Simpson were spending the morning sharing a very intimate moment. Perhaps too intimate for some people's tastes as Elly lay naked atop Zack, covered only by a blanket.

"You know Misato and her attitudes towards sex," Elly went on after she kissed his forehead, "Complete hypocrite towards everyone else's sex lives yet completely rampant herself. That and it doesn't matter if you're gonna go save the world, she'll kick your ass afterwards just because you had to go and break her golden rule."

"Well we'll just have to make sure she doesn't find out this time don't we?" Zack came back. "We did do the bad thing this night and neither she nor nobody else took notice."

"And that's good," Elly sighed as she rolled off Zack and lay beside him, pulling the cover up over her large breasts to her shoulders to stay warm. "I'm glad we got to have this moment, knowing what's out there waiting for us." She looked over at him with a tired but loving look in her eyes. "Thanks Zack."

"Anything for my princess," he replied after kissing her gently. A thought then came to Zack. "I think I now know why Vladimir is so angry."

Elly raised a brow in curiosity. "Why's that?"

"He's never been laid."

"That'd do it."


Outside NERV HQ

Sleeping was the last thing on Rei Ayanami's mind. If she could, Rei probably would wish to go into battle now and end this game of waiting. However, she knew deep down that waiting was indeed the wisest thing they could do now, knowing what waited on the horizon. The longer they could delay this battle, the better prepared the Allied Forces would be to repel the Russian advance.

Standing outside, clad in her pajamas and a raincoat, she stared up at the sky in hopes of seeing the sun rise. But to much dismay the sky was still blanketed by large grey clouds, the same clouds that had been up in the sky for the last seven days.

'The time is near,' Rei said to herself. 'I have spent the last seven days doing nothing but prepare for this day. The day we must face Topolov and his Evangelion.' Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out Shinji's SDAT player. Shinji and his girlfriend Asuka, whose deaths were her motivation for wanting to enter battle against the Russian teenager. Regardless of what orders were given, she would battle the boy no matter what and give it everything her body and mind would allow her to give.

"Shinji… Asuka… your deaths will not be in vain," she said quietly although with a very angry tone. "Mark my words; Vladimir Topolov is going to pay."

Right as the words came out of her mouth, she stepped back in shock. The phrase had come out of her mouth in a way she didn't expect it. "Did I just say that?" she asked herself. "Is that what it's like to be angry?"

And so you continue to discover more and more what it's like to be human.


Later That Morning – Briefing Room

"Admit it, you're afraid," Elly jabbed at Zack.

"I am not," Zack replied back.

"Come on Zack, there's no shame in admitting it."

"Elly, for the last time, I'm not afraid. If anything, I'm pissed."

Today was the day. The day of reckoning for the world. The day many people around the world were calling Judgment Day. All around the world, people were bracing for this conflict. The world had been put on hold by those who aligned with darkness, threatening the lives of anyone and everyone with the threat of death should they refuse to give in to its apparently superior power and military might.

But in the past few days, rays of hope had been piercing through the dark clouds that blocked out the light. In a matter of pathetic fallacy, the weather was complimenting the situation quite well. For the past seven days, no one had seen the sun, it being blocked out by thick dark clouds. On another issue, many of the UN General Assembly members absolutely refused Russia's call for a global surrender. Many smaller countries such as Canada, Spain, Italy, and Japan and were even sending military supplies and soldiers to assist the Allied forces amassing in Germany to hold off the Russian invasion force. And the more powerful members who consisted of the United States, United Kingdom, and France (reluctantly) were possibly considering an invasion into Russia directly to strike at the political heart of this malicious campaign.

While the other countries were involved fighting the ground war, NERV would spend most of its efforts coordinating the EVAs that would assist in the campaign, along with its top priority which was to locate and stop Evangelion Unit 10 and its very insane pilot Vladimir Topolov at all costs. Rei Ayanami, Zack Harper, Ivana Kharlamov, and Elly Simpson were trained and readily prepared for the attack that would be today. But until the time had arrived, they were all waiting orders in the briefing room, suited up and ready to go.

"Aww, why pissed?" Elly inquired.

Zack explained, "Well let's see, one because we got one nasty motherfucker to face today, two because the motherfucker in question killed two of our friends, and three because the motherfucker in question is going to be a fucking pain in the asshole to kill."

"Indeed. We have a very difficult battle ahead of us," Rei put in. "Regrettably, many lives will be lost in this coming battle and in the future battles that will be soon to follow."

"Well we just try not to think of that, remember all that stuff Sergei taught us and it should be smooth sailing," Zack said with a grin. "And then before we kill him, we make him say he's sorry for killing Shinji and Asuka, and have him beg for our mercy, and then we…"

"Let's not get carried away," Ivana cut Zack off. "Don't forget how skilled he actually is. Taking him on will not be an easy task."

Zack frowned, "Thanks for spoiling my fun. It may be the last time we get to have fun. Your ex doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fun'. The only things he knows are death, blood, carnage, and a few swear words."

"That's exactly right Casanova, and that is the reason why we need to stop him now," Misato interjected as she entered the room. She took a seat and spoke to the pilots. "Sorry about the wait, but I had to go over the final plans with Commander Henkel and give a report to Commander Ikari."

"Ikari?" Zack chimed. "The big boss himself is here in Germany?"

"Oh he is," Misato replied. "More or less to oversee how things are first hand and more or less to cheer you four on."

"One Euro says more so to see how things are and less to cheer us on," Zack came back; completely unaware that the man they were talking about had just entered the room.

"Then you are out one Euro," Gendo Ikari quickly interjected, his authoritative voice grabbing everyone's attention. Once he had everyone's attention he continued to speak. "First let me say that I am indeed very proud of you four for your incredible resolve in the wake of such a devious threat. And regardless of what happens out there today, as long as you give it your all, you will not be considered failures, but heroes who chose to stand their grounds against all odds." He took a pause before he went on. "And I understand that you have been taking preparative measures to actually win this am I correct?"

"Yes," Ivana answered. "We've spent the last five days preparing ourselves for this battle. We've learned everything we can about Topolov, and we know that there are cracks in his armour that will be exploited."

"Good," Gendo said with a small smile growing on his face. "Then you all know what you have to do. Defeat Vladimir Topolov at ALL costs."

"Yes sir!" the four pilots replied all at once.

"I will leave you to your own biddings for now. The time to battle is likely in no less than three hours. I wish you the best." And with that, Gendo Ikari left the briefing room possibly to rejoin with Commander Henkel regarding the war efforts.

Once Gendo left, Misato took the stage once more. "You heard the man. I want you four back here within three hours because from that point on, it will be battle. Use this time to converse with each other, go confess, or just enjoy each other's company until that time." She saluted them. "You four are dismissed."

