Fine Line

Summary: Terry has a place and person to unwind. When Don Eppes trespasses on her territory, Terry shows him how exactly she loosens up after tough cases.

Disclaimer: If this was mine… well, actually, we'll just thank the owners for letting us borrow them every once in a while. The rest of us can dream, that's for sure.

Author's Note: SEMI-IMPORTANT! BOTH CHARACTERS ARE PROBABLY OUT OF CHARACTER! There's my warning. Don't flame me and tell me it sucked because the characters didn't act like themselves. This is the dangerous side to them both… work with me.

Sometimes it became difficult to distinguish between work and life. The line to draw was not thick, nor was it solid black or clear. Serial cases, cases that caused horrible sleep deprivation and cases where her team mates just scraped out alive pushed Terry Lake into the place she felt safe and detached with an undignified "plop".

This was one of those times.

Nine times out of ten she preferred a night in with an overwhelming amount of chocolate and her favourite chick flick to forget the horrors she dealt with every day. Tonight was a different story. This was above and beyond the call of chocolate and into the quasi-salsa club down the street from her apartment.

They'd lost a hostage in their take down today, a mother of three boys that were left with relatives they'd never met. The boys had lost their father years prior and their mother had since lost contact with them. The only relatives on their mother's side were their grandparents that had already passed away. The FBI and Child Services had found an uncle, their dad's brother, to place them with. Terry, however, had been focused on their stupid mistake and the rip in her heart at the thought of children without their biological parents. She took the loss personally and it was what had sent her into a world of masks and hot bodies.

Her skirt was black, loose around her legs, dropping no further than mid thigh, her top tight and cut to show the maximum amount of skin that didn't cross the line into indecency. Red lace contrasted against basic black and the salsa heels added a couple of inches to her height. She made the distinction easily, the simple switch between straight-laced FBI Agent Terry Lake and free-spirited, hot as hell Theresa.

This time, the transition was as easy as the distinction.

It didn't take her long to get in. It helped that the bouncer took one look at her and had to come back for seconds and thirds. She walked in, oozing sex appeal and availability, betting herself after her first drink, she wouldn't be buying any more tonight. Her second bet was that the first drink sent to her would be done in less than five minutes. While she waited, she watched, making sure there weren't any trespassers in her hunting ground.

She wanted a heart beat beside her tonight.

The dance floor was covered with immature and inexperienced salsa dancers that looked like they were more there for a good grind than the classic Spanish dance. Theresa knew the exact measurements of a good salsa: one part skill, two parts seduction. However, the current crowd was taking it too far. Her first drink temporarily distracted her, popping up in front of her in three minutes and seventeen seconds. She smirked but ignored it, proceeding to turn down the next four men in quick succession.

Then she saw him and groaned internally, allowing rational Terry to overpower impulsive Theresa. However, Theresa took over again in short order and she felt herself strutting over to the sexy as hell man leaning against the wall.

If Don Eppes was going to enter her territory, he was going to be introduced to her persona and get a good taste of Theresa.