The rumble was getting intense, and Tony was desperate to fulfill Maria's wishes. He ran as though his life depended on it. When he came across the fenced area under the highway where the rumble was taking place, he saw Riff and Bernardo, both with looks of hate in their eyes.

"NO!" shouted Tony as the violence began to intensify.

"Stay out of this, Pollack!" shouted Bernardo.

"Why do we have to fight? I see no reason to…" begged Tony.

"I see you are a chicken. Don't want to fight your own battles?" said Bernardo in a mocking tone.

"No, I came to stop this."

"Aha! He is chicken!" said Bernardo as he shoved Tony.

"Would it make a difference if I told you Maria sent me here?" said Tony in a desperate voice while Bernardo was about to punch him.

The angry expression on Bernardo's face softened. "Maria sent you here?"


Then Riff joined in the argument and said, "Tony, are you taking sides with them PR's now?"

"No, I'm on no one's side."

Just then, Bernardo spotted Anita and Maria running down the street. Maria was shouting, "Bernardo, don't!"

"You are right, Tony. This is wrong. There is nothing to fight over. Who cares about a piece of street anyway?"

"We do!" said Riff in an angry voice.

"No, Bernardo's right. Enough is enough." said Baby John.

Both the Jets and the Sharks seemed to have a change of heart. They both agreed that fighting would not make one better than the other. They then decided to leave before Officer Krupke caught them. After the two groups parted, there was only Tony and Maria.

"I knew you had magic!" said Maria with joy as she hugged Tony for what seemed like an eternity.

The love of two people of opposite backgrounds had brought a reign of peace between the Jets and the Sharks. Everyone had gotten their happily ever after, or did they…