Russian Camp

Vladimir looked at his EVA standing in the launching bay. Soon it would be time to contact the world leaders to for one final chance to meet his demand for a global surrender. And if they were still foolish enough to resist his demands, he would eliminate every last person who would stand in his way, and pave the way for a destined Fourth Impact.

A thought came to him though. He would be hopelessly outnumbered in this upcoming battle. Just about every country out there would be aligned against him. Even with his new powers, it would be an uphill battle that would be difficult even with him leading the charge.

As if someone sensed his concerns, a voice appeared behind him. "Are you concerned about something young one?"

Vladimir turned around to face his master, the one who had given him his blessing and powers that he currently possessed. Vladimir knelt down on one knee and spoke. "Yes, I am concerned about our army's size in comparison to the Allied Forces' army. Obtaining Unit 01 under the current circumstances will be immensely difficult because we're outnumbered at least ten to one."

"Ah indeed you will be outnumbered," the dark man replied. "I have serious doubts the world will adhere to our demands for a global surrender. So the right amount of infantry and supplies will be required. So I have thought ahead and requested the assistance of a few rogue nations to assist us in attaining our goals."

"Hmm, what nations are working with us?" Vladimir wondered curiously.

"Assisting our cause, and with a little SEELE influence and bribery, we have enlisted the nations of North Korea and Iran to fight alongside us in exchange for vast amounts of money and the supplies to build nuclear reactors to assist their country's economic growth," the man explained. "Having been deprived of their rights to prosper like the Westerners have, they are eager for an opportunity to stick one to those who have spent decades oppressing them on an international scale and holding them back for so long."

"Ah, North Korea and Iran," Vladimir said aloud. "They've indeed spent far too long being held back by those who disagree with their ideologues. They are wise to seize the opportunity as it lies before them. And with me leading the charge, no one stands a chance against us."

"That's the spirit my boy," the man said. "With that belief, surely you shall do my bidding and go bring about 4th Impact. With it, comes prosperity for those who follow us, and death and destruction for those that oppose us with their foolish beliefs." He paused a moment before finishing. "I must warn you though, do not underestimate what you are up against. Napoleon, Hitler, and the British of old made the same mistakes and it cost them dearly."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." Vladimir bowed to the man. "I will not let you down. Failure will not be an option."

"You are wise to know that immediately my boy. Indeed I will not tolerate failure." He motioned to Unit 10 in the background. "Utilize what you have, go forth and do my bidding. Your success today will guarantee you a position in my higher council."

Vladimir had one final question. "And if Russia and the others fall, how much impact will it have on our plans?"

"I advise you, Vladimir not to worry about what happens to Russia or the other countries," the man answered. "If they fall, they fall. It will be trivial as long as our main objective is complete. They will just simply learn a little faster what the price of failure really is."


NERV HQ – Air Strips

"Whoa, I never thought there'd be army guys from this many countries," Elly exclaimed at the sight before her.

"Well nobody with a capitalist mind wants to see their world's taken over," Zack replied. "We business people take our business very seriously. And we deal serious business to anyone who dares mess with our business."

In their spare time, Zack and Elly decided to tour the airstrips before the battle would commence. Indeed many countries from all over the world were making their own contributions to the war effort to stop the maniacs that were approaching. And at the moment with his arm around his girlfriend, the two were looking for the Canadian Forces Air Command and the Royal Australian Air Force.

"Well over there, that looks like the Danish air force," Zack pointed out at one squad that they passed by. "I guess they didn't take too lightly to being bullied by Russia, so they sent an air force to help us out. I wonder if the French air force is here at all, knowing their attitudes regarding wars."

"Over there," Elly called out excitedly, pointing over to the other side. On the other side, there were another set of air strips, where fighter jets bearing the French flag were stationed. "Looks like someone threatened their wine supply. So they decided that their wine is more important then their wild sex and their smug attitudes," she giggled at her remark.

"Well I guess eventually everyone has something that will propel them into war. I think the Canadian Forces Air Command are just a bit further down," Zack noted, spotting some familiar looking aircraft. Taking Elly's hand, the two raced down to see the Canadian army preparing themselves for what was on the horizon.

"Well I'll be damned," Zack stated. "The Canucks have declared war again. Now I wonder where the anti-war protesters are since we are not supposed to be interfering in the affairs of another country, so they say."

"I'll bet they couldn't land in Germany so they're protesting in another country FAR away from where all the action is going down," Elly chirped. "Why can't they go drink beer or play hockey and leave the real dirty work up to those who want to do it?"

"Who knows? This is Generation-I don't forget," Zack went on. "Self interests nowadays come above all else." Shifting their attention away from the anti-war effort, they focused on the Canadian soldiers checking on their aircraft making sure it was combat ready. "I feel sorry for those commies when we take to the sky. We may have a shit for size army, but we got some of the best soldiers and pilots in the world." He crossed his arms and grinned. "And I'm living proof of that. EVA pilot extraordinaire."

"Uh I don't think those two over there would agree with you." Elly noted, pointing out two people who didn't seem all that impressed.

"Who? Ivana and Rei?" Zack asked as he turned in the direction Elly pointed out, only to see two people, a young man and woman he didn't recognize. But as he really looked at them, they began to look more and more familiar to him. "Oh just fabulous."

"Greetings Mr. Harper," the young man formerly greeted as he and his companion walked up to Zack and Elly. "I'm surprised you're actually here," the man spoke up. He was similar in height to Zack, save a little stockier than the Sixth Child. And unlike Zack, this man was of more Asian descent judging by his hair and facial features. "You actually cut the custard after all to be an EVA pilot," he went on speaking in a calm yet serious tone.

"Well, well, well," Zack replied in a sarcastic tone. "If it ain't Mr. Jon Dang, my former competition. Did you finally come to congratulate me after I so owned you in the tryouts to become an EVA pilot?"

"Not quite," Jon continued. "You won by technicality if I recall. We're in the air force and we're heading the Canadian squadron's attack against the Russian air force if you must know." He sighed before countering Zack's sarcastic tone. "Though you have my sympathy for what I hear you will be facing. I heard the target has a rather...interesting taste in killing and such."

"Very funny." Zack then turned his attention to the woman accompanying Jon. "And what's she doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" the woman shot back. Much like Jon, she was also of Asian descent, being almost as tall as Zack was, but far slender. "If you must know, you insincere bastard, I'm Jon's wingman."

"I'm an insincere bastard?" Zack asked, rather confused. "Since when did you get that impression Kristina?"

"Let's see," Kristina went on, "we were about to become a couple, but it never happened because you had to leave for Japan. Then you promised me you'd come back one day." She then pointed at Elly. "And now I see you strutting around with some girl, one whom would more fit to appear in one of those more risqué magazines."

"You got a problem with me?" Elly jumped in. "Obviously you didn't read the message clearly. He said he'd come back, not hook up with you."

"Stay out of this," Kristina sharply responded to Elly. Turning her attention back to Zack, she continued her rant. "You still broke my heart. Something I will not forgive for a long time!" Kris growled in anger, her right foot suddenly plowing into the groin of Zack Harper. The sudden force of the attack dropped him like a rock. The end result was a pathetic sight to behold, as Zack clutched his sensitive area from a kick derived out of anger and jealousy. Kristina then stormed off in a rage.

"Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned," Jon muttered quietly. He looked at Elly before saying "I apologize for her behaviour, but he did have that coming. Personally, I hope that's the only injury he sustains today. I wish you both the best." With a salute, he walked back toward the fighter jets to prepare for battle.

Elly then turned to helping her wounded boyfriend get back to his feet after the brutal sacking he just received.

"You just don't catch any breaks do you?"


From what appeared to be a command center, five mysterious beings (okay not so mysterious anymore) observed their forces readying themselves for battle.

"So, do you think he'll really pull it off?" the tall one asked as he stared at the many screens the command center offered.

"He is outnumbered easily," the being with a female voice replied. "That and those kids won't be fooled by the same tricks twice. He'll have to double if not triple his efforts out there. Even with his perfect sync ratio he can still fail. "If Russia falls though, which it probably will, the country's infrastructure will face likely decimation, and our entire investment in using them as a base to initiate 4th Impact will be up in smoke."

"But hey, if he does pull it off we'll get our 4th Impact and our plans will go way ahead of schedule!" the smallest one put in with an excited tone. "That would be so awesome!"

"And what of the nations of Iran, North Korea, and the other nations that shall assist us?" the tall one wondered. "What are we to do with them once they serve their purpose? Will they still be of any use to us?"

"Oh yes they will," the leader answered. "They will be loaded with anger and resentment once they are punished by the rest of the world. They won't hesitate to turn to us once they feel SEELE has let them down."

"But what of Calamousill?" the figure with an elderly man's voice wondered. "What will be his purpose?"

"His purpose is to lie in wait until he is needed," the figure with a young man's voice answered. "He knows that he shall assist if he needs to." His thoughts then took a different turn. "Is everything ready just in case he fails?"

"Yes," the elderly one replied. With a wave of his hand, a new screen appeared in front of them. It appeared to be progress reports on all the registered EVA pilots. The screen read as followed:












"At the very least, we shall get some sufficient data," the elderly one finished. "Whether Vladimir succeeds or fails, we win in the end."

"Indeed," the young man replied. "All that matters is that WE win."


Central Lambda

Misato turned on the com for the purpose of communicating with the pilots. "Are you four ready?"

"Yes ma'am!" the four pilots replied.

"Good," Misato went on. "I'm going to go over the strategy with you one more time quickly. Ivana, you're playing the striker position and you'll have your melee weapons along with an array of Gatling guns. You'll be the first one to engage the enemies. Rei, you're in midfield. You'll have melee weapons along with rocket launchers and sniper rifles. Elly, you're the fullback and you'll have immediate access to all the weapons and along with Rei, you'll relay weapons to Ivana when/if she needs them. Zack, you are the goalkeeper. Defend NERV Headquarters at all costs." She paused for a moment so as the pilots could let the information sink in. "And obviously if you spot Unit 10, notify us immediately so we can fortify your abandoned posts when you go after him. Any questions?"

"Can we go out for a steak dinner when this is all said and done?" Zack asked. Typical of him to ask such a question.

"Zack, that is a really ridiculous question," Misato answered. "But if such a place is still standing, AND you are able to defeat Unit 10 with all of you still alive, I'll have no choice but to treat you four to a steak dinner." Once she saw the Canadian pump his fist with delight, she continued, "But let that be an incentive to watch out for your teammates on the battlefield. I want to see you all back in here safe and sound. Are you four ready?"

"Unit 00 ready," Rei replied.

"Unit 04 combat ready," Ivana answered.

"Unit 05 jacked up and good to go!" Zack responded.

"Unit 06 ready to kick ass!" Elly said.

She then turned her attention to Commanders Ikari and Henkel. "Well Commander Ikari, care for the honours?" she asked with confidence beaming from her face.

Gendo mirrored Misato's smile. Looking at the pilots on screen, he said his piece. "Give the enemy no quarter, and show Unit 10's pilot no mercy. Go."

And with his given order, the EVAs were launched from deep below the earth and thrust towards the surface, ready to do battle.

Once Ivana hit the surface, she quickly gave herself a view of what was going on. As expected, she was launched right into the middle of a war zone. Immediately she had to raise her AT Field to block some incoming mortar shells. Moving quickly, she picked up the Gatling gun that was waiting for her and immediately opened fire on the Russian mortar tanks that were not far ahead. The bullets ripped apart the ground, from moving over a thousand miles per hour but for the most part Ivana's shots were able to hit their intended targets. The explosions served to tell Ivana that they hit home and to keep moving onto the other ones.

"Heads up Unit 04!" someone yelled into the com. Unit 04's alarm went off. Ivana quickly identified the source of the alarm as incoming missiles aimed straight for her.

'That didn't take long,' she told herself. Quickly dropping the Gatling gun, she pulled out her prog knife and knifed the first missile cleanly, its explosion doing no damage. Three more approached. Sticking her hands out while protected by her AT Field, she deflected the next two missiles. And finally in spectacular fashion, she threw her knife at the fourth missile. It exploded without reaching its target. Picking up a progressive sword, she charged towards the next line of enemy machinery.

Rei on the other hand, found herself dealing with an Eastern Front attack by a huge battalion of tanks and armed Hummers. Since the French had the Western Front under control (so Rei hoped), she could handle East Berlin and relay weapons whenever Elly contacted her. This arsenal facing her down was fierce, and she constantly found herself being slowed up by vicious assaults due to her known unit's size and capabilities. To Rei this was a trivial matter. She would not let Shinji and Asuka's deaths be in vain no matter what. Elevating her AT Field to its maximum power, and armed with a prog sword, she continued to press forward. Using her sword, she slashed away with swiftness and precision.

Once Rei was identified as the primary target of the attack, she found herself being bombarded further, almost stopping her in her tracks. Acting quickly, she called into her com, "Backup!" She then dug in and prepared for some sort of assistance while she held her ground. Within a minute, it came in the form of the Canadian Air Forces Air Command with a full squadron in tow. Using laser guided precision, the jets bombed their targets, enabling Rei to pick back up and press on with her attack. This feeling felt bizarre to her, this desire for vengeance, but she placed that thought in the back of her mind and prepared for the next attack.

Elly found herself in another predicament. Since Rei had to guard the Eastern front, she was left to some degree handling the center which risked hindering the weapons relay system. And the position she was dealing with played their plans perfectly. Stranded alone out there, it would only be a matter of time until Ivana ran out of ammunition and nowhere to turn. Thankfully she was equipped with heavy armour, so even without her AT Field at times, she'd be able to withstand to a good extent many of the attacks aimed her way. And in no time at all, Ivana had come on the com requesting a reload of ammunition.

Elly quickly put in a contact to Rei, "Rei time to relay!"

The reply came in quickly, and it delivered news Elly didn't like. "I cannot. Too hard pressed down here."

"Shit!" Elly swore out loud. She quickly tuned into the command center, "Misato! Ivy needs a reload! I'm gonna go there myself!"

"Gotcha!" was Misato's reply. "We'll get the Americans to cover you from the air. Just ignore the explosions and book it! That and we'll inform Zack you're dropping your post. Now go!"

Grabbing the ammunition packs, Elly placed them under one arm of Unit 06, and picked up a sword with the other and charged north. Immediately, she was being fired upon by enemy forces trying to keep up with her. And as she pressed onwards, she could see her enemies being bombed from the air. 'Good, the Americans are fending off the evildoers for me.'

Zack on the final hand seemed to be having a blast. Armed with two large machine guns, he was ripping through any and all targets that got past the Allied Forces and targeted NERV HQ.

"Come here you little communist piggies, I got candy for you!" he taunted the enemy combatants. "Lead flavoured candy that is! Hahahahahaha!" Zack laughed as his bullets tore into the enemies that dared to assault NERV Headquarters. But as this battle raged on and on, there was still no sign of Unit 10 anywhere to be seen. If Zack knew any better, the bastard was probably planning his grand entrance just like he did last time. Only this time, he wouldn't get his element of surprise.

"Cut the chatter Casanova," Misato ordered over the com. "Heavy tanks approaching from the north. Stop them!"

"With pleasure." Putting the guns down, Zack went over to his cache to select the rocket launcher, with the intent of blowing up the incoming targets. Once locked on, he would fire with the system guidance guaranteeing a direct hit. One down, many more to go. Reload and repeat.


NERV HQ – Central Lambda

"So far, so good," Misato said quietly as the battle continued on. From her perspective, everything seemed like it was under control. The Allied Forces were providing a solid resistance against the invading Russians, even though they were getting help from Iran and North Korea of all people. And at the same time, incursions had begun into Russia on all sides by the Allies, with the intent of taking out the political regime.

Looking at it from the bigger picture, something still didn't feel right. And as she watched the commanders' converse and give commands, she could tell that they were thinking the same thing. This was still way too good to be true. But there was still the main underlying problem: Evangelion Unit 10. And similar to last time he would likely appear with the element of surprise on his side.

Just in case, there were systems set up all over the place and even in space designed to specifically locate Unit 10 should it appear in German airspace or even on the ground. As assuring at it was, it wouldn't assure Misato as it only meant a path of death and destruction would appear in its wake.

"Okay Unit 06, back to your post on the double!" Misato called into the com. At her order, Unit 06 piloted by Elly, began its trek back to the position it had to abandon earlier. As Unit 06 raged back, it seemed like eventually the battle would have been over if they didn't have to worry about Unit 10…

"Commander, we have a problem!" a technician reported. "We've spotted a flying object with patterns matching that of Unit 10!"

"What? Whereabouts?" Commander Henkel demanded to know.

"According to the coordinates, it's right above Unit 06 and is now descending at high speed!" the technician answered.

"ELLY HEADS UP!" Misato yelled into the com. "UNIT 10'S RIGHT ABOVE YOU!!!"

"What? What's above me?" Elly could barely register whatever Misato just shrieked into the com. Suddenly her alarms went off. Something was coming straight for her from above. Without a second's hesitation she quickly dived out of the way as something impacted where she was just standing not even a second ago.

Whatever impacted the ground kicked up a ton of dust, but Elly could still make out a silhouette. It was humanoid shaped object, which right away Elly knew it was Unit 10. He was here. Vladimir Topolov. As it stood up, it emerged from the dust, revealing its pitch black armour and the large scythe held in its right hand.

And then, to make matters scarier, something tuned into her com. She recognized the face right away. And with his pale face and graying hair, he looked at her with a wicked grin. "Well, looks like you'll be my first victim of today. And you look delicious!"

Elly was frightened, but she stood her ground. "So you finally showed up, you're late you know."

"It's never too late to feed," he replied devilishly. He pointed the scythe at her. "I've been waiting seven days for this moment. The moment where I can squeeze the life out of you and your friends."

"I only got one thing to say," Elly countered. "Go for it." She readied her blade in preparation for his attack.

"Oh I will!" Unit 10 lunged at Elly, shifting Unit 10's grasp on the scythe to the end, giving Vladimir maximum reach. He proceeded to take large, wild swings at her chest level. To his rage, Unit 06 kept stepping out of his way dodging his attacks. Bringing the scythe in closer, he lunged at her even faster and attempted an overhead cleave.

Elly used this chance to sidestep and dodged the scythe as it plunged into the earth, missing its target. Quickly using her advantage she then charged at him, landing an elbow into Unit 10's head before scurrying behind Unit 10.

"Arrgh!" Vladimir growled from being hit. He turned around and readied himself again. "You got lucky you little bitch! But your luck has run out!" Right as he was about to lunge at her again, something impacted him from behind knocking Unit 10 flat on its face. Quickly he rolled out of the way, right as Unit 06's sword would have impaled it and quickly got back to his feet. Looking over to his left, he saw a green EVA holding a rocket launcher.

"Ha!" Zack called into the com. "Flanked you bitch!"

"So you think this is all fun and games don't you?" Vladimir asked him. Looking past Elly, he could see that Unit 04 was approaching and his sensors indicated Unit 00 was approaching from behind. "You know, I was hoping we could have a little warm-up before the real rumble began. But you squandered that chance!"

"Ah well, I wanted to skip the warm-up anyways," Elly sighed. "So are you ready to be serious, or can we pick you apart?"

"Oh please, I'll be the ones picking you apart!" Vladimir roared. He twirled his scythe around a few times before resuming his combat stance, ready to take them all on. "Now you'll know what it's like… TO CHALLENGE A GOD!!!"

Without warning, Unit 10 leaped into the air, and began to spin at a rapid pace. Strangely, Unit 10 was engulfed in a black and orange aura "Take this!" he yelled. "A.T.… RINGS OF HELL!" As he continued to spin, he suddenly began to hurtle numerous rings of energy at his opponents.

"Look out!" Ivana yelled as she frantically dodged the rings. She knew exactly what this was capable of. A.T. Fields had no defense against an attack like this. As she dodged the rings, she quickly looked over to make sure the others were able to dodge the assault. To her avail, they emerged unharmed but rather startled.

"Holy guacamole!" Zack called out. He was really caught by surprise. "How the hell did he do that?"

"That's just a sample of my power!" Vladimir swung his scythe at Zack. Zack quickly dodged the curved blade and tried to lock his blade down using his sword. But Vladimir's power was much greater than Zack had predicted. Vladimir managed to force Zack's sword back up and then kicked him in the chest.

Quickly turning, Rei was now approaching. So now he turned his attention to her, sparing Zack from a second attack. As he went to take a swing at her, she dodged his attack. As he brought the scythe down, Rei stepped back and did something he didn't expect. She then lunged at him. Caught by surprise, Vladimir didn't have time to bring his scythe back up. Unit 00 leaped up and kneed Unit 10 right in the face, bringing them both down to terra firma. Seeing her chance, Rei brought Unit 00's hands around Unit 10's neck in an attempt to strangle Vladimir.

As he was now pinned down by Rei, he could see the anger, the malice on her face. For a moment, Vladimir himself was frightened. Frightened to see someone else show the same anger he tended to show his victims. But unlike those weak fools, he was NOT going to die in pathetic fashion.

"You got him Rei!" Elly cheered. "Finish him!" This joy was only short lived. Suddenly, Unit 00 was thrown off of Unit 10 abruptly, with Unit 10 having a black aura surrounding him.

"Think it would be that easy? You really are fools if you think so!" Vladimir declared. "I am way more powerful than you can imagine. Sure you may have learned a few tricks, but you're still no match for me!" He readied himself once more. "So which one of you shall oppose me first?"

"Fuck you," Elly shot back. "We'll attack you at the same time. We ain't gonna let you bully on someone."

"He raises a point Elly," Ivana put in. "His movements are too unpredictable for a gang attack."

"Hence why I'm going in!" Zack suddenly threw Unit 05 at Unit 10. Bringing out his sword, he prepared to rain down on Vladimir. Vladimir in defense held up his scythe, repelling all of Zack's slashes with relative ease. But with a quick movement of his feet, Zack managed to slew foot Vladimir, forcing the Russian to stumble and eventually fall down to one knee. Zack then rained down some more, before using his higher ground to lock Vladimir's scythe down! "Now Rei!"

Seeing the chance, Rei now attacked from behind, hoping to get a stab right at the entry plug and end this battle. But it was all in vain. Vladimir used Zack's inertia to suddenly 'collapse' and let Unit 05 fall towards him. He then flipped Unit 05 over his head and it collided with Unit 00, knocking them both down.

"You're next bitch!" Vladimir suddenly attacked Elly. She didn't have enough time to get away from the impending attack. To Elly's horror, not only was the inside curve of the blade sharp, but the outer curve was too. There was no escape! Vladimir's scythe carved deep into her EVA's armour, getting a yelp of pain from its pilot. Just then Vladimir had to turn his attention to Ivana, who quickly came to Elly's aid in response, saving Elly from what may have finished her off.

Elly clutched her chest in pain. Her whole chest felt as if someone ran a match along the surface of her skin. In response, her EVA dropped to a knee, reflecting the pain Elly was in. "Oh my god… oh my god… it burns… owww…" she muttered through pants of pain.

Was Vladimir just too powerful?


"Oh my god, is she alright?" Misato demanded to know.

"The blade penetrated right through the A-Type armour and scraped the surface of the main plate," the main technician reported. "Vitals have accelerated due to physical and mental distress, but the pilot is alright."

"Elly get up!" Misato ordered. "If you can't fight, back off and take cover!"


"I'm far from beaten!" Elly replied, though under great stress. "I'll die before I run!" Looking ahead, she saw Vladimir engaging both Zack and Ivana, with Rei waiting patiently for her chance to step in. The pain was slowly turning to anger in the Australian's eyes. She didn't care what it took. Vladimir would be brought down this day.

Vladimir had managed to kick Ivana off her feet and was now focusing on Zack and Rei. "You fools just know this is entertainment for me right?" he asked as he shoved Zack out of the way. "The longer this takes, the more I want to drink your blood!" Catching Rei's hand with his free hand, he delivered a sharp kick to Unit 00's head, stunning the EVA and its pilot before taking a swing at the chest, wounding the EVA and Rei.

"No! Rei!" Zack called out as he quickly tried to get to the fallen EVA.

"This is where YOU die!" Vladimir revealed the spear end of his scythe, ready to impale Rei right in the chest, which would likely kill her. Right as he was about to bring the blade down, a sharp coursed through his entire left arm. "Ahhhh! What the fuck?" Looking at Unit 10's left arm, there was a prog knife embedded blade deep. Before he saw what came next, he was suddenly slashed again in the waist area from his left side across, and then kicked in the right side of the head, which made enough impact to knock him over. Quickly regaining his feet, he could feel his whole body convulsing in pain. Looking ahead, he theorized that damned bikini model pilot must've caught him by surprise.

"Well you don't look so tough anymore!" Zack taunted. "A few good hits and you're halfway gone." He waved his index finger tauntingly. "We figured out your secret. We know your sync ratio is always 100 percent. So you feel every little bit of pain. Hurts doesn't it?"

"Damn you!" Vladimir cursed. "I will not be beaten this day!" He gave out a great scream of rage. Waves of energy were emitted on all sides from Unit 10. And it became encased in a black aura. He gave out a chuckle. "You see… I cannot be defeated in battle. I have the power of a god at my command." Raising his right hand, the others could see a mark of some sorts burning through his plugsuit and making itself visible for all to see. It was a mark consisting of three sixes in a triangle shape. Notably, one of the sixes was glowing a dull red.

"Holy Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and all three Wise Men," Zack said in shock at the sight seen on Vladimir's hand. "Is that what I think it is?"

"I would expect no less," Ivana replied, covering herself from the waves of energy. "He really has allied himself with evil. That would explain his facial features."

"He has sold his soul to the devil for the sake of power," Rei put in. "That mark must be what is making him so powerful."

"I AM POWERFUL! I'M A GOD!" Vladimir roared as he flew right at the EVAs, his aura strong enough to blow them all to the wayside. Seeing that they were all knocked over, he quickly selected one of them to attack. And in this case he chose Rei as his first victim. Charging at her with more ferocity than ever before, he swung the scythe like a man on roid rage. Rei literally had no chance. She had been taught various maneuvers on how to dodge normal sped slashes, this was nothing compared to what she had expected. She took a slash right along her left shoulder, stunning her for what was a near miss as his scythe came back and sliced her from that should down to her waist on the right side. Thankfully, the scythe didn't penetrate that deep, but Rei was down and out in great pain.

Zack quickly stepped on the ball, leaping high in the air to try and use the height advantage to his advantage. He forced Vladimir and went on the attack himself. At the best, he would succeed in drawing away Vladimir's attention away from Rei. But it didn't do that much for himself as he was quickly countered as Vladimir then forced his sword away and then elbowed him in the chest. To Zack's horror Vladimir circled around him and impaled him in the back with the spear end, crippling the pilot and bringing him to his knees.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" Vladimir taunted Zack, kicking Unit 05 in the head and knocking the green EVA down. "All that taunting and no fight to back it up. You're not worth sparing!" Tucking away the spear, preferring to use the scythe blade, he then noticed Units 04 and 06 now on their way, with pistols drawn. Vladimir raised his AT Field and easily blocked the bullets.

The guns had served their purpose. Vladimir's attention was drawn away from the wounded EVAs. "Alright Elly, help me draw him away, then get the others to safety," Ivana commanded.

"What about you?" Elly inquired.

"I'll be fine," Ivana smiled. "It doesn't matter how powerful he is, I can handle him. He was my bitch at one time. Come we don't have much time." She then ran off with Elly in pursuit.

Elly saw Ivana extend her hand towards her while they ran, and it made sense immediately. Elly handed Ivana her sword giving Ivana a second weapon to combat Vladimir with while she would pull Units 05 and 00 out of the way. Taking an arm of each EVA, Elly mustered with all of her Unit's strength to pull the two downed EVAs away from the battlefield. Looking around, it had seemed most of the enemy and Allied forces were indeed long cleared out over the span of the hours of the battle, though the remains of a battle once there was clear. Looking ahead, she saw her friend Ivana locking horns with Unit 10. They appeared even for now, but how long would that last?

"Don't you remember what happened last time you were left alone?" Vladimir asked. "I nearly annihilated you!"

"You had surprise that time. This time you don't," Ivana countered. Using her dual progressive swords, she continued to rain away at him. "And I will not allow you to get away with the thousands if not millions of people murdered by your hand."

"Progression through pain and bloodshed," Vladimir replied as they continued to exchange blows. "It's the way of life. The weak die and the strong survive!" he grunted as he shoved Ivana off him. "Take this!" With one final yell, he slammed the scythe into the ground, kicking up a shockwave of energy that propelled right at Ivana.

Ivana didn't predict this attack either. She tried to raise her AT Field desperately, but it was too late. The energy wave slammed into her and propelled her hundreds of feet away, all but knocking her out cold.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Vladimir laughed out loud. "Again you oppose me, again you fall!" He then turned to face Unit 06 in the distance. "And don't think I forgot about you, you filthy bitch! YOU'RE NEXT! I'LL MAKE SURE YOU DIE FIRST!"

Elly was now worried. She was now all alone out there. Zack and Rei too wounded to stand back up, and Ivana just defeated. She had no chance in her own opinion, but could she run away? Holding a prog sword in her hand that had belonged to Zack, she wasn't sure what to do, whether to choose fight or flight.

As Vladimir ran across the battlefield to take out Elly, something struck the ground right in front of him, stopping him dead in his tracks. "Huh? What the hell?" Looking up, he saw two aircraft carriers which held two more Evangelions. "What's going on here?"

Someone else tuned into the com. Elly quickly identified the face as her classmate and teammate, Hikari Horaki! "Damn mate, what are ya doing here?" she quickly asked.

"Sorry, we couldn't stay put any longer," Hikari answered as Units 08 and 03 piloted by Toji Suzahara hit the ground. "Commander Fuyutski agreed with us and decided to intervene."

"We came at a good time from the looks of it," said Toji looking at the wounded EVAs scattered around. Noting Unit 10, Toji asked, "Is he as tough as they say?"

"Oh he is," Elly answered. "Be careful. He's way more powerful than a normal EVA." She resumed her stance. "He's taken some damage, but he's still proving to be very powerful."

"Powerful, yes. Invincible, hell no!" Toji roared as he held a progressive ax in hand. Hikari was also ready, holding a spear in hand. "And now he's got two more to deal with!"

"The more, the merrier!" Vladimir chuckled. "I've disposed of your friends rather easily, and I'll do the same to you two!" He lunged right at the two new combatants. Hikari and Toji quickly stepped aside and they engaged him from both sides. Vladimir swung his scythe so that he could force Hikari's staff down and at the same time hook it around so that he could force Toji to back off. But Hikari was stopped for only a moment, as she thrust the staff forward. Catching it with his left hand, Vladimir pulled the staff and Unit 08 in with it, only to kick Hikari back forcing the staff out of her hand. Hikari quickly pulled out her prog knife and threw it at Vladimir, catching him right in the shoulder.

"Argh!" he growled as he went to pull the knife out. And as he did he was left completely open to Unit 06. With his scythe at his side, and not in front of him. He was powerless as Unit 06 stabbed Vladimir right in the chest, just below the core. Quickly swinging the scythe around, he managed to make Elly back off, but not before leaving her sword in Unit 10's lower chest. Toji quickly came across, swinging the ax once which Vladimir dodged, but not the second time which caught him in the upper chest leaving an incision in Unit 10's chest plate before Vladimir kicked Unit 03 away.

Vladimir staggered back and away, before pulling out the knife and the sword. He felt as if someone was trying to rip his innards out. How could he be losing? He was the most powerful human on the planet! And yet he was losing to these… these inferior beings! His sync ratio with Unit 10 was supposed to be perfect. He was supposed to have perfect control and have its full potential at his command, and yet he was losing!

Elly called out to Vladimir, "Give up Vladimir. You're wounded and pretty much defeated. Surrender and you will be spared."

Vladimir managed a laugh despite his pain. "You must really be a stupid girl with pink hair if you earnestly believe I will surrender."

Hikari countered, "Your war effort is a failure Vladimir. I bet the Allies have been able to push back your army, and that other allied forces will invade Russia and topple that regime you set up. Pathetic, how someone who was so powerful fell so fast." She suppressed the giggle that nearly escaped her mouth.

"Whatever," Vladimir grumbled. "How long will it take you morons to realize that I don't give a shit about what happens to Russia? That barren land of ice can go to hell for all I care. I am mighty, Russia is not. It will fall, but I will not!"

Toji made his point. "We've avenged our friends' death today, with your defeat. You've got nothing left to fight on!"

"As if…" Vladimir muttered. "I am unbeatable!" He concentrated deep within, and a black aura once more surrounded Unit 10. "I will crush you all, and toss your EVAs into the wind, and I will feast on your blood!" He licked his lips with delight. "My pain simply tells me I need to fight harder!"

"More like it's telling you we're kicking your ass," Elly countered. "If you got any fight left in that EVA, let's see it! Part of me would like to kill you for what you've done!"

"If anyone's doing the killing, IT WILL BE ME!" Vladimir screamed. "Be consumed by the darkness!" Raising his arms out, the aura expanded like a shockwave, decimating all in its path.

"Ahhhh" Hikari screamed as she tried to defend herself. "It's too powerful… ahhhh!" she got picked up and tossed into the wayside, along with Units 03 and 06."


"OH NO THEY'RE ALL DOWN!" Misato freaked out.

"We have no choice," Henkel replied. "We evacuate now! Call all forces in to assault Unit 10."

"And if that fails?" Misato asked as she prepared to evacuate with the others. She could hear the emergency evacuation order being sounded over the intercom.

"Then we lose."

"We can't leave them out there!" Misato shot back. "We need to help them!"

Gendo grabbed her arm. "We have to leave Major! There is nothing we can do for them now! They made the choice to fight! It would be a dishonour to them if we don't get out of here while we can!"

Without much argument to be made, Misato followed Gendo towards the exit to NERV HQ.

"Commanders, we're getting contact from Unit 00! Rei is still conscious!" Maya called out.

Joachim halted for a moment to see the screen. Yes, Rei was conscious once more. If she could make it back to her feet and resume fighting, then there might still be hope. "Abort the evacuation, but be prepared to leave just in case." At his command, the alarms went dead, and the technicians made their way back to their posts.

'Come on Rei, please get up…' Misato pleaded.


Rei slowly made her way back to a normal state of mind. Having been dazed earlier from Vladimir's assaults, she felt the haziness wearing off in her mind. She willed Unit 00 over to see Unit 10 standing tall while all her comrades had fallen. They had failed. Vladimir… had won.

'I will not accept that,' Rei told herself as she tried to get back up. 'I must not let Shinji down. I promised them…' Drawing on willpower, she raised Unit 00 to its feet, although it had trouble standing.

"Oh look, you're back!" Vladimir quickly taunted her. "You missed quite a bit I might mention. I absolutely clobbered your friends!"

"I will not let you… harm them anymore…" Rei panted. "You will pay for what you have done… you will not get away with… killing Shinji and Asuka…"

"Oh this is about them?" he asked with mock surprise. "Wow, I thought you'd be long over those pathetic fools. I killed them like they were flies buzzing around my head!"

"Do not disrespect them," Rei muttered. 'This man… no he is not a man… he really is a monster; one that thrives on death and suffering. The death and suffering that haunts people's souls. Why does he make people suffer? And why do I feel this unsettling irritation in my chest?

These are the feelings you've always had, but never understood

'Who said that?' she asked, her eyes darting back and forth as she searched for the source of the voice.

I've always been here, watching over you. I can see into your heart, your mind, and your soul. I can feel that they're full of confusion as to who you are and what you can and can't do.

'What I… can't do?' Rei was confused.

Do you know what its truly like to feel happy, to feel sad, to feel angry? And to have these feelings not just because you want to have these feelings, but because they just happen?

'I do not understand.'

Knowing all you have been through, I don't expect you to understand, but that's okay. That's why I'm here. To help you understand. That unsettling irritation, that is because deep down, past your consciousness, you are angry.

'Angry, the feeling of hateful resentment.'

Yes. But to know what this feeling is and to feel what these emotions are before, you must recognize them; to naturally let these feelings flow and to act on these feelings. That is what it means to be truly human.

'To be human… not an Angel… just like Ikari-kun.'

Is that what you truly want? If you so desire, I can show you what all these feelings are and what they mean. It's the least I can do for you, since your presence has helped curb my own loneliness, and since you may never live to have these feelings when you grow older.

'You would show me these feelings?'

Just open your mind let me do the rest. Then use your newfound feelings to fuel your resolve… and avenge your family.

While still remaining focused on Vladimir, everything felt like it suddenly slowed as she lowered the barriers of her mind. Keeling over, she shuddered violently as a sudden rush of knowledge poured into her mind.

A blood curling scream echoed through the intercoms as she held her head in agony. All those who were present watched Unit 00 in shock and surprise as Rei continued to suffer from some unknown force.

She could see, feel, and hear every feeling and emotion, and it was all coming in at once.















"Oh my god, Rei's brainwaves are going frantic!" Maya cried out in shock.

"What's causing it? A psychic attack?" Ritsuko wanted to know.

"Source unknown, but something is entering Rei's mind, and its making Rei's brainwaves go way off the handle!" Maya called back. Looking at the screens, Rei's brainwaves were indeed going frantic. And looking at Unit 00 on screen, it was clutching its head in agony.

"Can we shut down Unit 00?" Gendo asked.

"No can do, it's not responding! It's acting on it's own!" another technician answered.

"Wait a minute…" Ritsuko caught a glimpse of Rei's sync ratio. It had been floating in the low sixties, but was now picking up speed. "Rei's sync ratio is growing! It's over a hundred and thirty; no… it's still growing!"

'Come on Rei! Hang in there!' Misato silently begged of her charge. But then it hit her. Was Rei going through a transformation like Shinji and Asuka once had? "Hey wait, she could be transforming!"

Then it hit Ritsuko. Misato had to be right. Why else would her sync be going up like this? They could only hope that this hunch was the case.


Rei continued to scream in agony. The pain was way too much to bear. Not only that, she felt as if her shoulder blades wanted to rip right out of her back. On the outside, little did she know that her EVA was being consumed by a golden aura, and that it began to slowly rise into the air.

Vladimir on the other hand had no clue what was going on. Suddenly from out of nowhere, that girl's scream began to echo throughout the com, nearly deafening the Russian himself. That and what really freaked him out, was that the EVA this girl was piloting began to glow with that gold aura and was floating in the air.

'I have to bear this… for their sake! I have to!' Rei silently reminded herself as to why she bore this pain. However, something did feel different. While she felt herself being in so much pain, she felt her connection to the EVA getting stronger… stronger than ever before! But a part of her told her she couldn't take this any longer, and with one final scream, she gave over what was left of her resistance and left her fate in the hands of the unknown voice and the EVA.

Vladimir was suddenly blinded by a large flash of light, and he literally couldn't see a thing. Having covered his eyes, he would have wished he had left them covered after what he saw lying before him. Unit 00 was floating just above the ground, but with gold spectral wings coming out of its back. Looking at the com, he saw the state of the pilot Rei Ayanami. Her eyes were closed, but he could see her brown hair (with blue streaks) had turned completely blue. Her skin had gone from a normal colour, to what look like an albino skin colour. And when she opened her eyes to stare him down, Vladimir himself was frozen scared by her glaring crimson eyes.

"You should be proud Vladimir Topolov, no one has ever provoked me like you have," Rei spoke quietly.

Vladimir tried to regain his confidence that was just there moments ago. Gripping his scythe tightly, he tried his best, but couldn't find the ability to speak.

Sensing his fear, Rei quickly capitalized on it with her quiet but forceful tone. "Perhaps you are right. You have been toying with us this entire time." Her tone quickly turned angrier and louder. "But guess what! The real fight begins, right now!" Lowering her EVA down to earth, she picked up a sword, and took a stance. Suddenly, she launched herself at Unit 10, using the newly grown wings to maintain flight. Up ahead, Vladimir awaited her attack. Rei decided that for the crimes he had committed, he needed to suffer before he died.

With that thought in mind, she threw her sword right at Vladimir. Although he did block the throw, the impact was so powerful it knocked the scythe right out of his hands. He didn't have time to register another thought, because he felt the full impact of Unit 00's foot right to the chest, launching him into the air.

Not wasting a moment, Rei flew up after Vladimir catching up with Unit 10 quickly. Rei then proceeded to deliver a flurry of punches and kicks, propelling the Russian higher into the air, and too rattled to be able to defend himself. And the worst part was, that with his perfect sync ratio that would not drop under any circumstance, he would have no choice but to feel the impact of every punch and kick and whatnot landed by Unit 00. All of this was topped off by a double-axe handle to his back which launched back towards the earth, hitting the ground with a thunder like impact.

Unit 00 landed on the ground softly in contrast to Unit 10 not far from it. Rei looked at the state of Vladimir on the com. And it was a pathetic sight to behold. This boy, who was not long ago mocking them for lacking the power to defeat him, was now wracked with pain. Now he was in a position where he did not have nearly enough power to defeat her. "Had enough?" Rei asked in a mocking manner.

"Damn you… bitch!" Vladimir replied as he suddenly coughed up blood. "I'll kill you for this…"

"That's all you think about, killing someone who happens to stand in your way," Rei countered. "You've become so consumed by your own desire to kill and murder that it's all you can think about, so you can fill that empty hole in your black heart. And then you ally yourself with evil forces so you can fill that hole. Eventually, that hole will become impossible to fill, as it echoes with the deaths of those you've killed. You'll starve and eventually drive yourself to death." Unit 00 slowly walked towards Unit 10. "But for you, you have forfeited the right to live long enough to experience madness. Like you cast judgment on my brother and friend, I'm casting judgment on you." She reached down and grabbed Unit 10's leg, before tossing the EVA into the dark sky.

It didn't take long for Rei to catch up with her foe. "This is for Shinji!" she yelled Unit 00's foot struck Unit 10 in the back abruptly sending the dazed evildoer in another direction flying face first. Rei quickly got in front of him punching Unit 10 right in the chest, its impact denting Unit 10's chest plate. "That was for Asuka!" Not giving Unit 10 even a moment to recover, Rei got behind Unit 10 with a punch to its lower back, freezing it in its tracks. "This was for everyone you made suffer!" Like it was a football, Unit 00 punted Unit 10 even higher into the air. This time, Rei flew way up high, way past Vladimir and Unit 10, waiting high in the sky to intercept him. "And this… is for me and the anguish you caused me!" With a final scream, Unit 00 began a rapid descent, spinning itself in somersault fashion. At the right moment, Rei brought out Unit 00's leg and as a result, with a heel kick, impacted Unit 10's chest plate which caused the entire plate of armour to spider web with cracks as the black EVA rocketed towards the ground.

Unit 10 crashed into the ground like a megaton bomb going off. Rei landed Unit 00 safely on the ground to observe the sight she had created by her own hands. Unit 10 had hit the ground so hard, that it created an indent in the ground where it landed. Looking at the com, Rei saw that Vladimir was in immense pain, from feeling the entire round of punches and kicks that Rei had administered in a rage.

"Why… why… I had it all…" Vladimir panted, "I was the… the ultimate being…"

"It was because your actions created echoes that affected others," Rei answered for him. "Regardless of whether or not you're the ultimate being, you would one day be held accountable for your actions."

"Damn you…" Vladimir then spat up some more blood, before finally closing his eyes and going silent. Finally, Vladimir Topolov, after all the death and destruction he caused, was finally dead.

Rei took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. It was over. Finally over, at last. Rei Ayanami had ended Vladimir's reign of destruction, terror, death, and chaos. A smile slowly crept onto her face. "I did it, that was for you two," she said with a sigh.


"Unit 10 has gone completely silent," Maya reported.

"Are you sure?" Gendo asked quickly, not willing to jump the gun.

"I'm sure," Maya answered. "There is no more activity within Unit 10. And the data we have on Unit 10 and the damage it sustained, there is extremely little chance that the pilot's vitals would be able to survive the impacts at a perfect sync."

"Then it's over," Joachim said with a sigh. "Retrieve the EVA's immediately."


"This isn't over," a man in black clothing said. "Not by a long shot!" He raised his hand and snapped his fingers.


Right as Rei was about to go and see how the others were doing, Unit 10 suddenly began to stir. Looking back towards the fallen EVA, it suddenly began to rise into the sky. Immediately concerned, Rei checked the com to see that Vladimir had somehow been revived, and was coursing in pain.

"What's going on?" Rei wondered as Unit 10, synchronized with Vladimir, acted like it was also in great pain. What horrified Rei though was that much like she had the golden aura with her; Unit 10 was consumed in a devilish black aura. As Rei watched the EVA ascend higher and higher into the sky, she saw black spectral wings extend out of its back, much like Rei had golden wings out of Unit 00's back.

And as it gave off one more flash of evil power, its transformation was complete. Unit 10 looked a little different from before. Its eyes turning crimson red, the armour had cracked all over slightly revealing the EVA's skin, which noticeably had turned black. On the back of its forearms, spikes had appeared, giving Unit 10 an all in all menacing look.

And Vladimir, no longer convulsing in pain, looked at Rei with an evil smirk. He raised his right hand which had the mark with the three sixes that had burned through the plugsuit. One of the sixes originally were glowing, but now two of them were now glowing.

Rei frowned as she took a stance, ready to engage Vladimir again.

"This doesn't look good."

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